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Herbs and spices have been used in food preparation and for medicinal purposes since the beginning of time. Each country harvested and used whatever was grown locally and it wasn’t until the spice trade developed that people from around the world were able to share in the spicy delights of other cultures.

These days, we have access to dozens of herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of whatever we are cooking. To keep them fresh and lasting longer, it’s best to store them in jars or containers. Most cooks prefer to have a set of refillable spice jars in their kitchen to keep their favorite herbs and spices close at hand.

Displaying spice jars in a holder on the counter or the wall is an attractive way to keep them organized and ready to use. With many designs, shapes and materials to choose from, there is something out there to suit everyone.

We feature five different kinds of spice jars you can purchase online.  Read on to find the one that suits you best.

Top Pick Best Glass: AOZITA 14 Pcs Glass Mason Spice Jars with Spice Labels

This handsome set of 14 mini mason jars to store herbs and spices is not just all about looks. Functionality is a key feature in these containers that are made from lead-free durable glass.

This great kitchen accessory is equipped with patented shaker lids that give you all the control over how much you want to add to what you’re cooking. No more over-spicing and accidently spilling too much into the mix.

The extra-wide 1-½-inch mouth makes the jars easy to fill, although the set comes with a collapsible silicone funnel to ensure the job is mess-free. Once filled, snap on the sift-and-pour shaker. With holes to sprinkle finer spices and a lift-cap for pouring larger-sized herbs or portions, it takes the guesswork out of adding too much, or too little to a dish. Finally, the airtight metal top ensures that the spices will stay fresh longer.

The clear glass containers allow you to see how much spice is being used and when it needs to be replenished. These mason spice jars are attractive and large enough to also store nuts, seeds, candy, syrups, sauces and even craft items.

The set also includes 98 preprinted, waterproof round spice labels and 28 blank labels that you can write on with a white pen (chalk marker included), giving you the option of labeling the sides or the lid of the jars.


  • Mason jar design has large mouth for easy filling
  • Snap-on sift and pour shaker
  • Airtight metal cap
  • Chalk marker and collapsible silicone funnel included
  • Four-ounce capacity
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Contains only 14 spice jars
  • Does not come with a holder

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Best Pick Top Plastic: Baaxxango 16 Pack 7oz Clear Plastic Spice Jars

Some people like glass spice jars, which certainly are beautiful, but for anyone who worries about jars dropping and breaking, these attractive plastic containers are a good solution for storing spices and herbs.

This set of 16 spice jars are made from safe PET plastic, with high clarity so it’s easy to see how much – or how little – spice there is in each jar. Each jar comes with a removable inner seal under the lid that keeps the product fresh, and the black snap-tight lids have a flip-top – one side for pouring and the other side with three holes for sprinkling. No more issues with shaking out too much, or too little.

The larger seven-ounce capacity means less refills and even though the transparent containers make it easy to see the content, the set comes with 20 chalkboard stickers and a chalkboard pen, so you can label the spices for easy reference. The plastic makes these spice jars nice and portable for picnics or camping, as they won’t shatter if they fall.


  • 16-piece set made from PET plastic
  • Clear container to easily see the contents
  • Flip top gives option of pouring or sprinkling
  • Larger, 7-ounce capacity
  • Comes with chalkboard stickers and chalkboard pen


  • Made from plastic
  • Does not come with a holder

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Top Pick Best Versatile: Prudenil Spice Rack Organizer for Countertop with 24 Spice Containers

It’s nice to have a set of spice jars, but if they are kept in the panty or in a kitchen cupboard, they can get forgotten, not used, or misplaced. A dozen or so spice jars can add up to quite a disorganized mess if they are not housed in a rack.

This flexible and versatile spice rack organizer comes with glass 24 spice jars for a convenient way to store and organize the herbs and spices needed for cooking. These four racks can be used in multiple ways: two can go into a kitchen cupboard to hold less-used spices, two can stand on the countertop for the spices used every day, or two will fit easily into a drawer. Maximize your space with these handy organizers that are easy to assemble without tools. Specially designed to be slightly inclined, it ensures that the rack will not easily slip out or drop with moderate movement.

The 24 glass jars included with the spice rack have a 3-ounce capacity, an inner shaker lid and an airtight metal cap to keep everything fresh and dry. Eighty-eight printed and blank labels help to immediately identify the contents of each jar so there are no mix-ups. This spice rack and jars keeps your kitchen looking organized and clean.


