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Admission to Culinary School:The ProStart Advantage

Starting out it helps to have every advantage you can get. Education and experience are two significant advantages that can help you find your dream job. Education and experience are also the two advantages that ProStart® offers high school students with a passion for the culinary arts.

ProStart® is a two-year program offered at select high schools. With a focus on teaching culinary arts to inspired students, ProStart® supports an early commitment to careers in the culinary industry. This program offers an exciting opportunity to learn about the art of cooking and managing a restaurant. Training with professional chefs and experiencing valuable classroom instruction will provide the chance to earn college credit as well as money while you’re still in high school.

Begin by talking with your school’s counselor about attending ProStart® classes. Not only do these classes teach you how to prepare meals, but also nutrition, marketing, and management. You will also find a job in the food service industry. In this job you’ll be paired with a mentor who will help you complete the skills required for your ProStart® Workplace Checklist. The final element of the ProStart® program is to earn you COA, or Certificate of Achievement. This certificate can create numerous opportunities for scholarships and jobs.

There are many benefits of earning a ProStart® Certificate of Achievement. At Louisiana Culinary Institute, the premier culinary school in the south, and the 4th ranked culinary school in the country , ProStart® students have access to:

·Class field trips

·ProStart class instruction support and competition preparation

·LCI faculty demonstrations and campus visits to local ProStart® schools

·Scholarships for ProStart® competition winners and program completers

·Transfer credits for select ProStart® coursework

·And more

Students that successfully complete and graduate from ProStart I and II will receive a $2,000 ProStart Excellence Award. To be eligible for this prize you submit proof of official certification from the state and NRA, including proof of the 400 required hours. The ProStart Excellence Award Scholarship is valid for 2 years and is credited directly towards your tuition.

All ProStart regional and state winners for both Culinary and Management competitions will receive scholarships for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the following amounts. However, in Louisiana additional awards for 4th and 5th place will be awarded to ProStart winners.

·1st Place – $3,000

·2nd Place – $2,000

·3rd Place – $1,000

·4th Place – $750 (exclusive to Louisiana)

·5th Place – $500 (exclusive to Louisiana)

ProStart National Invitational winners reserve scholarships for 1st through 5th place. This scholarship is available for both Management and Culinary winners and is valid for 2 years.

·1st Place – $7,500

·2nd Place – $5,000

·3rd Place – $3,500

·4th Place – $2,000

·5th Place – $1,000

Each dollar amount for these awards is spread out equally across the program’s 4 semesters at $500 per semester. Each scholarship must be used within 2 years of the date it was received.

LCI provides additional scholarship opportunities based on availability and ProStart Transfer Credits for select classes including ServSafe Sanitation, Nutrition, Restaurant Production I, Knife Skills, Controlling Costs, and Hospitality and Restaurant Management. These courses provide class credits yielding a reduction in tuition and a shorter timeline to graduation.

LCI is a nationally accredited premier culinary school offering two-year programs compressed into 16 months. LCI offers Associate of Occupational Studies degrees in Advanced Baking and Pastry, Advanced Culinary Arts, and Hospitality and Culinary Management. Several LCI courses are facilitated using NRAEF MangeFirst® resources to prepare students to take industry examinations. Students who successfully pass these examinations can earn a Certified Culinarian® (CC) or Certified Pastry Culinarian® (CPC) designation.

If you are considering an education and career in the culinary industry, get a head start with ProStart®, and take advantage of the experience and benefits at Louisiana Culinary Institute . - for all your sous vide needs

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