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Have you ever considered grinding your own meat?

When you buy ground meat at the grocery store, sometimes it is mislabeled and you might not know what you are actually eating. Grinding your own meat is a great way to ensure you are getting the freshness and texture of meat that you are looking for. The meat you end up with will be more flavorful and healthy, and safer to eat. By investing in a meat grinder, you can make sure your meat is of highest quality.

Meat grinders can be manual or electric, and there are pros and cons for each type of grinder. Electric grinders tend to be more convenient and quicker whereas the manual versions are less expensive, smaller for a tight space, portable, and easy to take apart and clean. You will also have more control over your device with a manual grinder in comparison to an electric version.

Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder

The Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder is affordable and modern looking. Although it is compact and lightweight, it is actually a very strong grinder. It is specially designed for use in the home. It has a tough plastic exterior and an uncomplicated hand crank system which provides you full control over the grinding process.

This grinder is very easy to use. It will take you less than a couple of minutes to learn how to effectively and efficiently use it.

Simply cut your meat into chunks, put it into the hopper at the top, push the meat downwards using the durable plastic meat tamper, crank the lever, and the strong stainless steel grinding disc and blade will grind your meat to perfection. The meat tamper is very handy for keeping your fingers away from the blades, and it can be used to push the meat through the grinder more quickly.

This device is suitable for grinding chicken or cooked meats. Its lightweight construction may lead to difficulty with heavy duty grinding of tougher cuts of meat and especially bones. However, the fact that it only weighs 2.3 pounds means you can easily transport it wherever you want and use it at outdoor events.

All parts in this device are made with heavy duty plastic or stainless steel materials. They will resist breakage, scratches, and rust. They are also food safe, meaning they do not include chemicals that will interact with or contaminate the food you are grinding.

While many grinders tend to move during the grinding process, or need a clamp to attach to the countertop, this one does not. Instead, it has a base with strong suction capability, as long as you are using it on a smooth surface (it will not work properly on tiles or wood). The suction cups adhere to your counter, making the grinder incredibly stable and unmovable while you are using it.

Another characteristic is how easy the Bellemain grinder is to clean. It can easily be taken apart and, after removing any large clumps of meat from the crevices, all the parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This is a great feature in that it allows sanitization of the parts for food safety, and thus will give you peace of mind.

There are, however, a few drawbacks. The all-white color scheme gets dirty quickly. This device has a shorter handle than other grinders. And while some grinders have other capabilities in addition to grinding, such as sausage stuffing, this device does not.


  • Lightweight
  • Tough, durable plastic casing and stainless steel parts
  • Good for simple grinding
  • Meat tamper included
  • Adheres very well to work surface using strong suction cups on the base
  • Easily comes apart and all parts are dishwasher safe


  • White color gets dirty quickly
  • Base suction cup requires a smooth surface and will not work properly on tiles or wood
  • Not strong enough for tougher grinding such as bones

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Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder

The Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder is affordable, easy to use and versatile. It is attractive and lightweight, yet can grind anything from pork and red meat to pasta and vegetables, even garlic and fruits. It also features a unique, ergonomic design, and its compact size means it will fit in the tightest space.

All parts included in this device are food safe. It is made with stainless steel blades, a stainless steel frame, and heavy duty plastic casing. It has different, interchangeable blades and two grinding discs for a variety of functions such as mincing and coursing. With just one tool, you can make burgers, fresh hams, and sauces.

Although the hopper at the top (where you first put the meat) is a good size, you should make sure not to overfill it. This can jam the blades. Instead, cut the meat into smaller pieces before feeding it into the machine.

The Gideon grinder has some nice safety features too, with lockable blades that only work when they are properly enclosed, and a meat tamper/pusher to keep your hands safe from the blade. It also has a sturdy base with powerful suction cups that adhere to your countertop so it won’t move around during the grinding process.

The lightweight 2.5 pound body is handy for portability. You can transport this grinder to friends’ houses or anywhere else you would like to bring it.

This grinder can be taken apart easily for cleaning, and the parts can be easily popped into the dishwasher.

As with other plastic grinders, the Gideon model has difficulty with tougher cuts of meat and bones. Plastic grinders like this one also tend to become difficult to clean over time. However, it does not have many metal parts grinding against the plastic, so there is less risk of scratching.


  • Very versatile
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable stainless steel and heavy duty plastic parts
  • Lockable blades
  • Powerful suction base


  • Cannot grind tougher meat and bones
  • Plastic may become difficult to clean over time

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LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder

The LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder has a compact, smooth and shiny design. It is a little old fashioned looking but it is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel and a sturdy rubber base. It has a wooden crank, which is stronger than plastic. It chops meat smoothly and evenly, and has two powerful stainless steel plates that provide different levels of grinding – one is a fine setting and the other a coarse setting. This grinder can work with any type of meat you want to use, including pork, beef, and game. In addition to the two grinding plates, this device includes three sausage stuffing tubes.

This is one of the best manual meat grinders on the market and it is very durable, yet affordable. It is well suited to routine usage. You can expect it to last years without any corrosion. It does not react to water, not even after long-term exposure to moisture. The stainless steel will not rust, and it is food safe, meaning it does not contain any chemicals that can hurt the quality or taste of your food.

