Best Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

best electric salt and pepper grinders

We may cook with a lot of seasonings, but the two most popular choices are salt and pepper. It’s safe to say that most homes carry both, in the kitchen for during the cooking process and on the table to add more to food to suit personal tastes. A grinder filled with coarse salt or peppercorns is the best way to produce the precise quantity of seasoning you desire. An electric salt and pepper grinder is the easiest and most effective way to do it.

These handy devices are super convenient, easy to use, and especially helpful for anyone who has issues with their hands, like arthritis pain. An electric grinder directs the seasoning where you want it to go and you have control over how much – or how little – you want to use. Many electric salt and pepper grinders also have the option to choose the kind of grind you prefer, from fine to coarse.

We feature five electric salt and pepper grinders you can purchase online. Read on to find the one that best suits your needs.

Top Pick Best Basic: KSL Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder 

If you are looking for an electric mill grinder for either coarse salt or peppercorns, this electric salt or pepper grinder would be a great addition to your kitchen or as a thoughtful gift for your best chef friend.

Easy to use and versatile, the attractive stainless steel exterior will look good on the table, and the acrylic spice container allows you to see into the grinder to know how much you are using. Ideal for salt or pepper, you can also fill it with a variety of spices such as sea and Himalayan salt, peppercorns, dried herbs and any spice blend that needs to be ground.

A strong motor and four AA batteries are the power behind the functionality of this grinder – and, the batteries are included. With variable coarseness settings, you can choose the grind you like best, including fine.

To use, you just pass the grinder over your food and press the button to start the grinding. When you have the amount you want, release the button. The built-in LED light goes on at the start of the process, helping you to see the how much is coming out to land exactly where you want it to go.

The silicone cap on the bottom keeps the grinder from sliding on the table. And when it’s empty, use the handy included measuring spoon to refill it with your favorite spice. This single electric salt or pepper grinder comes in an attractive box and would make a nice housewarming gift.

To help your grinder last longer, it’s a good idea to clean the grinding mechanism every six months and do not submerge under water or another liquid.


  • Batteries included
  • Can adjust grind for desired coarseness
  • Makes a nice gift


  • Peppercorns must be less than 5mm in diameter
  • More expensive than other single models

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Top Pick Best Set: Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set 

You can buy an electric salt or pepper grinder separately, filling it with either salt or pepper, or you can purchase it in a set. This attractive-looking set of battery operated salt and pepper grinders from Latent Epicure will get the job done nicely every time.

Made from durable stainless steel with an acrylic spice container so you can see the contents, both grinders work with a simple one-touch action that automatically grinds the salt or pepper to your desired coarseness. If you want a fine grind, a coarse grind or something in between, a knob under the grinder offers up degrees of coarseness that you can choose, from fine to coarse, with variables in between.

As you are grinding, a light will come on to help you see exactly how much – or how little – seasoning you are applying to a surface. No more ruining your delicious meals by making them too salty or too peppery.

The grinders have caps on the bottom to collect residue and the set comes with a handy mill tray for them to sit in. It’s a neat little way to keep the set in one place so you always know where to reach for them.

For optimal performance, it is recommended that you use brand name alkaline non-rechargeable AA LR6 batteries. As well, use only dry coarse salt, and the size of the peppercorns should be no bigger than 5mm in diameter. Clean the grinding mechanism every six months or as needed and do not submerge under water or in other liquids.

Reasonably priced, this dynamic duo will make an attractive and functional addition to your meal prep and dining experience.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Set of two with holder
  • One-touch operation


  • Holder is small
  • Batteries not included

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Top Pick Best Large Capacity: Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

For anyone who uses a lot of salt and pepper in their cooking, you’ll need an electric grinder with a capacity that goes beyond that found in most models. This stainless steel and acrylic electric salt and pepper set has a larger spice container, so you can fill it with more product, plus, its good looks will add a touch of panache to your table.

This set is made from stainless steel and BPA-free acrylic and has no glass parts, so there is no worry about shattering or breaking. Each grinder uses an intuitive one-hand action and gravity to get the grinding done. A top-quality ceramic rotor promises long-lasting use and durability, able to easily grind even the toughest sea salt, Himalayan salt, peppercorns or other dry spice blends.

To use, you simply turn the grinder upside down and you’ll get fresh ground salt or pepper. For a customized grind, turn the grinder knob at the top of the device to adjust to your desired coarseness. Rotate clockwise into fine particles and counterclockwise to grind into coarse particles.

