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Looking for a handy device to slice your veggies? Wanting to make a nice batch of potato chips or potatoes au gratin? Consider purchasing a mandoline slicer. You might not have heard of this device before, but it is capable of making even and perfect slices every time. If you don’t want just a straight slice, some mandoline slicers offer alternatives such as dicing, and julienne or wavy cuts.

There are many different varieties of mandoline slicers available in stores today, and some are capable of making some very thin cuts. Others focus more on wider cuts for French fry-like goodness. Still others are really good at shredding vegetables. Either way, they are capable of making these slices consistent each time. So much easier than slicing it all yourself.

Mandolines have very sharp blades, though. You will have to be careful around them and keep them away from children and pets. And look for models that have safety features included.

Here are some of the most popular varieties of mandoline slicers available on the market today:

Progressive International Store Prepworks Adjust-a-Slice HG-53

This mandoline slicer is affordable and super sharp. The stainless steel blades slice effortlessly through whatever they are cutting. It makes consistent, ultra-thin slices easily, which is handy when making potatoes au gratin or slicing red onions.

This slicer is easy to use and makes very precise, even cuts. It is just as sharp and effective as more expensive models. For optimum efficiency, it is best to determine the best speed with which to cut your produce with this slicer. If you move too slowly, you will end up with jagged edges as the blade will not have enough momentum to slice properly.

It has two settings: straight and julienne. It also offers three thickness settings: thin, medium, and thick. These settings are all achievable with the touch of a button – no pesky disks to insert – and are enough to create all the different types of slices you want. This slicer is also quite strong, and able to cut easily through dense foods. It works well with any type of produce, including carrots, zucchini, kiwi, apples, tomatoes, and onions.

It is light and compact. This makes it easy to store in a drawer or cabinet, and easily accessible whenever you need it.

This mandoline slicer is made of plastic and is all one piece, which makes it easy to clean. Simply rinse with water and then wash with soap and a sponge. Or you can toss it in the dishwasher for extra convenience. For safety, there is a blade lock which you can engage after cleaning.

There are a few drawbacks, however. The food holder is not very useful. It doesn’t hold any kind of round fruit or vegetable well – and they’re all round. This could be a safety hazard. This slicer also does not have a stand. This means you have to hold it in one hand while slicing with the other. This might become a challenge if you are making a big meal for a large crowd.


  • Affordable
  • Super sharp stainless steel blades
  • Easily makes consistent, ultra-thin slices
  • Two style settings (straight and Julienne) and three thickness settings with touch of a button
  • Light and compact, which makes it easy to store
  • Plastic, all one piece construction makes it easy to clean; dishwasher safe


  • Food holder not very useful; prongs do not hold onto produce well – safety hazard
  • No stand

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DASH Safe Slice Mandoline DSM100GBGY04

If you’re worried about the safety of mandoline slicers, look no further than this model. Most slicers have an exposed blade that you move your food over in order to cut, but in some cases that can be dangerous. This particular mandoline slicer is different because it has a feed tube leading to the blade, and a push handle that you use to access the slicing motion of the blade. Another part on the slicer called a pusher makes sure the food is properly sliced. This device also has a twist and lock feature to secure the blade when you’re not using it.

This mandoline slicer has 30 preset options for slicing thickness, ranging from 0.5 to 8 millimeters. In addition to straight cuts, it can also do julienne, diced, and matchstick cuts, so it is very versatile.

It is a cute little device, and comes in white with accent colors in a choice of gray, aqua, or bright green.

It includes a special container that catches and holds your food after it is cut, which helps keep your work area tidy. Also included is a brush to easily clean up the blades. If you prefer, the slicer is also dishwasher safe.

It is also easy to store. It has legs that lock into place when you are using it, and you can fold them down when you need to store away this device in a drawer.

One drawback is, when cutting very thin slices, debris accumulates and gets stuck in the bottom, and is not easily cleaned out with the brush. There is no way to take the device apart to give it a deep clean.


  • Much more safe to use than other mandoline slicers
  • Thirty preset options for slicing thickness, ranging from 0.5 to 8 mm
  • Can do straight, julienne, diced, and matchstick-style cuts
  • Attractive and comes in a variety of accent colors
  • Includes container to catch food once it is cut
  • Brush is included for clean up


  • Debris can accumulate at bottom of device and is not easily cleaned out
  • No way to take it apart to do a deep clean

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Kyocera Soft Grip Kitchen Mandoline Slicer CSN-252BK EXP

This mandoline slicer is a great choice for beginners. The slicer works like most others; you swipe your produce down against the blade. Out will pop your perfect, even slices at a rapid speed.

