10 Kitchen Gadgets That You Must Have in 2020

10 Kitchen Gadgets That You Must Have in 2020

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The benefits of cooking at home are more than getting super tasty food.

Home cooking is a question of control of what ingredients you choose, how much time you spend, what emotions you get in the process. Nowadays we need a lot of time for our families.

We are always in a rush, and home is the only place where we can rest and relax.

Also, the best kitchen gadgets give options for smart time-saving. It was proven, that people, who eat at home, get fewer calories.

The more you cook at home, the healthier life you get.

So kitchen gadgets care about family health as well.

What are the latest kitchen gadgets that you have purchased at your home? Gadgets in every sphere of life, especially the kitchen one, are created to save time and make life easier.

Kitchen gadgets are purposed to make cooking comfortable and time-saving.

Many of them make almost the same things or have double functions.

So we will try to offer you some unique kitchen gadgets everyone needs that can substitute some basic cooking skills.

Bacon Master

Delicious Bacon

Are you fond of bacon and eggs for breakfast? Do you support the keto diet? Eating bacon sounds good, but cooking bacon every day, especially in the morning, can be a mess.

Then stainless steel bacon master would be a perfect kitchen friend for you, as it takes care of all tiresome legwork.

This gadget fries bacon to the ideal without flipping it.

Bacon slices are set vertically, so the fat goes down to the tray set bellow and keeps food healthier.

The whole process usually takes about 8 minutes, depending on how crispy bacon you would prefer. Bacon master is the size of a usual toaster.

It is a wonderful kitchen gadget for a small kitchen. Do you have one already?

Avocado Huggers

Green Avocado

Avocado without peel is getting spoiled very quickly, even in the fridge.

Sometimes we do not need the whole vegetable for cooking, and we cut it to half. Avocado hugger is made of silicone and is handy to protect the cut edge of the veggie.

Just slip over the half of avocado by genius silicone hugger cups.

They are made from BPA-and-phthalate-free silicone, so they are healthy as well. It is definitely one of the kitchen gadgets to make life easier and to save money.

In the modern world it is a popular tendency to lessen consumption, and the consumption of food as well.

Do you also hate throwing food away? Share your thoughts with our readers.

Emoji pancake griddle
Not a fond of bacon and avocado toasts? This latest kitchen gadget is the best for breakfast meals as well.

Try the pancakes in the form of emotional smiles and have a bright smile with you all day long. Pancake griddle can be a suitable kitchen gadget for a mom.

It helps to organize the first food of the day and to pick up a lunch box to school. So a good mood can stay with you all day, let your family love your breakfast time.

It works perfectly with all types of flour, and it is non-stick and easy to wash.

And you can use it not only for pancakes, but it also works well with omelet and fried eggs as well.

Breakfast sandwich maker

Tasty Sandwiches

To end with breakfast kitchen gadgets and equipment, we proceed directly to breakfast sandwich makers.

What is a sandwich maker? It is a handy kitchen gadget for creating crispy sandwiches with cheese, eggs, pre-cooked meat, and any veggies.

Just put all the ingredients between two slices of bread and close it.

The sandwich maker will give you a delicious hot sandwich in 5 minutes. It is also a dishwasher safe gadget.

Sandwich makers are usually not very pricey, but extremely useful for saving morning cooking time.

That is why we added them to the list of kitchen gadgets must-haves 2020. Take your breakfast to the next level and enjoy it.

Waterproof egg timer

Do you know how much time you need to boil perfect eggs for breakfast? What type of eggs should you add to your hilarious homemade ramen? Now you do not need to remember all that stuff.

Do not eat badly cooked eggs.

Just plop the timer in the water with eggs when start boiling, and it will signal what stage of maturity the eggs are.

The egg timer is a pretty cheap kitchen gadget under $5. You can order it online, or find it at any specialized shop.

Meat Thermometer

Meat Thermometer

Cooking different meat in the oven can be pretty tricky. Every type of meat and every recipe needs special technology.

