Alumni Spotlight: Chef John Reason

chef john reason

Chef John Reason, is currently a commercial fisherman and chef in Baton Rouge Louisiana. He served 16 years active duty in the United States Army and medically retired due to injuries sustained from combat in Iraq. But that does not keep him down or discouraged one bit.

Since retiring from service Reason has been a commercial fisherman as well as a grill cook at Backroads Steak and Seafood in Slaughter, Louisiana. It was this experience that led him to apply to Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was hired on as the Executive Chef at Central City Steak and Seafood in Central, Louisiana and Backroads Steak and Seafood in Slaughter Louisiana.

While at LCI, Reason selected and hired to work at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia as the lead grill cook in Calamity Jane’s Restaurant. Chef John also placed as the Wild Caught Catfish Board Member for the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, became a Pro Staff Member for ArrowTech Archery, a Pro Staff Member for Orca Coolers, and now the Demonstration/Consult Chef for Louisiana Seafood Direct Shop and Delcambre Seafood Direct Shop in New Iberia, Louisiana.

“My future plans are to start my own show where I can hunt, fish and demonstrate cooking wild game and seafood in various ways for both restaurants and at home.  I also want to bring more invasive species to the dinner table. I love working with the Asian Carp, and love seeing what I can do and how I can create new dishes that taste great,” says Reason.

Recently Chef John was awarded the Top 25 Best Chefs of Louisiana for 2020 and nominated for Small Town Chefs Award for Country Roads Magazine.

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