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Best Coffee Mugs

Coffee lovers know this one truth – they may have dozens of mugs in their kitchen cupboard, but they always seem to pull out the same one every morning to enjoy their first cup of Joe.

We are creatures of habit, and like most coffee addicts, you probably have your favorite go-to mug and wash it out immediately when you’re done to use again. Heaven forbid if it breaks. Total shock and panic, right? Then the search begins once more for that one mug that brings you instant comfort as you cradle it in your hands and slowly sip that luscious brew.

What makes the ‘best’ coffee mug? As much as this is a personal choice, there are still a few universal factors that most people should consider before buying that mug with a cute message or cartoon character: its size, how nicely it fits in your hands, how long it keeps your coffee hot, and if it has a lid if you want to take it with you.

We feature the four best coffee mugs you can buy online. Read on to find the one that suits you.

Top Pick Best Smart Mug: NEW Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

For coffee drinkers who love their brew piping hot and want it to stay that way till the last drop, nothing is more annoying than it turning a tepid lukewarm when they are only halfway done.

Whether this is you, or you recognize a good friend or loved one in this failed coffee adventure, you may want to consider this cool-looking smart mug that keeps coffee hot until the last delicious drop. The temperature control smart mug2 from Ember, when paired with the Ember app, promises to set the ideal heat for your coffee, customize your presets and even receive notifications. The temperature range of the mug is between 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 145 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can find a setting that suits your taste.

Lots of cool features, including controlling your mug settings with your smart phone, lets you have fun while enjoying that perfect cup of java. This smart mug has a built-in battery that maintains your desired drinking temperature for up to 1.5 hours, or all day if you use the included charging coaster. It also has a sleep mode: it can sense when to turn on and off and enters sleep mode when empty and wakes up when it senses movement or liquid.

An LED light at the base of the mug lets you know when your beverage is heating up or cooling off, when it is ready to drink and when your battery needs to be charged. You can even personalize your mug by changing the LED to your favorite color.

Made from stainless steel with an updated scratch-resistant ceramic coating, the mug is safe to hand wash and is fully submersible in water up to one meter deep. Makes the perfect gift for the tech-savvy, coffee loving person in your life.


  • Smart mug keeps coffee hot all day to preferred temperature
  • Comes with one Lithium ion battery
  • Temperature range from 120-145 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 10-ounce size
  • Charger coaster included


  • More than four times the price of other mugs
  • Size may be too small for some people

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Top Pick Best Glass Mug: Bormioli Rocco Glass Coffee Mug Set

There’s something timeless about a glass mug; beautifully constructed, any liquid poured into a class container is on visual display until the last drop is consumed. What better way to enjoy your favorite hot beverage than in a tempered glass mug?

Perfect for your own cup of coffee or when entertaining guests, the Bormioli Rocco glass mug set goes with any dinnerware style, tableware or home décor. For a casual brunch or a formal dinner, you can feel confident serving any hot or cold beverage in these elegantly conceived Spanish-made glass mugs. And when it’s just you in the morning, these mugs fit standard coffee machines, so you can enjoy your morning boost in a convenient and sophisticated manner.

There’s no need to worry about the glass being too hot to touch in order to enjoy a really hot coffee or latte. The cold-touch handles, designed to offer a comfortable grip, always stay cool to the touch even when drinks are reheated in the mug, and the exterior of the mugs always stay cool, while maintaining the drink’s desired temperature.

You will be proud to showcase these mugs when entertaining family or friends, as each mug is specially crafted in Spain by expert glassmakers using the finest sands and materials. Made of food-safe, lead-free, tempered glass, these mugs are thermal shock resistant, making it safe for the microwave and less prone to shattering.

And when you’re done, they are easy to hand wash with soap and warm water, or you can put them in the top rack of the dishwasher.


  • Made from lead-free glass
  • Made in Spain
  • Makes a good gift
  • Can be put in top rack of dishwasher
  • Microwave safe
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Cool touch handle and exterior


  • 10 ¾-ounce size may be too small for some tastes

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Top Pick Best On-the-Go: YETI Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler

So often we are in such a rush to get out of the house, we don’t have time to sit and enjoy our first morning coffee. Whether it’s getting the kids to school, the long commute to work or taking that road trip you’ve been planning, a good, hot coffee is your best companion to get – and keep – you going.

