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Baton Rouge Team Building Events: Why You Should Consider a Cooking Class for Your Next Outing
Baton Rouge Team Building Events

There are many different

team building options

, like painting, completing a ropes course, even bowling, and each has their own unique benefits. However, taking a culinary class offers some distinct advantages. This is an activity that everyone can participate in and learn from. Whether you consider yourself a gourmet chef, or barely know how to use a microwave, you can enjoy yourself in a

cooking class

. Here are a few of the benefits that come along with a team building cooking class.

Identify New Talents and Strengths in a Team Building Cooking Class

Recognizing an individual’s strength in your office setting is one thing, but a change of scenery can provide a different vantage point. The kitchen promotes and magnifies many different skill sets like delegation, communication, and organization. Witnessing your team perform in different roles can change your perspective on how your people operate. 

Use a Culinary Class to Improve Camaraderie

A cooking class allows your group to decide and delegate the tasks that need to be done to complete the meal. This opportunity is ideal for building camaraderie as everyone is able to utilize their strengths and improve interpersonal relationships.

Raise Self Esteem with a Team Building Culinary Class

This experience is perfect for building self-confidence. No matter how much or how little you know, you’ll leave with new skills. Also, the team work involved in preparing each course creates a great environment for personalities of all types to participate together. 

Enhance Communication Skills During a Team Building Cooking Class

There are communication barriers in every organization. Shyness and a lack of interaction are common factors in communication shortcomings; cooking classes provide the opportunity for all types of personalities to speak, share, and instruct with one another.


When the time comes to plan your next

team building excursion

, the experts at Louisiana Culinary Institute are ready for you. Simply submit a request and the experienced staff at LCI will begin put an event together for you based on location, date, and group size. They customize an outing for you with a variety of venue and menu options. - for all your sous vide needs

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