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Most of us get the hot water we need from our kitchen and bathroom faucets. And while that water can be quite hot, it’s nowhere near the boiling point required to make tea, instant soup, noodles or instant coffee. Having a hot water dispenser at your disposal is a quick and convenient way to instantly have boiling water whenever you need it.

Once the water in the dispenser has reached the correct temperature, you can access it with a touch of a finger or the press of a button. No waiting for the water to boil each time. In seconds you will have tea, coffee, instant soup or noodles ready to eat.

Some hot water dispensers have a specific capacity and need to be filled when empty, while others attach to your sink and use tap water for an endless supply. Whichever method you choose, there’s no denying the convenience of accessing hot water whenever you want.

We feature five hot water dispensers you can buy online. Read on to find the one that best suits your needs.

Top Pick Best Overall: Rosewill Electric Hot Water Boiler and Warmer

When you were working at the office, you loved the hot water dispenser they had. You didn’t have to use the microwave to get hot water. All you had to do was press down on a lever and you had instant hot water for the tea you liked to drink throughout the day. Now that you’re working from home, you still drink a lot of tea and miss the immediacy of being able to get instant hot water.

If you are looking for an affordable hot water dispenser that will sit nicely on a shelf in your home office or on your kitchen counter, we recommend this model from Rosewill. With a food-grade stainless steel outer shell and inner pot, this four-liter (4.2 quart) large capacity hot water dispenser has two dispensing options. A one-handed trigger dispenser is ideal for small volume cups, glasses and bottles, while the electric button press dispenser is useful for filling large volume jars, bowls and pots.

Other convenient features include a big window water-level gauge with blue light, making it easy to read in low light; a micro-computerized temperature control system with three temperature settings; 208 degrees Fahrenheit for tea, 185 degrees Fahrenheit for coffee, and 149 degrees Fahrenheit for instant soup, hot cereal, etc.; a keep warm option; and dry-boil protection which switches off the power when the unit is empty.

The water dispenser has a sturdy handle, so taking it from room to room is safe and convenient. With an auto-clean cycle that removes hard water scale buildup, you know this hot water dispenser will remain in good shape for a long time.


  • 4-liter capacity
  • Auto-clean cycle
  • Auto-lock splash prevention
  • Sturdy handle
  • Two dispensing options
  • Made from food quality stainless steel
  • Three temperature settings
  • Has an auto cool feature


  • Tank is not removable; the whole dispenser must be carried to the sink to be filled

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Top Pick Best for Individual Use: Sunbeam Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser 16 oz

Sometimes you need hot water for tea or instant oatmeal and don’t have time to boil water in a kettle or bother with a microwave. And since it’s just for you, you don’t need anything larger than a one or two-cup capacity hot water dispenser.

If you are looking for a cool little hot water dispenser for individual use, we recommend this model from Sunbeam. This handy gadget is innovatively designed to heat one cup of water in approximately 90 seconds, with a 16-ounce capacity. No need for a microwave.

You can dispense hot water right into your cup or bowl, perfect for tea, instant coffee or soup, or for anything that needs to be reconstituted with boiling water. The compact size is ideal for the office, a dorm or small kitchen. It also has an auto shut-off safety feature and convenient cord storage.


  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for one or two cups
  • Heats one cup of water in 90 seconds
  • Compact size
  • Auto shut-off


  • Small 16-ounce capacity

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3) Top Pick Best Versatile: Avalon Premium Hot/Cold Top Loading Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser With Child Safety Lock

You drink a lot of tea throughout the day and your kids love instant oatmeal, hot chocolate and instant soup and noodle cups, so you find yourself using your kettle numerous times during the day. It’s such a bother. You love the idea of being able to just press a button or lever for instant hot water, but the tap water in your house is not the best quality.

If you’re looking for a large-capacity hot water dispenser that can accommodate large reusable water containers so you don’t have to use tap water or small plastic water bottles, then you may want to consider this model from Avalon.

This top-loading countertop water dispenser measures 12 inches x12 inches x19 inches, a slim design that fits on any tabletop and won’t look bulky, even in small spaces. This convenient dispenser has two easy-to-use paddle spouts, one for crisp, cold water set at a temperature of 47 degrees Fahrenheit and one that dispenses hot water at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. With two options, it’s ideal for everyone’s drinking and water-usage needs.

