Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Johnson

By Charlie Ruffolo 05 Aug, 2020

Whether you have a catering business, or operate a seasonal food service company, augmenting your resources with a commissary kitchen has many advantages. A commissary kitchen is a licensed, permitted, and established food service facility. Here are a few ways that using a commissary can be beneficial. Culinary Cost Savings – The capital infusion necessary to effectively and efficiently create food products can be immense. Commercial grade equipment and the licensure, certifications, and the other requirements needed to operate safely and to scale to your needs can be expensive. A commissary kitchen handles all of this for you. You’ll not only have access to the equipment and resources that can help your business grow, but other expense that you may not have considered will also be included. Electricity, gas, water, sewer, building codes and more are all covered, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Simple Operational Compliance – Making sure that you are compliant in producing safe food products is a critical responsibility. Health inspections, certifications, licenses, and insurance are a major requirement. Your commissary facility will have all of these prerequisites handled and up-to-date. This means that you don’t have to worry about acquiring them, scheduling inspections, renewing certifications, or anything else from a compliancy standpoint. Access to Commercial Grade Resources – Scaling any business is a challenge. One of the biggest obstacles is accessing the type of equipment that let’s you produce the quantities needed, efficiently, in order to turn a profit. Commissary kitchens have the elite, scalable equipment and resources you need to be as efficient and productive as possible. Not only do you save on the initial infrastructure investment, you also don’t need to be concerned with, or obligated to perform maintenance or repairs. The state-of-the-art facilities on Louisiana Culinary Institute’s campus offer a variety of services and resources as a commissary kitchen. The expert staff at LCI is here to help you find the solutions you need to create and produce.

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