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Best Liquor Decanters

Part of the enjoyment of having a drink with friends comes from the way in which that liquor is served. Just as you would pour a fine wine into a lovely crystal glass before presenting it to your guests, so, pouring an aged whisky or bourbon from an elegant decanter adds to the ambiance. Serving from a decanter helps ensure that your guests savor their drink and adds to their enjoyment of your party.

Unlike a wine decanter, where the process of decanting helps the wine to breathe and unpack the flavors, most of the appeal of a liquor decanter is visual. They are a wonderful item to serve from, or even just to show off on display.

Let’s find out about a few of the more popular liquor decanters on the market today:

Most Versatile: Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter

The Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter is gorgeous, timeless, and versatile. It can be used as a traditional decanter for whisky and other types of liquor, but you can also use it hold clear juices or flavored water. It adds a classy touch to any liquid you want to display. When they see this beautiful decanter, your guests will want to taste what’s inside.

This exquisite, high quality decanter is made of luminous Italian glass, complete with a geometric glass stopper with a plastic tip to ensure the fit is airtight. It holds 23.75 oz of your favorite spirit. If you choose to store wine in the decanter, its sturdy, thick glass will preserve the texture and taste of the beverage within. This decanter has sides that are slightly sloped, which makes it easy to hold. And it has a weighted base, which keeps it solidly steady on any flat surface.

You can personalize this decanter. Because the sides are smooth, it can be engraved easily, making it a nice gift for any number of special occasions.


  • Made of sturdy yet elegant fine Italian glass
  • Geometric glass stopper with plastic tip for an airtight fit
  • Easy to hold
  • Smooth glass sides can be engraved


  • A bit small

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Best for Gifting: Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter

The classic and timeless Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter has a sophisticated vintage look similar to styles that were popular in the 1940s. It can be monogrammed, which makes it an ideal gift for a friend or family member who likes to celebrate in style. Or keep it for yourself, and use it to show off your favorite spirits.

This Italian-made decanter is designed with brilliant clarity and holds 23.75 oz of liquor. It is made from sturdy, luxurious glass, and has a geometric base with square lines. As you move up the bottle, the lines soften, and then the glass stopper is styled similarly to the square elements of the base. The stopper has a plastic seal for a snug fit with the bottle.

The manufacturer Bormioli Rocco has been a leader in the manufacture of exquisite glassware for almost 200 years. Their fine glass creations, such as this decanter, will display elegantly in your home.


  • Sophisticated vintage look
  • Glass has brilliant clarity
  • Can be monogrammed
  • Made of luxurious yet sturdy glass
  • Manufacturer has been making exquisite glassware for almost 200 years


  • A bit small

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Most Contemporary: FineDine European Style Glass Whiskey Decanter

The FineDine European Style Glass Whiskey Decanter has a modern contemporary style that is sleek and elegant. It has a unique, artistic, ‘twist’ shape. If your style is minimal, it will fit right in with your décor. It is sure to catch the eye of any guest you have over.

This hand blown decanter is designed with glass of brilliant clarity and luster, and it exudes understated style. It can be used for storing any type of alcohol, and is perfect for cocktails, bourbon, scotch, whiskey, or mixed drinks. It holds more than the previous two models we described, at 30 oz. And it has a rolled rim opening, which makes pouring easier and smoother. The base of the decanter is thick and sturdy, which it more shatter resistant if it accidentally falls on the floor

This set makes a great gift, and it comes packaged in a beautiful embossed gift box lined with polyethylene foam. The receiver is sure to remember this gorgeous gift for many years.

Aside from its obvious visual appeal, there is also a practical reason to buy this decanter: it is dishwasher safe!


  • Modern contemporary design
  • Rolled rim opening for smooth pour
  • Hand blown
  • Good size, at 30 oz
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Does not suit a less contemporary décor

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Most popular on Amazon: Godinger Globe Whiskey Decanter Set

If you are looking for a decanter with some pizzazz, look no further than the Godinger Globe Whiskey Decanter Set.

Elegant and hand blown, this dispenser’s etched globe design with antique ship inside the bottle is sure to make a strong impression with your guests. It is designed with clear crystal and mahogany-stained wood. It comes with matching antique-style whiskey glasses that fit on a wooden boat. To cap things off, it has a bright gold stopper.

This natural conversation piece is the most popular decanter on Amazon. It holds 27 oz of spirits, or you can fill it with water, juice, or other drinks.

This decanter is hand wash only.


