Best Food Storage Containers

Thinking of buying some new food storage containers? There are so many great brands on the market these days, it is hard to decide which will work best for your needs. Here are a few of the most popular models available today.

Evolutionize Healthy Meal Prep Containers FBA_28-7-MP

The Evolutionize Healthy Meal Prep Containers are Bento box style. They offer great value, quality, size, and quantity. There are seven identical containers per package and they are stackable. Each container measures 8.10 (L) x 5.45 (W) x 1.5 (H) inches – add 0.75 inches for the lid – and weigh 28 ounces. The low height allows for better stacking in the fridge.

If you’re keen on preparing your lunches ahead of time in batches, this type of container will save you time and money. Stack them all together in your fridge and they’ll look organized and attractive.

All of these containers are safe for you and your family. They are certified BPA-free and CFC-free. They do not contain BPS, phthalates, or toxic additives. They are food safe and environmentally sustainable.

They are freezer-safe down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, microwaveable without the lid (to a maximum of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temperature of boiling water), and dishwasher safe on the top rack. They can be used over and over again and tend to last longer than other brands.

These containers use universal lids that snap tightly to the containers. The lids make the containers air tight and leak resistant. There is a solid seal between the container and the lid. Users say that not even soup will leak out.

One drawback is there are no compartments to separate your food. This makes them more stackable and compact when storing, but if you’re the type who needs your food separate, it might be an issue.


  • Each package contains seven identical, stackable plastic containers
  • Universal lids which snap tightly to container and make tight, leak-proof seal
  • BPA-free, CPC-free, does not contain toxic additives, food safe
  • Freezer safe down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, microwaveable up to 212 degrees F
  • Dishwasher safe


  • No compartments to separate food

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Popit! Food-Storage Containers

The Popit! Food-Storage Containers come in a set of 16 plastic containers. They come in a variety of sizes and stack inside each other when empty like Russian nesting dolls. The sizes are as follows: 3oz (.46 cups), 6oz (.84 cups), 9oz (1.14 cups), 15oz (1.9 cups), 19oz (2.4 cups), 28oz (3.5 cups) , 37oz (4.6 cups), and 47oz (5.9 cups). The different size options come in handy for portion control.

These robust, high quality containers have thick walls and lids that will not damage easily. They stack and stay put. They are a sleek set of containers that are great for space saving. They make your space look very well organized, neat, and tidy, with more usable space.

They are freezer safe and microwave safe up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. When microwaving, make sure to take the lid off first to ease the pressure.

The lids are sealable, airtight, and spill proof. This patented lid and sealing system prevents leakage. You can carry your food, including soup, gravy, or salad dressing, in them anywhere with absolute confidence. Pop these containers in your backpack and feel assured they won’t leak.

These containers are made of polypropylene and do not contain BPA, other chemicals, or toxins. They are safe for storing food.

These containers are dishwasher safe. For extra deep cleaning, you can remove the seal on the containers before popping them in the dishwasher.

Some users have found the sizes of the containers to be smaller than they expected. Also, if you are looking for something that will never warp or become stained or rough on the surface, glass containers may suit you better.


  • 16 plastic containers in a variety of sizes
  • Robust, with thick walls and lids, that will last a long time
  • Containers stack together well
  • Freezer safe and microwave safe
  • Do not contain BPA, other chemicals, or toxins
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Container sizes may be smaller than expected
  • May warp, stain, or become rough on the surface over time

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Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers 1977447

The Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers are an affordable yet high quality option. They come in a set of 14 containers, although it is also available in sets with other numbers of containers. Use them to keep all your chopped fruits and other foods fresh.

These sturdy, durable, and strong plastic containers are made of clear, BPA-free Tritan, which gives a high end look similar to glass. They are a crystal clear design and attractive. They allow 360 degree clarity and make the food inside look very appetizing.

They are great for freezing and microwaving food, and they won’t warp or discolor. They do not stain, not even if you microwave it with tomato sauce inside. The containers have vents on the sides that appear when the latches are open. These allow splatter-proof use of the containers in the microwave with the lids on.

If you close the latches, the lids will make an airtight seal with the containers. When the lids are latched on, there is no spilling or leaking, even if you drop the containers often. The seal made between the lid and container is super tight. You can carry around soup all day without worry.

These containers are lightweight and easy to carry. They are also easy to clean.

The only drawback is, because of the latches, cleaning and drying the containers takes a bit more time. Also, food particles can get stuck in the latches so it helps if you soak the containers before cleaning. Another challenge is the extremely tight seal can make it hard for people with arthritis to open the lids.


