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Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts: Saving Time and Money with ProStart

Pursuing an education and career in the culinary sector is a commitment. Hard work, long hours, and a passion to create are all a regular part of the job. However, if you are a high school student, and you’ve decided that a career in the kitchen is what you want, there is a program that can fast-track you to the job of your dreams.

ProStart is a nationwide, two-year high school program that teaches everything from culinary techniques to management skills. This curriculum provides real-world experience and opportunities. Participating in ProStart will create a foundation that will last a lifetime. It also demonstrates your commitment to the craft; something that top tier culinary schools, like Louisiana Culinary Institute, look for in prospective students.

ProStart is an elective program for high school students that can pay dividends in a variety of ways. Two of the most important things it offers is the reduction of time and money you need to spend in culinary school. When you complete the ProStart and earn your Certificate of Achievement you automatically earn a $2,000 scholarship. The savings continue based on the curriculum provided by ProStart, which includes the essentials like an introduction to sanitation, and many other kitchen skills. So not only are you equipped with the techniques and knowledge need as a culinary professional, but these courses can transfer to LCI. In fact, Louisiana Culinary Institute is so passionate and committed to the ProStart process, that they will actually provide professional instructors to schools in order to create more opportunities.

Between scholarship opportunities and transfer credits, the amount of total time and money you will spend on culinary school as a ProStart graduate will be significantly less. This creates a simple and efficient segue from high school to culinary school into the workforce; meaning you can be fast-tracked into a career, working more and earning more sooner.

If you have a passion to cook and create, see your high school’s guidance counselor about participating in ProStart. And when the time comes to decide on a culinary school, LCI is the premier culinary school of the south and offers frequent open houses, campus tours , and more. - for all your sous vide needs

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