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Best Cake Turntable

If you have ever decorated a cake, you know that it can be a challenge. It can be hard to apply frosting evenly, and adding details can be tedious and straining if you are hunched over your cake for long periods of time. There is no need for something that can be so fun and creative, to be so difficult. There is a practical tool that can help you with the process: a cake stand turntable!

A cake turntable can make frosting and decorating easier and even a little bit more fun! Cake turntables help by elevating your cake for a better view, which can also reduce neck strain while you are working. Cake turntables also rotate, which helps you to frost and decorate your cake with ease. Cake turntables also can act as cake stands and work perfectly for displaying cakes and can be used to display other items as well.

Cake turntables are versatile and can be used, not only for frosting cakes, but also when working on art projects and crafts. When you start shopping for a cake turntable, you will notice there are a lot of choices available on the market, all with subtle, yet distinct differences. In this article, our experts have compiled a list of top-rated cake turntables for you, so that you can save your precious time and energy for decorating your cakes!

We have sifted through the product information and details and have highlighted notable product features, pros and cons. This article also includes additional resources like frequently asked questions and important things to consider to help you get the information you need to make a smart choice when purchasing a cake turntable that will work great for you for all of your cake decorating needs and more! Keep reading to learn.

Best Cake Turntable with Accessories – Kootek Aluminium Alloy Revolving Cake Turntable

This cake turntable set has everything you need to start decorating cakes like a professional! This set includes a sturdy cake turntable made from aluminum alloy steel that has a non-slip silicone bottom coating. The cake turntable also features a surface that has engraved ridges, that helps your cake stay put while frosting. The turntable design provides for smooth rotation both clockwise and counterclockwise. The package is full of accessories including: 2 large numbered tips, 30 numbered stainless steel icing tips, 3 decorating combs, 1 icing smoother, 2 silicone pastry bags, 2 flower nails, 3 couplers, 4 icing bag ties, 6 paint brushes, 6 cookies cutter, 1 decorating pen, 4 icing spatula, 1 cake leveler, 100 disposable pastry bags and 1 cleaning brush. This is a great package that will outfit for you for all of your cake decorating needs at a reasonable price.


  • Sturdy, practical cake turntable
  • Great value
  • Comes with LOTS of accessories and tools
  • Excellent choice for a complete start-up set
  • Ebook guide for using different tools


  • Not all accessories are of highest quality
  • Does not come with a storage container for accessories

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Best Multi-Angle Turntable – Wilton Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Turntable

The Wilton Tilt-N-Turn Cake Turntable is a unique, high quality product that can both tilt and turn. The tilt-mechanism is controlled by a large, manual push button control that produces 18 different plate positions so that you can precisely and ergonomically decorate every surface of your cake. You do not have to worry about your cake sliding off the tilted surface because this turntable features a secure, non-slip grip design that is molded into the top plate of the turntable. There is also a weight-balanced base with a non-slip coating on the feet that provides both stability and balance. This is a great pick if the capability for both rotating and tilting is a function you would be interested in.


  • Can be adjusted to a wide variety of angles
  • Constructed from sturdy and durable plastic
  • Can lock in place
  • Easy to maintain


  • Pricey

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Best Base on a Cake Turntable – Winco Revolving Cake Decorating Stand

The Winco Cake Turntable is a great option if you are looking for something that has strong ratings for a functional and sturdy base that is constructed from high quality materials. The cake stand is 12 inches in diameter and is 6 inches tall.  The top plate is constructed of lightweight textured aluminum that provides a non-slip surface that is easy to turn and rotate. This turn table also includes non-slip padding so it will not scratch your countertop.


  • Sturdy base
  • Smooth spilling
  • Constructed of high quality materials
  • Professional feel


  • Turntable does not lock in place
  • This product does not come with accessories
  • Hand wash only

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Best Non-Stick Cake Turntable – DDDD 11 Inch Non-Stick Cake Turntable

If you are looking for a cake turntable with a non-stick surface, consider this kit. Made of food-grade plastic, this set, which includes a rotating cake turntable, icing spatula, icing smoother includes the components and basic tools you need to get started with cake decorating at an affordable price.


