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Best Bell Cloche

Display your favorite things under a bell cloche. We've done the research and picked out the best bell cloches we found online.

A transparent bell cloche is such a beautiful way to display and protect some of your favorite things, from freshly baked goods to plants and antiques.

The word cloche means bell in French, and since so many of these domes are shaped like a bell, the appropriate name stuck. Although many are made of glass, there are some that are made from thick and durable acrylic, or plastic. They come in many sizes and some are on their own while others have a base onto which you would place the object or objects to display.

The base of a bell cloche can be made of different materials, from bamboo and stainless steel to wood and decorated ceramic. If you choose a bell cloche that doesn’t have a base, make sure the rim is even so if you with to cover a piece of cake or cupcake, there is a seal to keep it fresh.

We feature six bell cloches you can purchase online. Read on to see which one best suits your needs and taste.

Top Pick Best Decorative Single Bell Cloche: Stonebriar 9 Inch Clear Glass Dome Cloche with Rustic Wooden Base

This decorative cloche is perfect for anyone who loves to display their precious objects in an attractive vessel and protect them at the same time.

Ideal for any tabletop, shelf or bay window sill, the glass bell measures 9 inches in height and the 100 percent wood base with the textured metal trim measures 6.1 inches in diameter.  The interior diameter of the cloche measures 4.7 inches and six inches in height, so it can easily fit your favorite candle, flowers, succulents and other cherished items.

This rustic-looking cloche features a clear glass dome with decorative knob so you can easily remove the dome from the base. It also makes an ideal table decoration for a party, or you can use it to create a unique centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room table. Makes a lovely housewarming gift.


  • Attractive rustic look
  • Clear glass dome with decorative knob
  • Makes an ideal gift


  • More expensive than other models

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Top Pick Best Overall: Dulinlan Cloche Bell Jar with Unpainted Wood Base

This small dome bell cloche will become your next new favorite décor item to brighten every room in your house.

Made from hand-blown high borosilicate glass, the opening measures 5.1 inches in diameter, with a height of four inches and the top measuring 1.78 inches. The handy glass knob on the top makes it easy to remove from the unpainted wood base, which when sanded, can be painted any color to match your décor.

This cute cloche case is ideal for displaying artificial plants, figurines, crystals and other cherished items. By a few and use them as an attractive table decoration for your next party, special event or baby shower. Makes a nice take-home item for your guests to remember the event.


  • Comes with an unfinished wood base that can be painted
  • Small size makes a nice table decoration


  • Small size will not fit some items

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Top Pick Best Decorative Set: Whole Housewares Mini Glass Display Dome Cloche with Wood Base

We love this set of three glass bell cloches that are different sizes. Their contemporary finish and clean lines are perfect for showing off your favorite collectibles, miniature houseplants, antique treasures and food. You can also use these domes to create lovely decor arrangements as display centerpieces or Christmas ornaments.

Each bell cloche is made of hand blown high-quality glass, tough and durable for everyday use. The large bell measures 3.5 inches in diameter by 6 inches high; the medium sized one measures 3.1 inches in diameter by 4.4 inches high; and the small one measures 2.4 inches in diameter by 3.9 inches high, with the inner heights being 5 inches, 3.8 inches and 3 inches, respectively.

Each glass dome has a practical decorative knob on top so it is easy to take off and put on, and is set on an attractive wood-grain base for a natural look that will blend with or enhance any living space.


  • Bell is made from high quality glass
  • Set on wood base


  • Set of three may be more than people want or can use

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Top Pick Best for Cake: MyGift 12 Inch Cake Platter with Cloche Bell Cover

If you’re looking for an attractive way to display and store your best cakes, cookies, pies or cupcakes, this beautiful acrylic dessert platter with a cloche bell cover will garner as much admiration from your guests and the food you serve.

The diamond-like decorative accents around the platter add a touch of sparkle and elegance to the table. The platter measures 13 inches by 13 inches, with the interior of the belle cloche measuring 7 inches high, perfect for a chocolate or vanilla layer cake.

This cake dessert platter and cloche bell cover looks like glass and offers exceptional clarity, but it is made from durable, shatterproof acrylic. Light and easy to carry, it is the perfect way to bring your home-baked goodies to your next potluck brunch.


