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Best Crepe Makers

I don’t know about you but I love breakfast food anytime of day. Especially crepes! Think of crepes as the French version of pancakes. Crepes are much thinner than traditional pancakes and are rolled and filled with just about anything you could wish for.  What makes them so amazing is that you can create a sweet dish or a savory one, depending upon what you’re craving. 

If you’re a breakfast and brunch lover like we are, a crepe maker might be the perfect appliance to add to your kitchen. 

What is so awesome about crepe makers is that most of them double as a griddle for all your other breakfast favorites. You can make things like eggs, omelets, blintzes, bacon, pancakes, tortillas, and so much more. 

We love crepes because the sky’s the limit in terms of the creative options you have. Why just save crepes for breakfast? They are also an irresistible dessert anytime of the day!  

Traditional crepes are made in a skillet or pan with a sloping side. We like making things a bit easier which is why we are recommending an electric crepe maker as the perfect addition to your kitchen. Electric crepe makers are easier to use especially if you’re a crepe making beginner. They provide more temperature control and are easy to use and clean up. 

Our Picks for the Best Crepe Makers

We have rounded up the best crepe makers to help make your life a bit easier. Read on to learn more about the best crepe makers the SousVideGuy recommends.

Best Seller on Amazon – G&M Kitchen Essentials Professional Crepe Maker Pan

This crepe maker makes the perfect 12 inch crepes every single time. Delicious crepes are fast and easy with this one!

The G&M Kitchen Essentials Professional Crepe Maker Pan has a non-stick aluminum surface that is sure to make traditional French crepes every time. 

Don’t worry about burning your crepes. This one comes with precise temperature control. There’s a built-in indicator light that alerts you when the electric plate is ideal for your crepes. 

While warming up, the light stays lit. Once it reaches the desired temperature, the light shuts off and you can begin cooking. 

We love tools that serve multiple purposes. This one from G&M doubles as a griddle. So, in addition to crepes you can create your favorite breakfast foods like pancakes, eggs, bacon, tortillas, and so much more. 

Need some inspiration? You’ll also get a cookbook filled with 100 recipes plus a batter spreader and a wooden spatula. What’s so great about that? Well, a wooden spatula makes lifting and flipping crepes easy peasy. The batter spreader ensures a thin and even texture which is the key to making the perfect crepes. 


  • Heats up fast and the temperature control doesn’t burn the crepes. 
  • The temperature control feature has a 5 star rating on Amazon. 
  • Easy to clean and easy to use. Just wipe it off after it cools down!
  • Compact and lightweight. 


  • The crepe maker doesn’t come with an instructional manual.This could be an issue if you’ve never made crepes before. 
  • A lot of buyers reported that the cookbook was less than stellar. 

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Best Overall – NutriChef Nonstick Electric Crepe Maker

A nonstick surface is a non-negotiable feature when shopping for the perfect crepe maker.  This aluminum griddle hot plate cooktop features a nonstick 12 inch crepe maker and adjustable temperature control. 

Why does this matter so much? The nonstick aluminum makes crepes that won’t stick to the pan. It’s also a breeze to clean up which we love. 

The NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker has double duty as it makes crepes and can prepare a wide array of other breakfast foods. This is great when cooking for multiple people including your family. You can whip up a yummy batch of crepes and pancakes, bacon, eggs, and more! 

This portable crepe maker has adjustable temperature. You simply adjust the rotary dial to get the perfect temperature for your crepes. The LED indicator light lets you know when you’ve achieved the desired temperature. 

The hot plate is a heavy duty cooking machine but yet small enough to fit into any kitchen cabinet. It’s also safe for any kitchen countertop and comes with a 2.5 foot power cord.  Love to travel? Take this with you on the go to your favorite destination. 

As an added bonus, this crepe maker from NutriChef includes a batter spreader and a wooden spatula. A crepe maker is key to the perfect crepes but the right tools matter too. The right tools allow you to spread the batter evenly which makes flipping easy. 


  • The nonstick aluminum cooking surface makes flipping hassle free. 
  • Create simple and delicious crepes at home. 
  • Perfect for any size kitchen because it’s compact. 
  • Temperature Adjustable Rotary Dial to achieve the perfect temperature. 
  • Can double as a griddle for other breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, etc. 
  • Ultra Quiet Operation


  • May heat the crepes unevenly. 
  • Slow to heat up. 
  • Not too much different from a standard skillet. 