  • Makes a strong impression with crystal globe and antique ship in bottle
  • Most popular decanter on Amazon
  • Comes with two matching whiskey glasses
  • Eye catching gold stopper
  • Elegant and hand blown


  • Might not suitable a very contemporary space
  • Hand wash only

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Best Value: Lefonte Whiskey Decanter

The Lefonte Whiskey Decanter is affordable and budget-friendly yet sophisticated and unique. It holds about 25 oz of your favorite beverage and it has a stylish cut crystal aesthetic that would suit any décor. It looks rather like an elegant perfume bottle and has a sparkle quality because of all the cuts in the crystal. It is heavy, which means it is high quality and sturdy. This decanter offers great value.


  • Affordable
  • Suits any décor
  • High quality and sturdy
  • Stylish cut crystal aesthetic


  • None that we found

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Liquor decanter sets – FAQs

Why do people buy decanter sets?

The main reason people buy decanter sets is for the look. Appearance and style are key with decanters. A sleek, polished decanter brings tasteful elegance to your home bar. Unless you are serving a spirit with a label you want to show off, alcohol is best served in an attractive and stylish decanter.

A decanter also displays the clarity of the liquor you are serving. Spirits like whiskey, gold tequila, and dark rum look beautiful in a decanter, and can then be appreciated by all your guests.

Sometimes a decanter can enhance the flavor of your beverage. This happens most often with red wine. Pouring your wine into a decanter exposes the wine to oxygen, thus giving it a chance to ‘breathe’ and improving the taste. If you let the wine sit in an unsealed decanter for a half hour or so, the taste is even better. Generally, however, for other spirits, the role of the decanter is primarily an aesthetic one.

What does a decanter set include?

Generally, a decanter set will include the decanter, stopper, and two or four glasses for serving. Some sets include stones to keep your glasses at the right temperature. Look for a set that includes the number of glasses that suit your lifestyle, and also check if you can buy replacement glasses at a later time.

What should I look for in a decanter?

There are many considerations to make when choosing the right decanter set for you. The process of choosing should be fun and rewarding, not overwhelming.

One important thing to consider is the material the decanter is made from. By and large, decanters are made from either glass or crystal, the latter being more pricey and highly revered. A crystal decanter with antique styling will give your bar a vintage and luxurious feel. For a truly vintage feel, choose a crystal decanter with a rounder shape. If you want a more modern twist, choose one that is square in shape.

Crystal, however, can sometimes contain impurities such as lead. Since you will be storing your beverages in your decanter for considerable amounts of time, keep this in mind.

The weight and size of the decanter are important too. Crystal decanters are generally more heavy than glass. Some users feel that glass is the more practical choice in this regard because it is lighter yet less fragile. Decanters can come in a range of sizes and are usually measured by volume. Most users prefer a decanter large enough to hold an entire bottle of liquor, so around 750 mL or more.

Another consideration is the stopper. This should form an air tight seal with the decanter, to prevent your liquor from oxidizing, and the most common way to ensure this is by having a stopper with a rubber tip. However, you can also find some brands with an airtight all-glass stopper instead.

Are there specific considerations regarding the shape and styling of the decanter?

You have many options when it comes to choosing a shape for your decanter. They come in every shape imaginable, including round, square, triangle, and even some that look like animals. A popular one comes in the shape of a charging bull. In general, the most important aspect of a decanter is the ability to keep the liquor sealed with an airtight stopper. However, there are some options you might want to think about when choosing your decanter.

Gin: These decanters usually have smooth glass surfaces rather than angular or crystal bottles. Gin can sometimes have a slight blue or golden tinge, and this is magnified in a decanter made of non-textured glass. It can ever so slightly enhance these subtle variations. Sometimes if there are small cuts in the glass, that can also magnify how the liquor looks in the decanter.

Tequila: If you like to host parties, tequila is a must, and a tequila decanter is essential. Tequila has a strong flavor, and pouring it into a decanter provides aeration which can soften the harshness a bit. Also, if you buy a lower priced bottle of tequila, it will still look great in a decanter.

How long does a decanter keep your liquor tasting good?

This depends on the type of alcohol you are using and whether your decanter has an airtight seal. If yours does, the wine or liquor inside the decanter will last as long as it would if it was still inside the original unopened alcohol bottle. If your seal is airtight, for some spirits like vodka or brandy, the taste could last for years. Even if you have them in a decanter that has a loose fitting glass stopper, the alcohol might evaporate over time but it can still be stored in the decanter for months.

From the most elegant, crystal cut antique decanter, to the smooth styling of a more modern version, and even the more adventurous options such as the globe or charging bull, there is one style to suit everyone. Show off your spirits in a fun, stylish, and attractive way that your guests will notice and remember.

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