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Best Electric Burr Grinders

The fact is, coffee starts to go stale pretty soon after the beans are ground. Pre-ground store-bought coffee may taste like the real stuff, but there’s no doubt it’s lost some of the subtle flavor of freshly ground.

That’s okay if you’re good with drinking a regular cup of Joe. But for the coffee aficionado, the first step to making a savory, flavorful cup of coffee is to grind the beans at home immediately before brewing.

It’s easy to find a grinder to do the job, but experts agree that a burr grinder is far superior to a machine that uses blades.

An electric burr grinder has two burred plates and grinds beans to a uniform size. This makes for a better cup of coffee and gives you the flexibility to grind beans to the size that best suits the kind of coffee machine or espresso maker you are using.

We narrow down the four best electric burr grinders you can buy online. Read on and find the one to enhance your coffee experience.

Top Pick Best High-End Commercial-Grade: Gaggia 8002 MDF Burr Grinder with Doser

You consider yourself a coffee gourmand. In your house, it’s nothing but quality ingredients and the best machine to brew the perfect cup, every time. If you consider money as no object, and a fresh round of ground beans an essential part of brewing each delicious cup of coffee, then this commercial-grade electric burr bean grinder is for you.

We recommend the Gaggia 8002 MDF Burr Grinder with Doser for a premium electric kitchen appliance similar to what you would find in a European espresso bar or restaurant. This impressive machine has automatic dosing, which drops a premeasured amount of ground coffee into the filter holder. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

This attractive burr coffee grinder also comes with an enviable list of features. With 34 grind settings, the precision-machined 50 mm tempered-steel grinding burrs can be adjusted to 39 different degrees of fineness. Now that’s a unique detail that will make each cup brew exactly as you like. The large capacity grinder comes with an eight-ounce ground coffee container, and the hopper conveniently holds 10 ounces of coffee beans.

Made from impact-resistant plastic housing, the Gaggia 8002 MDF burr grinder has a 120-watt motor plus a gear-reduction system that provides quiet operation and reduced static build-up.

This superb burr grinder measures 20 x 14 x 14 inches and weighs slightly more than 9 lbs. Backed by a one-year warranty, it may just be the smartest coffee purchase you ever make.


  • 34 grind settings
  • 39 fineness settings
  • Quiet motor
  • Reduced static build-up


  • Feet are not rubberized, machine may slide on the counter

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Top Pick Best Low-Noise: Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder Professional Series

As a coffee guru, you know that brewing freshly ground beans promotes the richest aroma and a delicious full-bodied flavor for better tasting coffee. The pre-ground, store-bought version just doesn’t make the grade. If you are looking for a well-made, long-lasting burr coffee bean grinder with a wide range of precision grinding choices for every type of brewing method, then this is the machine for you.

We recommend the Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder Professional Series, if you want an efficient machine to perfectly grind beans for all manner of brewers – Turkish coffee, espresso, drip, French press, pour-over brewers and percolators.

The large capacity bean hopper on this hardened alloy steel conical burr grinder has the capacity to produce 30-32 cups of great tasting coffee. Packed with convenient features, this electric burr grinder has a coffee bean box lid, a cup volume indicator, a function button and a coarseness adjustment knob for perfect coffee every time.

And if you are sensitive to sound, this model is kind on your ears. Whereas many burr grinders have a working noise level above 80dB, the working noise level of the Mueller professional series is less than 76dB. No more worries about waking other members of your household as you grind beans for your first cup of early morning coffee.

Oh, and did we mention it comes with an embedded cleaning brush for easy cleanup? Bonus, right?


  • Sleek design
  • Space friendly, measuring 18.03 x 10.79 x 5.83 inches
  • One-button touch operation
  • Auto-stop at the end of grinding cycle
  • Lightweight at 7.4 lbs.


  • Needs assembly
  • Grinds can fall outside the collection cup.

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Top Pick Best Large Capacity: Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

You love making your own coffee in the comfort of your kitchen, and Turkish coffee is a special after-dinner treat, especially when you are entertaining guests. Buying a pre-ground blend is an option, but for you, just doesn’t meet your expectations for the freshness you desire. If you are looking for a burr grinder that works well for any coffee maker, and especially a fine grind suitable for Turkish coffee, then this model is for you.

We recommend the Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder for a commercial-grade burr grinder that won’t break the bank, and is suitable for all coffee blends and methods of brewing. With 16 different settings – four each in the four categories of extra fine, fine, regular, and coarse – you can easily and precisely adjust the grind to the specific blend of coffee and method of brewing. In fact, the finest setting is ideal for preparing Turkish coffee.

This machine is crafted with commercial-grade conical steel burrs that have an advanced cutting design. Produced as matched pairs, they are hand-assembled in Switzerland for precise fit. This mechanism slows down the gears, reducing the amount of friction and heat during the grinding process to preserve coffee’s flavor and aroma. Talk about precision and fine-tuning!

