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Best Oyster Knife

Make shucking easy with the right oyster knife. Here are our picks for the best oyster knives you can find online.

There’s no better way to liven up a dinner party than to have oysters on the menu. Whether eaten raw, roasted or grilled, serving them at your table will make everyone smile. Of course you can buy oysters already out of the shell, but where’s the fun in that, right? Being able to shuck fresh oysters is part of the treat of eating them, and that’s where a good oyster knife can make a real difference.

Opening an oyster is no easy trick; it takes skill and of course, a good oyster knife. These special knives are small, with a two-to-three-inch blade that has a slight upturned tip. The blades aren’t sharp, but they are strong and durable, able to take the pressure you will put on them to pry open a shell. The handle is also important. It should be lightweight and feel good in your hand, with a great grip so your hand doesn’t slip or get tired.

We feature five oyster knives you can purchase online. Read on to find the one that best suits your needs.

Top Pick Best Overall: Speensun Oyster Shucking Knife

Whether you plan to shuck a dozen oysters or 10 dozen oysters, you’re going to need a good oyster knife to get the job done as quickly and as easily as possible.

The material and construction of this oyster knife make it an ideal choice for anyone who intends to shuck a lot of oysters of different sizes and needs a strong, reliable tool. The full tang handle and mirror-polished integrated 3CR14 + stainless steel blade are held solidly together with three strong rivets.

With a durable and compact design measuring 6-1/2 inches from tip to tip, the thick and solid 2 1/2-inch blade is enhanced with high-carbon stainless steel, giving it the perfect rigidity and width. The handle is made from PAKKA wood and offers a non-sliding grip, which is important since your hands will get wet as you handle the oysters.

This shucker can handle small oysters, large oysters, and slide between oyster shells to open them easily. It is ergonomically designed for left and right-handed people. And while the knife itself is not sharp, applying all that pressure to open a shell can cause an injury if your hand slips and hits your other hand. This set includes cut resistant gloves to protect you from injury. Light weight and comfortable, these gloves have been awarded with the highest, EN388 level-5 cut resistance.

The knife comes with a leather sheath to cover it when you need to store it away until the next time. This set makes an ideal gift for the oyster-loving chef in your life.


  • Blade is made from durable carbon steel
  • Comes with a mesh glove for safety
  • Includes a leather cover for the blade
  • Suitable for left and right-handed users


  • More expensive than a single oyster knife

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Top Pick Best Set: Melocean Oyster Shucking Knife Set of 2

What’s faster than one person shucking oysters? Two people working along beside each other. If your family enjoys eating oysters, then you’ll appreciate this set of two professional quality oyster knives that provide the highest level of comfort and safety no matter what size or type of oysters you have.

The strong and sturdy blades on these knives are forged from top quality 3cr13 stainless steel and professionally sharpened. They are ideal for opening any type of seafood shell including clams.

The ergonomic handles on the oyster knives are carved from solid French wood enhanced with a non-slip coating, and reinforced with rivets for durability. Each full-tang knife measures 6.3 inches from tip to tip with a perfectly sized 2.5-inch shucking blade.

Included with the knives is a comprehensive oyster shucking knife brochure and PDF book. You can follow the instructions in the printed brochure and novices can use the book to learn all about oysters. Packed in an attractive wooden box, this set of two oyster knives makes a nice gift for any milestone event or holiday.


  • 2.5-inch blade
  • Blade made from top-grade German stainless steel
  • Rust-proof, bend-proof and easy to wash
  • Comes in a wooden box


  • More expensive than other models

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Top Pick Best All Around: Dexter-Russell 2.75″ New Haven Style Oyster Knife

This New Haven style oyster knife is a great tool to help you shuck oysters, whether it’s the first of your collection, or you’re looking to add to the set of oyster knives you already have.

The 2.75-inch blade is made from proprietary high carbon steel and is just the right size for angling the bent tip into the hinge of an oyster and popping it open. Made in the USA, this knife has a Sani-Safe hard plastic handle for a sturdy grip. NSF certified, the blade is stain resistant. To keep it working well and long lasting, do not put the knife into the dishwasher and instead, hand wash and dry it after each use.


