Baton Rouge Commissary Kitchens: The Benefits of Using a Commissary

Preparing, creating, and storing meals, food, ingredients and other necessities can be challenging depending on the facilities and resources you have available. State agencies, private groups, and other facilities can benefit greatly from the range and scope of a commercial kitchen. However, building and operating a professional grade facility can be an expensive undertaking. This is where a

A commissary kitchen is an established commercial kitchen that can be used by foodservice providers. These fully equipped facilities offer commercial grade appliances and other amenities that are up to code and ready to be used. A commissary can be rented as a private or shared kitchen, depending on the amount of space and access that you need. Commissary kitchens can be an ideal option for food trucks, caterers, and other food service providers that need to augment their operations. Here are a few benefits that using a commissary kitchen can provide.  


Commissary kitchens provide more comfort and convenience by offering additional space, larger, restaurant-level equipment, and more. The location of your commissary can also streamline the way that you operate. If you have deliveries to make, or need to be in a central area, selecting a commissary with ample and easy access to major thoroughfares can be very advantageous.

In addition to location and space, additional features like available offices and business technology can also be a convenient benefit. The ability to operate each facet of your business from one centralized location can mitigate miscommunication and streamline your overall operation. From invoicing and order taking to packaging and branding, your commissary can accommodate your full line of business activities. A fully-equipped commissary kitchen, in this regard, can also allow you to seasonally or temporarily regionalize your business. Instead of investing in supply chain and operation expansion, you can leverage a commissary to create a hub outside of your headquarters.


Building and outfitting a commercial grade kitchen can become very expensive, very quickly. Renting a commissary kitchen is a cost-effective way to acquire the space and tools that you need. This is especially true if you only need to increase production for a temporary period of time, or to meet seasonal demand.


Your commissary kitchen should be equipped with the appliances and other amenities that make your job of food preparation easier. Ovens, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, tables, prep stations, and more allow you to not only prepare meals, but safely store your ingredients. Other kitchen components like grease traps and sprinklers ensure that the space where you are cooking is up to code, safe, and sanitary.

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