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Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers For An Instant Pick-Me-Up

Wouldn’t it be nice to fill up that travel mug with piping hot coffee as you dash out the door on weekdays?

Well, a single-serve coffee maker can help you do just that… and a lot more! It can make specialty brews, froth milk, and give you the choice of classic or creamy coffee.

Put in your favorite pod, press a button, and watch on as beautiful coffee brews directly into your cup.

The best part is that there is no waste since you are brewing only one portion at a time. This way, you get fresh coffee, as and when you want it.

Plus, this is a perfect solution if your coworkers or family members have different preferences when it comes to coffee. Each serving is unique as per the selected settings; a win-win, right?

However, not all single-serve coffee makers are created equal, and there are hundreds of units to choose from. We have tested, reviewed, and compared some of the many units out there and published our findings in this piece.

Read on to find the best Single-Serve coffee maker unit for you.

Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers

Our Top Pick For Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers — Keurig K55 Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

Invest in the Keurig K55 Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker if you want the perfect cup in a matter of seconds.

Keurig made the first-ever single-serve coffee makers, and they’ve been excelling at the craft ever since.

This particular device has a built-in 48-ounce water container. Once the brew cycle is complete, the machine shuts off automatically courtesy of the auto-off option.

Coffee pods from all leading manufacturers work with the Keurig K55 Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker. It lets you can brew six, eight, or ten ounces of coffee at a time, so no matter how big or small your mug maybe, it’s getting its fill with the Keurig.

Also, the well-placed heating, descaling, and water level indicators let you know exactly what’s happening in your single-serve coffee maker.

Cleaning this machine is easy thanks to the descaling option that removes the calcium deposits, and other contaminates.

However, the K55 is 13.3-inches in height and weighs 10.6 pounds, so you might need some extra space on the countertop to accommodate it.


  • Brews in less than a minute
  • Easy to use
  • Works with all coffee pods
  • Descales at the touch of a button


  • Only a year’s worth of warranty
  • As a larger footprint

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Best All-In-One Machine — Cuisinart SS-10 Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Machine

This one brews a considerable amount of delicious instant-hot coffee and gives you plenty of customization options.

You can have coffee just the way you like it while using any pod of your choice or K-Cups.

The Cuisinart SS-10 can serve a couple of people at a time thanks to the 72-ounce water reservoir; you can choose between — four, size, eight, ten, and twelve-ounce cups. A reusable filter cup comes included so you can enjoy different types of coffee, and the device also has a charcoal filter to keep the water free from contaminants.

It also has a digital screen with a timer, use it to pre-set the machine to auto-start at a specific time – a feature that comes in handy if you want to wake up to a perfectly brewed cup.

Additionally, there is a hot water button so you can make more than just coffee, the machine allows you to make other hot beverages as well, such as tea. Also, the SS-10 has a self-cleaning feature, which makes the cleaning process quick and easy.


  • Many customization options
  • Cleans itself on a click of a button
  • Filter cup is reusable
  • Three-year warranty
  • Large water container with a charcoal filter


  • Has a learning curve to it
  • Weighs 9.3 pounds

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Best Espresso Coffee Maker — Nespresso Vertuo Single-Serve Coffee Maker

If your go-to beverage is a hot creamy espresso, we recommend you to get the Nespresso Vertuo Single-Serve Coffee Maker.

This hi-tech unit is simple to operate, and it looks downright beautiful. It weighs 10.85 pounds and allows you to brew five different cup sizes.

The Nespresso Vertuo Single-Serve Coffee Maker rinses the coffee pods 7,000 times a minute with the centrifugation extraction technology. This is the reason the coffee produced by it tastes terrific and delivers a stellar kick.

For your convenience, you get 12 Nespresso pods with the machine, and you can get more delivered to your doorstep with their subscription service.

There is no need to fiddle around with the settings, just select the cup size between 1.35 ounces to 14 ounces, and the machine will self-adjust the settings as per the inserted pod.

Above all, this single-serve coffee machine comes from a highly-regarded company that provides you with a two-year warranty, so investing in it is a wise decision.


  • Backed with top-notch technologies
  • A user-friendly device
  • Nespresso has a pod recycling program
  • Excellent customer service


  • A heavy unit
  • Not compatible with K-Cup or pods from other brands

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Best Pod-Based Coffee Maker For Small Kitchens — CHULUX Single-Serve Coffee Maker

If you don’t have much counter space, consider the CHULUX Single-Serve Coffee Maker. We believe it is the best pod-based coffee maker for small kitchens.

It comes in five different colors and can snuggly fit anywhere as it weighs only three pounds and is 9.4-inches tall.

For your ease, the CHULUX Single-Serve Coffee Maker comes with clear instructions on how to brew the perfect cup, so learning how to use it won’t be a problem.

It has a locking lid, a power button, and can accommodate cups with a maximum height of 5.3-inches. However, you have to be careful that you don’t overfill the 12-ounce water container to avoid making a mess.