To see the amount of salt or pepper you put onto your food, a simple twist of your wrist will turn on a blue light to guide your path. The chambers in this set hold up to 2.75 ounces of peppercorns and sea salt, or approximately seven tablespoons.


  • Uses the force of gravity to grind; no buttons to push
  • Affordable set
  • Sturdy ceramic rotor


  • Uses six AAA batteries, not included

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Top Pick Best Rechargeable: Ayuse Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

An electric salt or pepper grinder is so convenient and easy to use and you’d love to have one or two, but you’re worried about all the batteries that will go into landfill. We included this model because it is rechargeable, saving the expense and waste of batteries.

This electric salt or pepper mill is made of high-quality 304-stainless steel and glass material, which is non-corrosive and anti-oxidant, keeping the spices fresh. The large capacity holds up to 11 tablespoons of sea salt or peppercorns, and is easy to refill and clean. Ideal to also grind coriander seeds, mustard seeds and coarse salt.

For different grinding settings, you can easily choose the level you like by rotating the adjustable knob on the top of the grinder. The one-handed operation gets the grinding going automatically by pushing a button and tilting the grinder. When you’re done, you can press a switch to turn the grinder off to prevent accidental grinding when not in use.

As far as the power source goes, the grinder works with a 3.7V 1200mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery, and is charged using a USB cable, which is included. Charging time is approximately two hours and on a full charge, the grinder can be used for between 1.5 and two hours.

When charging, the red light will go on and will turn green when fully charged. Press the black button to turn on the power, put the grinder in standby mode and press the button again to turn off the power.


  • Rechargeable, no extra battery cost or waste
  • Large capacity
  • Simple operation


  • More expensive than other single electric grinders
  • No light to show where you are grinding

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Top Pick Best 2-1: Cuisinart SG-3 Stainless Steel Rechargeable Salt, Pepper and Spice Mill

Why have separate salt and pepper mills taking up space in your kitchen when you can have one that holds both salt and pepper, right?

This rechargeable model from Cuisinart has a unique design with two grinding containers in one mill, letting you grind two different spices from one unit. Talk about cool convenience.

With a grinding container on the top and bottom, you simply turn the unit over to unleash the flavor and freshly grind your favorite spices, salts, and peppers. A button located in the center of the mill makes for easy one-hand operation, regardless if you are grinding salt or pepper; just hold it down for the duration of the grind.

This versatile mill adjusts from fine to coarse grinds easily, giving you ultimate control over your dishes. Underneath there is a knob; turn clockwise to choose from five settings of fine, turn the other way to choose from five coarseness settings.

The rechargeable stainless steel mill nestles into the sleek charging base, keeping it fully charged and ready to grind. As well, the charging base has a charge/ready light so when it turns red, you know it’s fully charged and ready to use. A removable crumb tray on the bottom makes it easy to clean any spice residue or dust due to grinding.

The mill has a clear cap on one end that measures an exact teaspoon when filled. If you need to measure out spice, fill it once, detach it and you have a perfect teaspoon for your recipe. Fill it three times for a tablespoon. You do need to detach it when grinding directly onto food.

The clear grinding containers lets you know when to refill and, since it’s rechargeable, you won’t have to spend extra money on batteries, or worry about adding to landfill. Fully portable, you can bring it outside for all your backyard barbecues.


  • Two-in-one grinder holds salt and pepper
  • Rechargeable
  • Sleek design


  • More expensive than a set of two
  • A bit noisy
  • No light to show how much you are grinding

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Things to look for:

Consider these things when looking for an electric salt and pepper grinder so you will choose one that suits your needs.

Use: How often you use a salt and pepper grinder will factor into the model you choose. If you only want to place the grinders on the table for people to season the food on their plate, then you will use it less frequently than if you are also grinding spices into the food you are preparing.

One-touch vs gravity: Electric salt and pepper grinders work in one of two ways: by pushing a button that activates the grinders or by turning it upside down and letting gravity activate the grinding mechanism. Both methods work well, but anyone with dexterity issues will find it easier to use a gravity model.

One or two mills: If you use salt and pepper and don’t mind having to reach for two separate grinders, then it’s fine to purchase two. However, for greater convenience, there are models that have two separate spice containers in one grinder.

Adjustable coarseness levels: It’s always a good idea to choose a model that easily allows you to adjust the grind levels from fine to coarse. Some models only have one or two levels to choose from, while others offer more. Which one you choose will depend on how you like your grind.

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