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Best Value – StarBlue Electric Crepe Maker

This crepe maker is voted as the most value for your money. It comes with the crepe maker, a recipe book, a spreader, and a spatula. That’s everything you need to look like a chef in the kitchen…even if you really aren’t one! 

The StarBlue Electric Crepe Maker is so easy to use too. Just pour, spread, flip, and enjoy. Voila! The perfect crepes are really that simple with this machine. 

The hot cooking plate is made from high quality food grade aluminum that is safe and reliable for long term use. The non-stick surface creates hassle free crepes that won’t get stuck to the pan. 

This crepe maker has a 1000 watt plate that gives you a high power output. 

Make breakfast for the entire family just like a professional chef! The 12 inch plate has the space to prepare meals for everyone. Plus it doubles up for all your favorite breakfast foods. In addition to crepes, make pancakes, bacon, eggs, tortillas, blintzes and more. 

We are loving the separate on/off button. Most crepe makers don’t come with this feature. The StarBlue Crepe Maker has an easy on/off button for extra safe cooking. No need to worry about unplugging cords. 

Remember, crepes can be either sweet or savory. This comes with a bonus cookbook chock full of irresistible recipes. From spinach bacon crepes, chocolate amaretto crepes, fruit salsa crepes to hazelnut crepes with whip cream. 


  • Best value for the money. 
  • The on/off button instead of just unplugging a cord like other crepe makers. 
  • The versatility to make crepes and other breakfast favorites. 


  • May not get hot enough or it takes too long to heat up. 

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Best Large Crepe Maker – Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Crepe Maker

This crepe maker stands out from the rest because it comes with a 13 inch nonstick cooking surface. Most traditional crepe makers are 12 inches. That extra inch goes a long way to make filling your crepes much easier. 

The Proctor Silex electric crepe maker has 8 heat levels! This gives you the control you need to get a perfectly cooked crepe every single time. 

This is more than just a crepe maker. You also can cook homemade flour tortillas, pancakes, eggs, omelets, and every other brunch craving you have. 

Crepes have a paper thin consistency. This crepe maker also comes with a batter cup and spreader to help you achieve that perfect consistency that crepes are known for. The extra large spatula was designed specifically for flipping and folding your crepes like a chef. 

We also love how easy this is to clean up. The nonstick surface wipes clean in a pinch. 


  • 13 inch nonstick cooking surface which is larger than most crepe makers at 12 inches. 
  • 8 heat levels to give you control no matter what you’re cooking. 
  • The batter spreader, extra large spatula, and batter measuring cup are included. 
  • Can handle making a lot of crepes at one time without overheating. 


  • The sides get really hot on the outside. 
  • Some people may not prefer the larger size of this crepe maker. 

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Things To Ask Yourself When Buying a Crepe Maker

There are many options to choose from when looking for a crepe maker.  Consider these questions when researching your crepe maker purchase.

What’s the difference between a skillet and an electric crepe maker?

An electric crepe maker is going to give you more control over the consistency and temperature which reduces the likelihood of burning your crepes. Plus, a crepe maker can do more than just make crepes. It can cook lots of other breakfast and brunch favorites. 

What type of surface should my crepe maker have?

When it comes to purchasing a crepe maker, the most important features to consider are the surface material and temperature settings. Electric crepe makers typically come with a nonstick aluminum surface. This makes cooking a breeze and cleaning up even easier.  You can literally wipe the hot plate clean after use. The nonstick feature also helps with the delicate flipping process that comes with making crepes. 

Why does the temperature control matter so much?

Burning crepes happen quite often due to the paper thin consistency. When shopping for a crepe maker, be sure to find one with temperature control. This gives you more control and  eliminates that burning problem. This is one of those big benefits of the crepe maker versus the pan. You also want to consider a model where the hot plate automatically cools down after use to prevent burning. 


A crepe maker is perfect for those times you want to get creative in the kitchen. You can satisfy any craving from sweet to savory.  From chocolate peanut butter stuffed crepes to spinach bacon crepes with Hollandaise sauce…the creativity is endless! What we love about electric crepe makers is that you can also cook up other brunch time favorites like omelets, pancakes, blintzes, eggs, bacon, and so much more.

The four different crepe makers we shared here in this post were selected to meet different needs and lifestyles. When purchasing a crepe maker, the size, surface material, and temperature control are most important. As you’re shopping, think about all of these different questions so that you can make the best choice. 

Bottom line, how much you invest in a crepe maker should reflect how often you plan on using it. For the occasional crepe, a mid-range model is just perfect. If you love brunch and dessert, then finding a model that can handle a lot of use if worth it.


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