  • Cake turntable has a non-stick surface
  • Affordable price
  • Non-slip silicone bottom
  • Comes with a useful set of basic cake frosting tools


  • Not as durable as some other cake turntables

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Best Cake Turntable Fluid Design – ForeverSmooth 12 Inch Cake Turntable

The ForeverSmooth Cake Turntable is of premium quality is designed to provide stability while turning quietly and smoothly. This product has a convenient locking switch, eliminating the need to hold the stand in place with one of your hands. It also comes with useful cake decorating accessories and a cake transfer board. The ForeverSmooth company offers a lifetime guarantee on this cake turntable


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Locking switch
  • Includes measurements printed on top
  • Choose from four color accents
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Does not come with as many accessories as some other products

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BEST Rectangular Cake Turntable – Trademark Innovations 5″ Rectangle Turntable Cake Stand Base

The Trademark Innovations rectangular cake stand turntable is a great product for decorating cakes that are not circular. Measuring 15.5 in. x 12 in. x 5.3 in. and constructed from aluminum, this sturdy and practical cake turntable is a great pick. This rotating cake turntable is versatile and can be used as a display stand for rectangular cakes.


  • Good quality
  • Works for rectangular, square and circular cakes
  • Constructed of durable materials
  • Practical features


  • Does not lock in place
  • Takes up a lot of storage space
  • Does not come with accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Does a Cake Turntable do?

A cake turntable elevates cakes from your table or countertop. The top plate manually rotates, which makes it easier to apply frosting evenly and efficiently. Cake turntables make it easier to add details and decorations to cakes as well. Cake turntables can also be used to display your finished cake. Cake turntables can help reduce next strain while you are working on frosting and decorating your cake by creating a more ergonomic working angle between you and your cake.

How Do You Clean a Cake Turntable?

Almost every cake turntable on the market is recommended to be washed by hand. Because of the design elements, whether constructed of plastic or metal, washing a cake turntable in a dishwasher is not practical, nor advised. It is not recommended to submerge a cake turntable for cleaning either. Most cake turntables can simply be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth after each use before storing.

How Do You Frost a Cake Using a Cake Turntable?

There are many creative ways you can frost and decorate cakes. But the basics are relatively simple, especially with the aid of a cake turntable. First, put a layer of parchment or a cardboard cake board on your cake stand (this will help you remove and transfer the cake when needed). Next, place your cake on the center of your cake turntable. Apply frosting to your cake using a spatula while simultaneously rotating the cake turntable for even application. Cake turntables that have locking and/or tilting mechanisms can be set to a fixed position when adding details.

What Else Can I Use a Cake Turntable For?

Cake turntables can be used more than just cakes. Use your cake turntable for frosting and decorating cookies and cupcakes. You can also use your cake turntable for art and craft projects, like painting or sculpting. Cake turntables also work well for display stands.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Cake Turntable


Cake turntables can come in various sizes. The standard round cake pan has a diameter of 9 inches, and most round cake turntables are designed to easily accommodate this size. It depends on your personal preference, how large of a diameter you want on your cake turntable. The height of your cake turntable is also something you may want to consider, not only for frosting, but also if you plan on using your cake turntable for display.


Most cake turntables are round and designed to accommodate circular cakes. Some turntables, however, are specifically designed to accommodate rectangular cakes for both icing and display. One thing that is important to know is that rectangular cake turntables will take up significantly more storage space than round cake turntables. It is possible to frost a round cake on a rectangular cake turntable, but not to frost a rectangular cake on a round cake turntable. Think about what shape of cake you will be using the cake table for most frequently, when you make your purchase. Round cake turntables are much more common and standard to use for frosting cakes. There are far fewer rectangular cake turntables on the market.


The materials that cake turntables are constructed from affect its stability and durability. When thinking about stability, cake turntable bases that have been constructed from heavier materials, like metal, will offer more groundling stability than those made of more lightweight materials. Heavier cake turntables are less likely to slide across your countertop or tip. Plastic cake turntables can vary in their thickness, some offer more stability than others. Some cake turntables have non slip grip surface materials on the rotating cake plate and on the base, which help provide stability and security.


One last thing to consider when making your cake turntable purchase is the features that will meet your individual needs and preferences. One feature that some cake turntables have that others do not is a locking base. Cake turntables with this feature typically have a button that you press to mechanically lock the turntable so it will not spin. This feature is nice for when you are adding details and for display. Cake turntables with non-slip surfaces and/or tilting features are When you are shopping for a cake turntable you may be most interested in a cake turntable that includes accessories that help you with frosting and decorating. Many cake turntables come in the form of a kit that include all of the accessories needed to get started with cake decorating.

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