Baton Rouge Party Venues: Preparing for Your Company Parties

Company parties can be held for a variety of reasons. With retirements, anniversaries, holidays, and more there is no shortage of causes of celebration. These occasions are also great for building and improving camaraderie and morale. However, these benefits or only possible with a well-planned event. Here are a few tips to make sure your next party is the best one yet.

Plan Your Party Early

The holidays can sneak up on you. So can other events that may coincide with other activities. This is why preparing early is so important. Whether you have one major event to plan, or a few throughout the calendar year, start early and plan often. When you plan ahead you can ensure that everyone is able to attend, reserve the venue, caterer, and entertainment of your choice, and have time left to work out any potential complications.

Find Out Food Preferences and Restrictions

Food, especially in south Louisiana, is a critical feature for any gathering. Whether you are bringing food in from a restaurant, having a potluck, or hiring a caterer, offering a menu that your guests want to, and can eat, is very important. Different food allergies and intolerances can pose safety and health issues. You also want to provide a spread that everyone can enjoy. Take a poll to see what the popular dishes and options are. It can be anonymous, done via email, or with a survey software.

Prioritize Your Budget

Anything business based follows a budget. Your company’s parties and events are no different. Each dollar needs to be allocated and accounted for. This means that you need to prioritize the elements of your event that are the most important. If catering, entertainment, or gifts are a must, you may need to make exceptions somewhere else. The last thing you want to do is reserve or be obligated to an item or service, only to find that you’re over budget before you book a venue. Make a ranking list and sort out what you absolutely need, and then take care of those initiatives first; then move down the list as your budget allows.

Opt for a Venue Away from the Office

The location of your event and the venue you choose is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. It may seem more convenient to use your office as your venue, but that usually isn’t the case, and it provides a less than ideal atmosphere for celebration. Dedicated event venues have resources, experience, and expertise in hosting parties of all types and of all sizes. It’s easier for people to gather, lighten up, relax, and enjoy themselves when they aren’t near their workstation and meeting rooms. Your venue should be easily accessible, have plenty of parking, and offer catering and other entertainment services like music, video, PA equipment, etc.

The Louisiana Culinary Institute is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art facility that includes classrooms, cooking labs, a media center, and an amphitheater. In addition to these resources, the expert staff has year of experience planning, organizing, and hosting events of all types. When the times come for your next event, let the pros at LCI handle and host it.

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