It has a sturdy system that clamps to your countertop, which makes it ultra-safe in your kitchen. The clamp has a wide opening so you can attach it to almost any surface.

The device weighs 8 pounds, so it is heavier than the previous models we have described, but it is compact enough to be transported anywhere. Also, due to its small size, it can fit into a tight space.

This unit can be easily taken apart for cleaning. Because the parts are made of highly polished metal, they are easy to maintain.

One drawback of this model is the area where the ground meat comes out of the machine sits lower than with other manual grinders. As a result, the bowl you use to catch the ground meat needs to be very shallow.


  • Heavy duty design
  • Good variety of grinder plates and sausage tubing
  • Durable; not susceptible to corrosion or rusting
  • Sturdy clamping system
  • Easily taken apart for cleaning
  • Excellent customer service


  • Need a shallow bowl to catch the ground meat

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Simple Being Manual Meat Grinder

The Simple Being Manual Meat Grinder is affordable and easy to use. It provides high quality performance and does not require much skill to operate. It is made of very strong plastic and stainless steel, and will last a long time. It is very versatile, and can be used to grind or mince meat. It can also be used with vegetables, garlic, fruits, and believe it or not, nuts. It’s great for making small amounts at a time. It also includes a meat stuffer.

The base has powerful suction cups to secure the machine to your countertop or work surface. All you need to do is put your meat into the hopper, turn the crank, and watch your ground meat pop out the other end.

This device is very safe, thanks to its blades being completely enclosed. There is also a meat tamper/pusher included so your fingers can stay clear of the blades while you are pushing the meat down.

At 2 pounds, the Simple Being grinder is lightweight and thus portable. It is also dishwasher safe.

One drawback is, being plastic, it may be more prone to breaking down compared to stainless steel. Also, plastic can get scratched, and bacteria can accumulate in the little scratches. Also, some users have found difficulty with inserting the blades correctly.


  • Easy to use
  • Very versatile
  • Powerful suction cup base adheres well to flat surface
  • Blades are completely enclosed for safety
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Some difficulty inserting the blades correctly

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Weston #10 Manual Tinned Meat Grinder

The Weston brand is well known for making excellent meat grinders, and their #10 Manual Tinned Meat Grinder is no exception. It has extremely tough stainless steel construction and the crank is made of wood. It has blades that are specialized for different types of cutting. You can easily set the grinder to coarse or fine cutting. It is well suited for grinding meat for sausages but is useful for other meats also. Unlike some grinders, this one can be used for both raw and cooked meat; however, it is not suitable for grinding bones.

This model attaches to your countertop or work surface using a clamp, which has rubber pads to make sure it doesn’t scratch your work area. It comes with many attachments such as a sausage stuffing kit, adapters, spacers, and funnels. The wooden crank is ergonomically designed which makes it more comfortable when you are cranking out a lot of meat.

One nice feature is the hopper at the top, where you put your meat, is quite large. As a result, you can put more meat into the machine at one time, rather than having to feed it small quantities at a time.

The device is quite compact in size and can be easily moved to wherever you’d like to take it. Bring it to a friend’s BBQ and wow them by making sausages from scratch! It is one of the best grinders available for stuffing sausages.

It comes apart easily which comes in handy when cleaning up.


  • Durable stainless steel construction and wood handle
  • Numerous blades and attachments
  • Can be used for both raw and cooked meat
  • Surface clamp has rubber pads to avoid scratching your work surface
  • Hopper is large so you can feed it larger amounts of meat at a time


  • Not the most attractive looking
  • Not suitable for grinding bones

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Manual meat grinders – FAQs

What should I look for in a manual meat grinder?

Performance: You should find out how much meat the model you are looking at can grind, how flexible the grinder is at providing different types of cuts, whether it can grind through the types of meat you require, and how versatile it is. Find out how much meat can be loaded in at once, and how much you can adjust the blades. Also find out how quickly the device works.

Anchoring: Look into how the grinder attaches to your work surface. Does it use a clamp or suction cups? Generally, more affordable grinders use suction cups and higher quality models use a clamp.

Maintenance: Make sure the grinder you purchase is easy to clean. This is very important for food safety and your health. Ideally, the parts should be dishwasher safe so they can be sanitized.

Material: Find out if the grinder is made mostly of metal or plastic. Most grinders today are made of plastic, which is strong and food safe, but metal is even more durable. Also, metal grinders do not seem to jam up with food as much as plastic grinders. However, plastic grinders are more lightweight, easier to transport, and can be taken apart easily. Regardless of whether you choose a metal or plastic grinder, make sure the blades are stainless steel.

Features: Some grinders have attachments so you can control the type of texture or thickness of your ground meat. They might have other attachments to make pasta, sausages, or to chop vegetables.

Size: Choose a grinder that will fit in your space, even if you have to sacrifice how much meat you can grind at one time.

Safety: As mentioned, always make sure your grinder has stainless steel blades. This is to ensure food safety. Also, check that the blades are completely covered. Some grinders have blades in chambers that won’t work until you have fully locked them. Also, some grinders have meat tampers/pushers so you can push your meat down without getting your fingers near the blades.

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