Some meat is very gentle, and you have to be careful not to overcook it, otherwise, it will be dry and chewy like a dog rubber toy.

When you cook a big piece of meat you never know if it is ready inside and slice it to see the result.

Meat thermometer kitchen gadget is created to stop creating a sliced chicken and protect you from salmonella in raw meat.

And it is definitely in a list of kitchen gadgets under $20. Not a bad protection for $20, right? It can be used in the oven, broiler, on the grill, and in the frying pan.

It’s heat resistance in 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking a big cut of meat can be a nice idea for family gathering and sharing some family spirit. Even such a small kitchen gadget can help you saving time and get a fantastic meal.

Digital Measuring Cup and Food Scale

This tech-friendly gadget is essential for people who spend lots of time baking or cooking at home.

It is a combination of two famous gadgets: a measuring cup and a usual food scale. Both are used to measure ingredients, but they were doing it separately. Now they are united in one.

Some recipes require the exact amount of ingredients.

You have to put all you need inside the cup and get the result on the easy-to-read small digital screen. It provides a unique experience even for a first-time cooker.

Digital kitchen gadgets and their uses become more popular in the modern world and contemporary kitchen.

We will teach you how to be a food junkie and cook like a superman. Start from exact measuring!

Silicone Mats for Baking

Kitchen gadgets can be made from various materials. It became popular in recent years to use silicone kitchen tools.

Most of them come in bright colors. When you start learning baking, your oven may get very dirty.

These silicone mats are made from food-grade silicone, so they are safe for people’s health.

This kitchen gadgets’ set can stand the temperature of 480 degrees Fahrenheit as well.

You can place the mats under the cake or cookies, and replace them later. They will not be spoiled.

Silicone mats are washed easily in the dishwasher and are stain-resistant. Compact storage is also one of the significant pluses.

You can order these kitchen gadgets online and choose the color suiting to your kitchen color scheme.

Be sure, that those silicone mats are a really astonishing product and a high-quality invention of modern science.

Nessie colander spoon kitchen gadget

It is not only a fun kitchen gadget for your dishes and soups but a brilliant idea for a gift as well.

Only imagine the faces of your guests when they see a Nessie head popping out from the pot of soup. It looks pretty nice.

The colander spoon has four little legs to keep it upright, and it can even stand on the table.

This kitchen gadget is made from BPA free toughened nylon and can stand boiling water temperatures.

There are many kitchen gadgets you didn’t know existed, and this fabulous colander is one of them.

Building Block Waffle Maker

If you are looking for kitchen gadgets and tools that may make your child happy, this waffle maker is definitely one of them.

Almost every child is fond of playing Lego blocks. This waffle maker is responsible for creating Lego-like building blocks.

Without any hustle, your child can build a waffle house or a waffle tower. If you have two kids, you may have a food battle every time the waffle maker is working.

Each batch gives you 14 tasty building Lego-blocks. We can call this kitchen gadget an almost new kitchen gadget as you will be able to get it only in August 2020.

Conclusion: Cooking time can be tricky, overwhelming, and hilarious, to avoid all this you need the best kitchen gadgets you may get.

All fantastic kitchen gadgets for healthy eating will be your first step to get more free time for your family.

You might find cooking is a relaxing process as well.

Some people say it is a kind of meditation when they cut vegetables for dinner.

You can do it yourself, or use the best kitchen gadgets. It does not matter what cooking strategy you choose. The main thing is that family will anyway thank you for your efforts.

The genius is not defined by its tools and knives. But you can get satisfaction from the process and get a little bit closer to a genius cooker.

Share your ideas with us! What kitchen gadgets do you have at home? What do you plan to get?  What was your best buying decision?

Author’s bio: Nellie Rodriguez is a restaurant owner and a mother of three daughters.

She has a passion for healthy foods and aims to offer both his clients and family only meals that are both tasty and nutritious.

Nellie is also a part-time blogger, writing articles about the health benefits of different foods.

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