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50 Modern Recipes for Cooking at Home

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50 Modern Recipes for Cooking at Home

this cookbook is a primer for those looking to dip their toes in the sous vide revolution. If you are looking for modern recipes, you’ll love this cookbook

this vacuum-sealed cooking cookbook includes very detailed instructions for cooking sous vide at home. It is another book that elevates cooking to a higher standard than typical home recipes, so if you are just beginning your sous vide journey, this may a book to consider for later on in your culinary training.

Explore avenues of food preparation

You can use this cookbook to explore avenues of food preparation often seen in excellent restaurants in this modern era and also master sous vide. The Modern Technique For Perfectly Cooked Meals. It’s the newest of the bunch, and does a great job of covering the basics, but also getting into the more fun stuff.

vacuum-sealed cooking cookbook

These modern Recipes for Cooking at Home, including beautiful photos. It is a modern recipe book that focuses on the sous vide cooking technique. It’s more of my style, and what I enjoy reading. It’s reasonably priced, and well worth the money. Some of the other books I looked at were quite in-depth, and the cost a lot more than I expected.  I love the photos in this book as well. A beautiful shot of what you’re supposed to be cooking can be wonderful motivation.

Cook Sous Vide at home

that is a pipe dream, isn’t it? No. Today is a great time to get these thoughts out of your head, because you CAN cook tender and juicy meat, flaky fish, and even super tasty desserts using your own home Sous Vide technique and this cookbook.

vacuum-sealed cooking: 50 Modern Recipes for Cooking at Home

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50 Modern Recipes for Cooking at Home
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