Simply put in a pod, fill the reservoir, press the button, and your coffee will be brewed in three minutes!


  • Available in five different colors
  • Lightweight machine
  • Small footprint
  • All types of pods can be used
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Removable drip tray


  • A year’s worth of coverage
  • Takes longer to brew coffee
  • Not made from sturdy materials
  • Does not accommodate travel mugs

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Types Of Single-Serve Coffee Makers

Single Cup Drip Coffee Makers

These are slightly bigger machines that can make single servings as well as a full pot of coffee.

They come with many features like programmable options, auto-shutoff, etc. to enhance your coffee-making experience. Each cup is rich in taste, and its strength can be modified.

Pod Coffee Machines

Capsule or pod systems use paper-based or plastic pods that are filled with coffee grounds. The coffee maker puts pressure on the pods to brew coffee that is similar to an espresso.

Espresso Machines

If you like something stronger than the average coffee cup or love how espresso tastes — espresso coffee machines are right up your alley. Get the right machine to help you make a single or double shot in no time.

However, these machines have a learning curve to them and tend to be set at a higher price tag.

Manual Brewing

If you love the fresh coffee aroma and love to brew the perfect cup on your own accord — this is the device for you.

Getting the hang of it may take some time, but after a few servings, you’ll nail down to the right settings and procedures to brew your cup.

Things To Consider


You are putting your hard-earned money into buying a good coffee machine, so you need to ensure that the selected device is reliable and can provide you years’ worth of coffee before breaking down.

Above all, the coffee maker should deliver the same taste time, and again, this you can know by referring to online reviews. Thanks to the digital grid, they are just a click away.

How Quick Is The Brewing Process

If you have little to no time between waking up and heading out, you have to drop off the little ones to school, or grab the best seat for the Sunday sermon — you need to buy a unit that quickly brews coffee.

You can afford a slow brewer if time constraints are not a concern; maybe you are a housewife, work from home, or have enough time to brew the perfect cup before getting the day started.


Your coffee maker should be easy to use, with one-touch operations.

Moreover, also check if a lot of preparation is needed before getting to the coffee-making stage; for instance, some units may require you to grind the coffee, rinse the filters, set timers, and so on.


Some coffee makers have a large-sized carafe to brew a good amount of coffee in one cycle, whereas others are meant to serve a cup at a time, which means every time you need coffee, you need to brew.

The good news is that many single-serve coffee makers come with an adjustable coffee capacity — it’s your call – brew a cup – or brew a pot.

Adequate Temperature

Coffee needs to brewed at the right temperature, i.e., 200-degrees Fahrenheit (give or take five-degrees) for extracting flavor from the grounds or beans.

If you buy a manual coffee maker, you have to ensure that it can maintain the right temperature. In contrast, single-serve drip coffee makers reach and maintain the needed temperature on their own.

Consistent Taste

Do this experiment – brew coffee from different machines, they won’t taste the same, and it comes as no surprise. The taste depends on brew speed, brew strength, featured options, etc.

So buy a unit that is known and loved for providing excellent coffee, it should deliver the same rich taste, time and again without any compromises.

Required Space

It’d be pointless to get an expensive single-serve coffee maker that would just add to the clutter in your kitchen.  Therefore, measure the available space and buy a single-serve coffee maker that fits the counter and looks good.


Do check if the coffee maker is sold with all the necessary accessories and attachments.

This depends on your intent — if you want a coffee machine that does more than just brew coffee, more accessories are a plus.

On the other hand, if coffee Is all you need, then go for a coffee machine with fewer parts – they are easy to maintain and easy to clean.

Environmental Impact

Check and see how much power is required by the single-serve coffee maker to run; this will let you know if it is going to affect the environment and add to your electric bill.

On the contrary, manual units require no electricity, so they help you conserve power. Also, take note if any coffee is being wasted or not.

Price & Warranty

Single-serve coffee makers come in different shapes and sizes, and prices for the manual variants start at $20. Electronic units, as well as espresso makers, can cost you more than $500.

The idea is that the more features a unit has, the more straightforward the coffee-making process, ergo the higher price point.

Remember, in your chase for the cheapest single-serve coffee maker out there, don’t compromise on quality — make sure you get the perfect cup of Joe after each brew.

Also, check the available warranty on the machine; it should have at least a year’s worth of coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Clean A Single-Serve Coffee Maker?

Check the provided instructions on the owner’s manual.

A popular cleaning method is to fill the container with 50% vinegar and 50% water. Without inserting pods or capsules, run a brew cycle a couple of times until all residual vinegar is washed away.

Can I Use Coffee Pods In Any Machine Or Even Without A Machine?

Yes, to both questions. Pods aren’t meant for a specific machine, and you can even use them without a coffee maker by using the pour-over method.

What’s The Difference Between Capsules And Pods?

Capsules are made from aluminum or plastic, whereas pods are made from paper.

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