7 most delicious Russian ways to marinade your BBQ meat (RECIPES)

Every Russian has his own “secret” recipe to make meat tender and juicy. Impress your friends at the next shashlik party!

One of the most Russian things in summer is to gather friends and relatives at the dacha and grill some meat on a skewer – a dish called shashlik. The meat should be fatty, but tender: pork neck is the best option, but different people prefer different meat, from chicken to lamb. To make the meat softer and add aroma, before cooking, the meat is usually marinaded from 2 hours to overnight. Here are the most delicious Russian recipes. All the ingredients are calculated for 1 kg of any meat. Oh, and onions are better sliced into rings!

1. Kefir

This Russian fermented product is not only good for the stomach, but also one of the most popular marinades for shashlik.

Slice 1 kg of onion, put into a deep pan, add salt and pepper to taste and 1 tablespoon of Caucasian spice mix called Khmeli-Suneli (which is…

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