Why bother with picking up an expensive takeout when you can make your own brew and pour it into a Yeti Rambler insulated coffee mug? Guaranteed to stay as hot as you like it for hours, this coffee mug carries a whopping 20 ounces of liquid to take you to your destination and back.

There’s no need to fumble with awkward covers. This mug uses the power of magnets on its lid to lock in the heat when you’re not drinking.  Plus, the double-wall insulation and 18/8 stainless steel body contributes to keeping the heat inside at your desired temperature.

Made to fit standard cup holders, this coffee mug is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, has a no-sweat design and comes in 19 different colors that won’t fade, peel, or crack.


  • Double insulation keeps coffee hot for hours
  • Large 20-ounce capacity
  • MagSlider lid
  • Available in 19 colors


  • More expensive than other mugs
  • 20-ounce capacity may be too large for some tastes

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Top Pick Best Personalized Mug: Miicol Gold Initials 16 OZ Large Ceramic Coffee Mug

You have a large family with many coffee drinkers and frankly, while there are plenty of mugs to go around, you get annoyed when anyone else uses yours. You’ve discovered the same thing happening at work. You bring your own mug, but if you set it down in the lunchroom for a few minutes, before you know it, someone has picked it up, rinsed it out, and is enjoying a coffee at their desk.

And while sharing is caring, if you want to really put a stamp on your coffee mug so no one else will use it, consider a Miicol mug that is personalized with your initial in large gold lettering. Very hard to miss, right? But this snow-white mug is not just about the lettering – it’s about everything you love about a good coffee mug – although it is really cool to have two large shiny initials on each side of the mug, which makes it perfect for left or right-handed users.

The large capacity mug holds 16 ounces of your favorite coffee, and the curved handle offers a comfortable grip. Handmade from strong ceramic construction, this personalized mug is lead-free, cadmium-free, is suitable for hot and cold drinks and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

And since it comes in a nice gift box, it makes an ideal present for any occasion. Get one for the coffee lover in your life, or for every member of your family so you’ll never have to share your favorite mug again!


  • Makes a nice personalized gift
  • Comfortable grip


  • 16-ounce size may be too large for some tastes

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Things to look out for:

Consider these things when looking for a coffee mug so you will choose the one that best suits your needs:


Coffee mugs come in a full range of sizes, from 3.5 ounces for espresso to 20 ounces and everything in between. Before buying a coffee mug on impulse because it’s cute, consider how much coffee you drink at one sitting. Factor in how much time you have to enjoy a cup of coffee, too. If you hate waste, coffee in a mug that is too large may not get finished and you’ll have to throw it out. If you like your coffee to stay piping hot for the entire time you’re drinking it, it may cool down quicker in a larger mug that takes longer to drink. A smaller mug will keep the coffee hot for longer, and you could always have a refill if you want more.


Coffee mugs come in a variety of materials from glass and stainless steel to ceramic and fine china.


If you like the elegant beauty of glass – it’s also fun to see your beverage as you drink it – make sure it is made from tempered glass that is thermal shock resistant. The last thing you want is the glass mug to explode or shatter from the heat of the coffee or boiling water if you are making instant or tea. Also check to see if the handle and exterior of the glass mug stays cool to touch once the liquid is poured. You don’t want to be burning your hands while trying to enjoy your drink. Finally, it’s best to find a glass coffee mug that is lead and cadmium-free.

Stainless Steel

If your favorite coffee container is a travel mug, make sure it is made from a good quality stainless steel and is double insulated. This will insure that your coffee stays hot for as long as you want. Check the lid, too, as you’ll want one that is easy to open or drink from, without too much leaking or heat escaping.


Most mugs are made from ceramic and it is a popular material for whimsical designs. When choosing a ceramic coffee mug, look for one that is lead and cadmium free, and is easy to wash. One with a wide mouth is easier to clean by hand. Also make sure that the colors used on the design will last and not chip, flake or fade over time.

The handle

This may not be obvious at first, but the handle of a coffee mug is an important factor to you enjoying that coffee. If it’s not big enough, or if it’s too large, it may not be comfortable to hold. Try the mug out first and see how it fits into your hand.


There are literally hundreds of different styles, designs and colors of coffee mugs. Choosing one may not be easy, and you may find yourself purchasing a few different ones, or a set of the same ones. But that’s okay. Once you have taken all the other factors mentioned above into consideration, you’ll be able to pick the best coffee mug suited to you, regardless of the style.


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