This hot and cold water dispenser is UL/Energy Star approved and features a child safety lock on the hot water spout so there is no worry that little fingers will get scalded. Suitable for three and five-gallon water bottles, there is also a large removable drip tray to catch any spills.


  • Compact large capacity water dispenser
  • Dispenses hot and cold water
  • Can accommodate three or five-gallon water bottles
  • UL/Energy Star approved
  • Hot water spout has a child safety lock


  • Uses bottled water, which is an added expense
  • More expensive than other hot water dispensers

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Top Pick Best Long-Lasting: DRINKPOD Bottleless Water Cooler 

You’re tired of contributing to the plastic problem and want to stop using water bottles, but the tap water in your home is not the best quality. Your family drinks a lot of water and enjoys hot beverages, instant oatmeal and soups. You’d like something environmentally smart and easy to use so everyone in your household can quickly and easily access hot water whenever they want. If you want to never have to buy bottled water again and still have filtered hot water at the touch of a switch, then consider this bottleless model.

This hot and cold water dispenser is capable of providing a steady stream of deliciously fresh water whenever you need it, since you connect it to an existing water line through a standardized ¼-inch quick connect port. Concealed within the water dispenser cabinet are three dedicated cartridge pods that make up the advanced filtering system, resulting in pristine, delicious water. Say good by to plastic water bottles and disposable water filters.

The dispenser features mechanical control paddles for both cold and hot temperature modes (the hot paddle has a child safety lock), so the user can just push the lever with a cup for a hands-free experience. The dispenser also comes with a bonus Ice/Café connect that can be attached to two additional appliances such as the ice-maker on your fridge and a coffee maker. Measures 10.24 inches wide x 17.72 inches long x 43.7 inches high.


  • Bottleless hot water dispenser
  • Connects to an existing water supply
  • Dispenses hot and cold water
  • Child safety lock on hot water tap
  • Filters water before it is dispensed


  • Quite large
  • Very expensive

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Top Pick Best for Entertaining: Chefman Electric Hot Water Pot Urn

You love to entertain and most family holidays and celebrations take place in your home. That’s the time when you need a lot of hot water to accommodate all the requests for tea and instant coffee. At times like this, a kettle won’t do the trick. If you’re looking for a large capacity hot water dispenser to use for a large crowd, then consider this model from Chefman.

This 700-watt insulated pot keeps water warm throughout the day, so you never have to wait for the kettle to boil, while the stainless steel exterior and interior ensure long-lasting performance. With 5.3-liter and 30-plus, 5.7-ounce cup hot-water capacity, this hot water urn is perfect for all your parties and entertaining needs.

Convenient to use, it has two dispense buttons for easy, instant hot water. The one-handed button under the spout is useful for filling cups or bottles and the manual push pump on the control panel is good for quick dispensing. Designed with safety in mind, the water urn shuts itself off once the pot is empty or the water has dried out, and a locking lid prevents spills if it tips over.

The water level gauge lets you know how much water is in the pot when you’re filling it, and you can also see when it get below the minimum line. A convenient handle makes it easy to carry to the sink to fill. Then put it on the table, plug it in, and you’re good to go.


  • Large capacity hot water dispenser good for parties and entertaining
  • Safety features include auto shut off when urn is empty
  • Water level gauge
  • Carry handle
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior


  • Water takes awhile to boil

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Things to look out for:

Consider these things when looking for a hot water dispenser so you will choose the one that best suits your needs:

Style and use: Hot water dispensers come in many different styles and how you intend to use one will help you choose the style. For example, some hot water dispensers have half-gallon or gallon capacities. Others attach to an existing water supply and so the capacity is unlimited. And in between these two styles are hot water dispensers that sit on the counter, are attached under your sink and come with a separate faucet, are for single use and heat only two cups of water at a time or use large-sized bottled water. Before choosing a style, determine how much hot water you use in a day and if you are prepared to refill a container or if you want the convenience of an unlimited supply.

Features: Some hot water dispensers do just that, they dispense water hot enough that you can make tea, instant coffee, soup, oatmeal, etc. Other models offer two options; hot and cold water. Two separate taps dispense either very hot water or very cold water. They can be very convenient, but these models usually cost more than one that just dispenses hot water.

When it comes to features, look for a model that has an auto shut off function if the canister or urn is empty. If there are children in your house, then look for a model that features a child safety lock to avoid the little ones scalding their fingers. Other helpful features include a water-gauge window so you can see how much water you put into the container and how much has been used, as well as how easy it is to fill.

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