Best Pizza Cutters

Do you love pizza? It’s a great meal to have at home every now and then. Whether you’re heating up a frozen pizza or making one from scratch, it is a dish almost everyone loves. And one kitchen item can make your pizza making journey that much simpler – a really good pizza cutter.

Pizza cutters are for more than just slicing pizza, though. A good pizza cutter will slice through cookies, brownies, cheesecake, cookie dough, and more, with ease.

Let’s find out about some of the best and most popular pizza cutters available on the market today.

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter – Sharp Rocker Blade With Cover

This pizza cutter is sleek and elegant looking. While most pizza cutters have a classic wheel with a handle, this one sports a long, smooth rocking blade instead. With this blade, you simply press down hard on the pizza to cut it in half. Then do it two or three times more and you have a perfectly sliced pizza.

The blade is 13 ¾ inches long. It is made of razor sharp 18/0 stainless steel and will cut through your toppings and crust all in one swoop. It is durable, and the lack of attachments or extra parts means it is less likely to break. Because it is made of one solid piece of metal, it is hygienic and germ-free. It is also rust-free.

This pizza cutter is versatile. You can use it not just for pizza, but also to slice brownies and dough, and to chop nuts.

It is super easy to clean, seeing that it is simply one long, flat blade. There is no wheel to get food stuck in, and no attachments to scrub under. This pizza cutter is dishwasher safe. It is also easy to store in a shallow drawer since it is flat. The blade has a cover for protection during storage. If needed, you can easily sharpen the blade with any knife sharpener.


  • Sleek and elegant, long rocking blade
  • Made of razor sharp 18/0 stainless steel which will cut through toppings and crust at once
  • Durable, hygienic, and rust-free
  • Versatile – use for pizza, brownies, dough, nuts
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Easy to store in shallow drawer; blade has protective cover

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KitchenAid KE113OHAQA Classic Pizza Wheel

This pizza wheel is classic and cute, with its adorable aqua sky handle. This is a roller cutter similar to what they use in pizza restaurants. The blade is sharp and cuts cleanly through any crust. It presses the crust and toppings together while you are cutting, which keeps your toppings on the pizza. The wheel measures three inches in diameter.

This cutter is very durable, and will not bend or break. It is strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure.

The wheel blade is made from super sharp, high quality 430 stainless steel. It stays sharp and is rust-resistant. It is also versatile, and can slice not just thick pizza crust but also pies, waffles, and cookie dough. The wheel is angled for comfort and performance.

If you’re not fond of the color aqua, this cutter also comes in a choice of red or black handles. The five inch handle is sleek and glossy yet hefty, with a premium feel, ergonomic grip, and a debossed logo. The handle is hollow, so make sure not to let water accumulate inside it.

The handle has a built in finger guard to protect you from the sharp blade and hot food being sliced.

This pizza cutter is easy to clean. For better results, hand wash.


  • Classic and cute wheel cutter, with aqua, red, or black handle
  • Versatile, can cut deep dish pizza, pies, waffles, cookie dough
  • Durable three inch wheel cutter is made of super sharp 430 stainless steel
  • Blade pushes toppings and crust together when cutting, which keeps toppings on pizza
  • Handle has built in finger guard for protection from sharp blade and hot food
  • Handle is glossy, hefty, with premium feel and ergonomic grip

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Kitchenstar Non-Stick Pizza Cutter – Rocker Style

This rocker style, rounded pizza cutter measures 14 inches long. It slices pizza crust effortlessly without pushing aside the toppings. Simply rock the cutter from side to side across your pizza, and rotate the pizza to cut however many slices you want. This is a versatile slicing tool for both thin crust and deep dish pizza, as well as brownies, cheesecakes, and more.

It is made of non-stick, sharp stainless steel which is food grade and rust-resistant. It is sturdy, stiff, and not bendable. It is ergonomically designed for safety.

This pizza cutter is available in black or silver.

It is easy to clean with warm water and dishwasher safe. It has a plastic cover for protection when not in use. You can simply store this cutter on its side in a shallow drawer.


  • Rocker style, rounded pizza cutter
  • Made of non-stick, super sharp stainless steel – food grade and rust-resistant
  • Sturdy, stiff, and non-bendable
  • Versatile – use for thin crust and deep dish pizza, brownies, cheesecakes
  • Ergonomically designed for safety
  • Has protective cover and can be stored flat on side in a shallow drawer

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Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

This pizza cutter wheel is small but mighty! It is very sharp and comes in cute colors like green, blue, and red. This pizza cutter wheel was designed by engineers to improve the entire process of slicing a pizza. It can cut through thin and thick crusts, as well as fudge, cookies, brownies, etc.