  • Flexible spice rack keeps spices organized and out of the way
  • Includes 24 glass spice jars
  • Comes with 88 printed and plain labels
  • Inner shaker lid
  • Airtight metal cap


  • Spice rack only fits the jars that come with the set
  • More expensive than a set of jars without the rack

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Top Pick Best Overall: Kamenstein Ellington 16-Jar Revolving Countertop Spice Rack Organizer with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years

This spice rack and spice jar set is totally awesome for the cook who likes everything supplied and at his or her fingertips.

Beautifully designed, the two-tiered revolving spice rack has an attractive, modern design that will look great on any countertop, or for smaller spaces, fits nicely into a kitchen cabinet.

The set comes with 16 bulb-shaped glass jars that are already pre-filled with an assortment of quality spices such as basil, thyme, parsley, marjoram, garlic salt, coriander, rosemary, oregano and more. The cap on each jar has a chrome finish and is clearly labeled for quick and easy identification. The spice jars feature sifter tops for light seasoning that can also be removed for measuring out larger quantities.

And here’s the bonus: purchasers of this spice rack and jar set are eligible to receive five years of free spice refills of their choice. Imagine, not having to go out and find the spices you need; pay only the shipping and get free spices for five years.


  • Attractive two-tiered revolving spice rack
  • Includes 16 pre-filled spice jars
  • Jars are clearly labeled for easy identification
  • Eligible for five years of free spice refills
  • All spices and spice jars are filled and sealed for freshness in Kamenstein’s FDA-approved and monitored facility in Winchendon, Massachusetts


  • Caps only have holes for light seasoning, no pour option
  • Pre-filled spice choice may vary
  • More expensive than other spice racks with empty bottles

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Top Pick Best Mini-Tin Set: Aiyola Magnetic Spice Jars 12 pcs with Wall Base

Moving away from traditional glass or plastic jars, these cute stainless steel magnetic spice containers add a modern and funky look to any kitchen. And while the 12 containers do not come with a rack, the set does include a base to hold the tins.

The stainless steel base has an advanced magnetic feature and can be attached to a wall in any position for the convenience of the cook. If there is no space for the base, no problem. These 12 tin spice containers have a strong magnet on the bottom that allows them to firmly adhere to any metal surface: an oven, refrigerator, stove or microwave.

These cute tins have a transparent top to easily view the contents and are airtight to keep herbs, spices, and teas dry.  Located on the side of each tin are two discharge ports that rotate for full control of how much you want to season your food – on one side, a slot for pouring and on the other side, holes for sprinkling.

Add a sleek look to your kitchen with these cute spice containers, also portable to take camping or for a barbecue.


  • Comes with 12 tin spice containers
  • Spice tins have magnetic base
  • Transparent lids to see contents easily
  • Comes with a magnetic wall base to hold the tins
  • Includes labels


  • Mini tins are smaller than other spice jars
  • Shaking spices from the side, rather than the top, may take getting used to

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Things to look out for:

Consider these things when looking for spice jars so you will choose a set that works best for you:


Spice jars are typically made from plastic, glass or metal. Which one you choose is a personal decision. Many people prefer the purity and design options of glass. However, if you choose glass, make sure it is sturdy and won’t easily break if dropped. Some people like plastic because it is less expensive and less inclined to shatter if dropped on the floor. When choosing plastic, make sure it’s made from a non-toxic variety. Finally, some spice jars are made from tin or another metal. These should be lightweight for easy use and coated so they don’t rust after repeated washing.

Design and functionality:

Spice jars come in many designs, from bottles and mason jars to bulb and round-shaped jars and square tins. Aesthetics is highly personal, but design and shape should not interfere with functionality. Consider how you like to add spices to food while you are cooking. Do you like to sprinkle or pour? Do you like to measure in a teaspoon first? Do you like a top-pouring spout or a side-pour?

Some spice jars come with two dispense options: holes to sprinkle and a small flip tab for controlled pouring. Other models have a two-flip cap – lift the lid on one side to use holes, or flip the other side open for a pour. It’s important to choose spice jars that dispense herbs and spices the way you like to use them. If you’d rather sprinkle than pour, make sure the tops have that option.


Not all spice jars are the same size. Some hold 3 ounces, some hold 4 ounces, some have a capacity for 7 ounces, while others hold larger quantities. Smaller sizes need to be refilled more often, but the spices will stay fresher. However, if you use a lot of spices to cook with, then a larger size will be more convenient and with frequent use, the spices won’t lose their strength.

With a rack or without a rack:

Spice racks are a really convenient way to organize and store spice jars. If you don’t have one, it is helpful to purchase spice jars that come with a rack. However, if you already have one, or prefer to store your containers in a kitchen cabinet, then purchasing them without a rack is fine, and will be less expensive.

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