  • Affordable yet high quality
  • Made of BPA-free plastic Tritan, which looks like glass
  • Crystal clear with 360 degree clarity
  • Freeze or microwave – won’t warp or discolor
  • If latches are open, vents appear which allow splatter-proof microwaving with lid on
  • If latches are closed, provides super tight seal


  • Latches make cleaning a bit more challenging
  • Extremely tight seal may make it hard for people with arthritis to open

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Rubbermaid LunchBox Food Storage Container 1806231

The Rubbermaid LunchBox Food Storage Containers are affordable, compact, and cute. Despite their small size, they hold a considerable amount of food. They are sturdy and convenient, and available in a variety of colors. They are safe for use in the freezer and microwave.

One package includes a combination of containers in different shapes and sizes: one sandwich container (2.6 cup, 4.88″ L x 5.55″ W x 2.23″ H), one side container (1.2 cup, 2.76″ L x 4.84″ W x 2.23″ H), two snack containers (0.5 cup, 2.33″ L x 2.73″ W x 2.23″ H), and one medium blue ice freezer pack (5.55″ L x 4.71″ W x 0.78″ H).

The containers are made of non-toxic plastic and are BPA-free.

They stack nicely in your fridge or lunch bag/backpack. These modular containers snap together, which helps you stay organized and saves space. They come with ice freezer packs which snap onto the food containers. This keeps your lunch cool in a simple, convenient way.

The durable and sturdy lids fit snugly and seal securely to the containers to lock in freshness and prevent leaks. You can carry around these containers filled with soup, yogurt, sauce, or stew and they will not leak. Although they make a tight seal, the lids are easy to clip on and take off.

These containers are easy to care for and clean, and they are dishwasher safe on the top rack.

One drawback is the smaller containers can be difficult to open if you have arthritis. Also, the containers can get stained over time.


  • Compact and cute, available in a variety of colors
  • One package contains combination of containers in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic
  • Containers stack nicely and snap together
  • Ice freezer packs are included, which snap onto the food containers
  • Lids seal securely to prevent leaks


  • Smaller containers can be hard to open
  • Containers can get stained over time

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Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Containers 1951295

The Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Containers are well known for their stain resistance. Each container is made of durable shatterproof plastic Tritan which stays clear and resists stains and odors.

This is a set of six BPA-free containers with matching lids. The set includes two 1.25-cup, two 2-cup, one 3-cup, and one 5-cup containers. For easy storage, the containers click to the bottom of other containers in the set that are of the same size.

The lids are very secure and do not slip or pop off. They seal completely with the containers, which helps keep food fresh. The lids themselves also snap to each other for added ease of organization. They also snap to the bottom of the containers for another option in storage.

They are safe in the freezer and microwave, and the inner container surface remains smooth after microwaving.

These containers are easy to clean. Just pop them in the dishwasher. They won’t warp in the dishwasher and the lids will always fit. They are easy to wash because they do not have many grooves, so there are less spots for food to get stuck in.

One drawback is some users find the lids hard to snap onto the containers.


  • Set of six BPA-free containers with matching lids
  • Well known for stain resistance
  • Made of shatterproof plastic Tritan which stays clear and resists stains and odors
  • Lids are very secure which also snap to each other and to bottom of containers
  • Containers are safe in freezer and microwave
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Lids are sometimes hard to snap onto the containers

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What to look for in a food storage container

Now that you have seen some of the most popular food storage containers on the market today, let’s look at what to consider when purchasing these kitchen essentials.


Food storage containers tend to come in glass or plastic, with glass being the more expensive option. Glass containers are very safe for storing food and reheating it. Many glass models come with leak proof seals so you know you won’t be spilling soup or salad dressing in your fridge. The main drawback – other than price – is they are heavier in weight than plastic containers. Plastic containers are easier to use, lighter, and non-breakable. They often stack inside each other and also have leak proof lids. Plastic containers are food grade, which means they are safe to store your food. You can also write on them to label them temporarily.

Shape and size

You may want to choose containers that are all matching in shape – for example, all round containers or all square or rectangular. This makes it easier to fit them into your cabinets for storage, and easy stacking. Rectangular containers tend to be best for maximizing fridge and freezer space.

It is also sometimes handy to have a variety of sizes, to match with the different sizes of leftovers, condiments, or full meals that you would like to store.


As with most housewares, you get what you pay for. The less expensive containers tend to take on odors and break down faster than more expensive plastic or glass containers.

There are a plethora of food containers available to choose from, and a variety of different shapes and sizes, price points, and types of materials they are made from. By reviewing the most popular models on the market today and comparing options and features that appeal to you, the perfect food containers can easily be found.


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