The ergonomic handle fits in the palm of your hand which makes it easier to grip and control. It ensures you do not have to do any back and forth motions. Simply roll it through your pizza once. And bonus, your toppings will stay put while you are slicing.

It is easy to clean. Simply take apart the components and toss them in the dishwasher. But make sure to take care that you don’t cut your fingers on the blade.

This pizza cutter comes with a protective blade guard so you can safely store it. The device is so small that it is easily stored in any drawer.


  • Small but mighty pizza cutter wheel, comes in cute colors
  • Designed to improve the entire process of slicing pizza
  • Cuts through thin and thick crusts, as well as fudge, cookies, brownies
  • Ergonomic handle fits in palm of hand and makes it easy to grip and control
  • Toppings stay in place while slicing
  • Easy to clean – simply take apart and put in dishwasher

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OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Pizza Wheel and Cutter

This is a more hefty pizza wheel, which allows excellent control. It is heavier than most other pizza cutters, and has a larger wheel – four inches. But it also cuts more precisely.

Overall, this pizza wheel cutter is sleek and sophisticated looking. The cutting wheel is made of high quality, super sharp stainless steel. It accommodates even the thickest crust pizza easily. It also glides through crunchy thin crust.

The handle is large and cushy, to absorb pressure. It puts less tension on your hands. It has an easy, non-slip grip, even if you are handling wet items. The device also has a die cast zinc thumb guard to keep your fingers away from the blade.

If you are washing this device by hand, make sure to clean under the metal piece that attaches the handle to the wheel. Alternately, simply throw this device in the dishwasher and it will clean up in a jiffy.


  • More hefty than other pizza wheels, which allows excellent control
  • Larger than other pizza wheels – four inches – which results in precise cuts
  • Made of high quality, super sharp stainless steel
  • Glides through the thickest crust as well as crunchy thin crust
  • Handle is large and cushy, and puts less tension on hands
  • Has thumb guard to protect fingers from blade

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Yinghezu Super Heavy Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Wheel

This heavy duty pizza cutter has a four inch wheel made of high quality, rust-resistant stainless steel. It can slice stylishly through your thin crust, thick crust, or stuffed crust, and all the toppings, in just one roll, regardless of pizza size. The razor sharp blade makes precise cuts, for restaurant-style presentation.

The sturdy ergonomic design includes a long handle which makes it easy to guide the wheel smoothly and quickly. The handle has a solid grip which helps with control. It is also slip-resistant.

It has a finger guard to protect you from injuries.

It is dishwasher safe, for easy cleaning. Alternately, you can hand wash with hot soapy water and then dry with a towel.


  • Heavy duty four inch pizza wheel is made of high quality stainless steel
  • Slices stylishly through any type of crust in just one roll
  • Razor sharp blade makes precise, restaurant-style cuts
  • Long ergonomic handle helps you guide the wheel smoothly and quickly
  • Includes finger guard for protection against injuries
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

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What to look for in a pizza cutter

Type of pizza cutter

As you can tell from the brands mentioned above, there are a few different types of pizza cutters available on the market:

  • The pizza wheel cutter has a round metal blade with an attached handle. Pizza wheels tend to be the most affordable type of slicer.
  • The pizza rocker is a rounded blade that you rock back and forth across your pizza. Rockers tend to be more sturdy and easy to clean since they do not have small parts.
  • And then there are pizza shears, which act like scissors. These are a more original choice and can be fun to use.

The blade

Choose a pizza cutter with a nice, sturdy and sharp metal blade.

If you are able to test out the pizza cutter, that is ideal. However, since most people can’t do this, your best bet is to go by reviews. Find out what users think of the blade and how sharp and effective it is. You do not want to have to continually rock or roll back and forth over and over again to make that slice. One roll or rock should be enough.


Regardless of which type of pizza cutter you choose, it should be comfortable to hold in your hand and to use. It should be easy to grip and maneuver. If it has a handle, it should be made of a soft material such as silicone – this is more comfortable.

Ease of cleaning

Another feature to look for is ease of cleaning. Try to choose a cutter that has as few nooks and crannies as possible, since this is where little bits of food can accumulate. The ideal pizza cutter is one that is dishwasher safe.

Pizza cutters are a wonderful tool to have in your kitchen. Compare the different brands available and try to determine the features that mean the most to you. In this way, you are sure to find a pizza cutter that works best in your household.


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