Packed with useful features, this machine does not disappoint. The bean container can hold 8 ½ ounces of beans at a time while the coffee container holds up to 4 ounces of ground beans. The coffee container remains sealed during the grinding process.

A built-in timer sets the grind for anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds so you can walk away without having to constantly press a button to continue the grinding process. For safety, the bean container is locked into place in order for the machine to operate. As for cleanup, no worries.  The bean container and upper burr lift off so you can clean the grinding chamber with the included brush and wipe down the exterior housing.

Did we mention this little powerhouse grinder only weighs 5lbs and is so compact, it won’t take up much space on your counter?


  • Compact, measures in 7-2/3 by 5-2/5 by 10-4/5 inches
  • Carries a one-year guarantee
  • Reduced noise and little static build-up
  • Wide grinding range, good for Turkish coffee
  • Safety lock system


  • Can leave ground coffee in the burr area and chute

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Top Pick Best Budget: DPPAN Automatic Coffee Grinder Burr

You love your coffee and you prefer the quality, flavor and aroma of using freshly ground beans. But you’re not into kitchen appliances that boast many features and lots of bells and whistles. You’re happy with kitchen tools that do the job and won’t drain your wallet. If you’re looking for a simple-to-use, compact, quality electric burr coffee bean grinder that produces uniformly ground beans at the push of a button, then this is the machine for you.

We recommend the DPPAN Professional Grade Heavy Duty Electric Coffee Grinder as a quick and effective way to freshly grind your coffee beans. For quality you can taste in every cup, this affordable coffee grinder doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a convenient touch switch that turns the machine on and off with a press of your finger, and has a range of grind settings from fine to course, perfect for any form of brew – espresso or drip, French press or pour over.

Whether you want to brew the freshest, best tasting coffee for your family, friends or an office meeting, this handy little coffee bean grinder will get it done, without clashing with your decor or taking up counter space. Its sleek and compact design is perfect for any environment. As for cleanup, you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth. Makes an ideal housewarming gift, too.


  • Affordable
  • Sleek design
  • Easy cleanup


  • Limited number of grind settings
  • Cannot be rinsed with water to clean

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Things to look out for:

Consider these things when looking for an electric burr coffee bean grinder so you will choose a model that works best to suit your needs:

Grind Settings

If you like to be able to brew different types of coffee – espresso, Turkish, drip, pour over – then you’ll want to find a grinder that provides enough grind settings to get the perfect consistency for each one. Generally, the more expensive the model, the more settings there are to choose from. You will find grinders that offer a number of settings that you choose before you grind your beans, while other models allow more options, as they let you choose from a general range.


If you get up early in the morning before everyone else in your household and you don’t want to wake them with a noisy grinder, then you’ll probably want to find a model that’s on the quietier side. Conical burr grinders are generally quieter than flat burr grinders.

When looking at different models, check the product description and look for a burr grinder that operates below 80dB for a less noisy option.


This is more of a ‘bells and whistles’ kind of function, but it can be helpful. Dosing has to do with how the grinder distributes the coffee once it’s ground.

A doser drops the ground coffee into a chamber and when you are ready to brew, releases the grounds into your coffee filter or receptacle. Not everyone likes having a doser option on their burr grinder because they say letting the grounds sit in a chamber affects the freshness.

Models without a built-in doser usually dispense grounds more directly, but that can sometimes result in more of a mess to clean up after each use.


Like most things, we often get what we pay for. The lower the price, the higher the probability the product will not last long. An electric burr grinder with a higher price tag is usually designed with durability in mind. So generally, ceramic burrs last longer than stainless steel ones, and grinders with a direct drive engine will last longer than a high-speed one.


Each grinder has a different capacity for the amount of beans it holds and the amount of grinds it holds. You will get better flavor from your coffee if you grind the beans every time you make a new cup of coffee. So in other words, you may not need a high capacity grinder unless you regularly make fresh coffee for many people at the same time. If you’re only preparing coffee for yourself, choose a small-capacity model. If you have roommates, a large family, or you’re purchasing a grinder for the office, then a larger capacity unit would make more sense.


Electric burr coffee grinders come in a range of prices, but the better quality ones can be expensive, costing hundreds of dollars. Always purchase products that fall within your budget. A good way to determine how much you should spend is to consider how often you will use the bean grinder. If it will become an integral part of your day, and quality, fresh-tasting coffee is important to you, then spending a little extra for a model that will do the best job for a long time can be seen as a good investment.

Keep in mind that a pricier model usually is constructed from better materials and is designed to last longer. With proper care, you will avoid purchasing many less expensive models that don’t work well or break down after a year or two, saving you money in the long-run. But if you’re only using the burr grinder every now and then, a less expensive model may be the choice for you to get the job done.

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