  • Made of strong acrylic
  • Keeps food fresh


  • More expensive than other items

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Best Versatile: Libbey Acaciawood Flat Round Wood Server Cake Stand with Glass Cloche

Set a picture of grace and elegance with this 11.75-inch glass bell cloche dome cover and beautiful nine-inch acacia base.

This is the perfect accessory to display and serve fine cheeses and tempting desserts, an elegant presentation of good food. At 11.75 inches in diameter, the glass cloche is large enough for small cakes, while still being able to sit on the table easily when used for after-dinner cheeses. The gorgeous acacia wood tray has dramatic grain patterns and color variations to complement both formal and casual tableware.

The acacia wood base can be used separately as a cheese plate or serving tray, and you can also use the dome and base together to create a decorative accent with dried flowers, figurines or other collectibles.


  • Large enough to hold a cake
  • Acacia wood base can be used as a cheese plate or serving tray


  • More expensive than other models

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Best for the Garden: SYITCUN Protective Garden Cloche

Not all bell cloches are destined to hold and protect collectibles sitting on a shelf or table in your house. This set of six plastic bell cloche domes is ideal for protecting the plants in your garden from insects and the weather.

Made of reusable eco-friendly and durable PVC plastic, they are UV and weather resistant, so your seedlings and small plants will be protected as they grow. Each dome has rotating adjustable air vents on top to help the plants with air and water circulation.

The clear plastic material of the bell cloches allows for maximum light penetration and minimum reflection to help the plants grow well. A great protection against frost, harsh weather, birds, slugs and insects, as well as for overwintering herbaceous border plants and less hardy perennials as well as protecting seedlings and semi-hardy plants.

There are two sizes in this six-pack: 8 inches in diameter by 7 inches in height and 10 inches in diameter by 7.5 inches in height. Also included are 18 pins to secure the bell cloches to the ground and labels to write the names of the plants.

With this set, you can provide a warm, mini-greenhouse environment for your plants so they can be protected while getting adequate air circulation and sunlight.


  • Economical six pack
  • Two different sizes
  • Includes pegs to secure the bell cloche to the ground


  • Bell cloches do not have a base

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Things to look out for:

Consider these things when looking for a bell cloche so you will choose one that best suits your needs:

Material: A bell cloche can be made from glass, some form of plastic or acrylic. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks, and which one you choose will depend upon your specific need and taste. For example, glass is a natural material that gives a clear view into the bell to see the objects inside, but if dropped, it can shatter. A plastic dome, on the other hand, still lets you see inside, but won’t break if dropped. However, some kinds of plastic tends to scratch easier than glass, and there are some people who are trying to reduce their use of plastic, which would not make it an ideal choice for them.

Acrylic is a form of plastic, but much thicker. Some acrylic domes have elegant patterns etched into them for an added decorative appeal. Finally, plastic and acrylic tend to be lighter than glass and used more often for larger sized domes that cover cakes, or small domes that are used to cover plants outside in the garden.

Use: The kind of bell cloche you purchase will depend on what you want to use it for. As a decorative piece, you would want it to include an attractive base made of metal, a fancy wood-grain, or even untreated wood that you could sand and paint the color of your choice.

If you wish to use a bell cloche as a decorative item for a table or tables at a special event like a bridal or baby shower, consider purchasing a set, since you can save money that way. A belle cloche used to cover food to keep it fresh should come with a base to put the food on, and then the top should fit well to create a seal. As well, some bases are so beautiful, they can double as a cheese platter or serving tray.

Some people use a bell cloche in the garden to protect small plants from harsh weather, slugs and insects. These should be made from durable and reusable plastic as they will allow the light in, but are sturdier and safer than glass. A set of bell cloches for gardening purposes should also contain vents to let air and water in, plus some form of peg to hold the dome down in windy conditions.

Size: Bell cloches are available in many sizes and so you should carefully consider what you would put under the cloche to make sure that it will fit. Always measure the size of the base and the exterior and interior of the domed bell. These are usually two different measurements and the last thing you want is to receive something that is too small. Do not rely on the photos; always go with the measurements.

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