  • Handle provides a good grip and plenty of leverage
  • 2.75-inch blade is made from high carbon steel
  • Stain resistant


  • More expensive than other single knives

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Top Pick Best Basic: Mercer Culinary Boston Style Oyster Knife with Poly Handle

Perhaps you’re just getting into the oyster shucking game, deciding to start out small and see how it goes. You don’t want to spend a lot of money but you still want to get something that will work well. This Boston-style oyster knife from Mercer is a budget-minded option perfect for anyone starting out.

Similar to more expensive models, the blade of this knife is made from high carbon stainless steel and at three inches long, is the perfect length and thickness for reaching into the hinge of an oyster with ease. The bent tip blade is excellent for shucking deep-hinged oysters because it provides leverage for opening stubborn shells. This knife can also be used to successfully open clams.

This knife is equipped with an ergonomic rounded poly handle that keeps your hands from becoming fatigued, and the dimpled texture provides a non-slip grip that’s needed to shuck oysters and clams with ease.

At the low price, you can happily use just one, or have a few on hand for when friends come over to help. And when you’re done, it’s best to hand wash and dry the knife to maintain the blade and surface for long-lasting use.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy ergonomic handle
  • Bent tip to get in the hinge for easy opening
  • High carbon, stain-resistant steel blades
  • NSF certified food safe materials


  • No guard between the handle and the blade

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Top Pick Best Versatile: WENDOM 6PCS Oyster Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle

This oyster shucking knife opener set is perfect for anyone who loves to throw an oyster or clam party and wants everyone to join in the fun shucking their oysters.

The set comes with six knives with blades forged from top quality 3CR13 stainless steel and professionally sharpened that will easily and effectively open any type of seafood shell. The knives each measure 6.9 inches from top to tip, with the thick, sturdy blade measuring 2.5 inches.

The handles are made of black plastic with a soft and comfortable to grip that won’t slip in your hand, and a power-assisting design to help you leverage the pull on the oyster’s hinge. A guard between the handle and the blade protects your hands from getting cut.

To care for the knives and prevent rust, hand wash and dry and store in a cool dry place when not in use. It is recommended to wear a glove when shucking. The set makes a great housewarming gift for the oyster lovers in your life.


  • Affordable set of six oyster knives
  • Blades forged from top quality 3CR13 stainless steel


  • Six knives may be more than you want or need

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What to look for:

When choosing which oyster knife would be good for you, the first thing to do is to consider the variety of oysters you’re most likely going to shuck on a regular basis. This is because different blade designs work best on oysters from specific regions. Once you have determined that, these are other things you should consider before purchasing ones for your own use.

The Handle

At first you may not think the handle is an important feature to consider, but in reality, if you plan to shuck a lot of oysters, and a lot means more than half a dozen at a time, then you’re going to want your hand to be comfortable and not tire easily.

Ideally, you should look for a rounded handle that molds to the shape of your hand, and that’s big enough for your thumb and fingers to curl around. Many people find plastic or rubber handled knives work best, as they are easy to grip tightly and your hand is less likely to slip. Wood is also good, and looks great, but if the handle does not have a water-resistant coating, after a while moisture can soak in and may cause some decay.

Stay way from a knife that has a handle with a slick surface. If your hands are damp, they can slip and you can injure yourself. Also, if the handle is slippery, it will take you a long time to open more than two or three oysters at a time since you’ll be constantly wiping your hands dry so you can grip the handle.

The Blade

Oysters blades don’t need to be sharp. That’s because the only thing you have to cut when shucking oysters is the abductor muscle, which is not difficult to cut through. However, a good oyster knife needs a tough and rugged blade that’s durable enough to crack open dozens of oysters.

What you’ll want to look for is a blade that is about three inches long made from corrosion resistant metal. You don’t want a longer blade since anything longer may bend or break under the pressure used to open the hinge on an oyster.

Oysters live in salt water so over time, the water from inside the oysters that you shuck can damage a knife’s blade over time. The best material to look for is ferritic stainless steel 440c, but it’s expensive and you’ll only be able to find it in pricier models.

High carbon steel is more commonly found if a broad price range of oyster knives, and it’s still a good choice. It’s harder than stainless steal but more prone to corrosion and rust, so these knives need a bit more care, like hand washing and drying, and not putting them in the dishwasher.

The blade also needs to have an upturned tip. This makes it easier to work into the hinge and helps to pry the shells apart.

At the end of the day, it’s important that the blade is of good quality so it will not bend or buckle when you get to an oyster or two that’s not so easy to open.

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