It is a simple and elegant slicer, uncomplicated, with no extra blades or moving parts. On the back of the device is a spinning bar which you can use to adjust the thickness of your slices (from 0.5 to 2 millimeters).

In this case, the blade is ceramic, which makes it rust-proof and about 10 times sharper than stainless steel. It slices, dices, and shreds effortlessly. The blade will not brown your food, and is resistant to acids and germs. It will stay sharp for years.

This slicer is probably the lightest of all the mandoline slicers, and weighs just seven ounces.

It has a handle that is ergonomic, with a soft grip, and is easy to hold while slicing over a cutting board, a bowl, or a dish. It also has a vegetable holder and a handguard for safety.

It is easy to clean with just a rinse, and easy to store with its convenient hole for hanging on your wall.

One drawback is it is a very narrow device so larger vegetables like cabbage should be cut into pieces before trying to slice them. Also, it does not make slices thicker than 2 millimeters. Also, some users say the holder is slippery, so use it carefully.


  • Makes even, perfect slices rapidly
  • Blade is ceramic, which is rust-proof and much sharper than stainless steel
  • Thickness presets range from 0.5 to 2 mm
  • Uncomplicated, with no extra blades or moving parts
  • Handle is ergonomic with a soft grip
  • Easy to clean with just a rinse


  • Narrow device; need to cut larger vegetables into smaller chunks before slicing
  • Does not make slices thicker than 2 mm
  • Holder is slippery and must be used with care

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Swissmar Borner Mandoline V Plus Cut V-1001

This inexpensive mandoline slicer has a V-shaped blade whereas most others have only a straight blade. V-shaped blades are better at slicing soft foods like tomatoes than straight blades, and they are great for slicing other types of food too.

It is made of durable, high quality ABS plastic. The blades are made of surgical grade stainless steel and are very sharp. They snap into the base easily.

It has two different slice thicknesses (3.5 and 7 millimeters) and different blades to handle julienne and French fry cuts, as well as shredding.

It has a handguard for safety. There is also a food safety holder with prongs to keep your food secured while you are slicing. It can be used with either the left or right hand.

This slicer comes in four pieces that fit together and are stored compactly in a protective, compartmentalized caddy.

It is easy to clean by rinsing with water by hand.

One drawback is some users find the safety holder is still not as safe as they would like. Some use safety gloves while holding the slicer, just in case. Also, in some cases, chopped food pieces can get stuck on the main blade. In addition, the white plastic exterior may become stained by brightly colored produce like carrots.


  • Inexpensive
  • Very sharp, surgical grade stainless steel blades
  • V-shaped blade is good at slicing soft foods like tomatoes as well as other produce
  • Two different thicknesses, and blades to handle julienne, French fry cuts, and shredding
  • Handguard and food safety holder
  • Comes in four pieces that fit in compartmentalized caddy for storage


  • Issues with the safety holder – some users recommend wearing safety gloves
  • Chopped food pieces can get stuck on main blade
  • White plastic exterior can become stained
  • Limited thickness settings

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What to look for in a mandoline slicer

Now that you have seen some of the best and most popular mandoline slicers on the market today, let’s look at some considerations to make when purchasing one of your own.

Handheld vs. on a stand

The less expensive mandoline slicers tend to be hand held. Those that are on a stand are a bit more expensive and easier to use.

Blade material

The blades are generally made of stainless steel or ceramic. The latter is more sharp but cannot be sharpened again after purchase.

Shape and thickness of blade

Straight, diagonal, and V-shaped blades are the most common types of blades. V-shaped blades are a bit more versatile as they can handle soft foods well. All of the blades can slice harder foods easily.

If you want a really simple mandoline, choose a model that has only one thickness setting. These are the easiest to use. If you want more of a variety in the thickness settings, you will need to adjust the blades to your liking each time you use the device.

Additional blades

If you only want a mandoline slicer that cuts potatoes into thin straight slices to make chips, your choice is simple. However, there are many other mandolines on the market that, in addition to straight slices, can make julienne or wavy cuts. These will offer you much more versatility as you become more comfortable using your mandoline slicer.

Ease of cleaning

This is important of course. You don’t want to buy a model that takes forever to clean. Some mandoline slicers are dishwasher safe while others have blades that need to be washed by hand. Even if your blades are dishwasher safe, you might still want to wash them by hand to avoid injuries when reaching into the dishwasher.

Other features

You might want to look into safety features such as cutting guards or food safety holders, or devices that lock the blade in place when not in use.

As you can see, there are many different types of mandoline slicers on the market today. They offer great versatility and lots of options for slicing and dicing. Enjoy comparing the different models available – you are sure to find the slicer that works best for your home.

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