Top 5 Best Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide in 2020

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Have you ever wondered about bringing the taste of a five-star restaurant to your home?

Serving delicious foods to your family, but you are all intensively health-conscious?

Or cooking in your home and doing your loved ones’ quality taste of a beefsteak? If yes, then being here is the right choice!

Sous Vide cooking is for Healthy cooking, and Vacuum Sealer is what you need.

So prepare yourself for when you are about to witness the best of the best Vacuum Sealer sous vide cooking machines of all time!


For your information, “Sous Vide” is a rooted French word that means “in a vacuum” or “under a vacuum,” which is directly integrated as to space where you can cook outnumbered desired and demanded dishes by your family with the zest of vacuum technique.

And this is the mystery you’ll find out as you go further, but the first thing you should do is to buy the best.

Vacuum Sealer that will suit your satisfaction with conveniences; fascinating vacuum techniques are exposing a unique method in the modern kitchen brought to you by this best vacuum sealer for Sous Vide cooking machines.

We SELECTED these most TRUSTED and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Vacuum Sealers favorably just for you!

FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealer Machine. Best for rolls!

Graded A

No. of Seal Bags – 5

No. of Sealer Rolls – 1

Power – 120 V

Cord Length – 24 –inch

As mentioned, this FM2000 Vacuum Sealer Machine is best for rolls.

For those who love to seal rolls and want to preserve it as if it was newly made, this vacuum sealer fits your needs.

It can remove air from the bag that will create a firm seal of heat for the storage, which is rooted in its dual-purpose button.

With this Vacuum Sealer’s removable drip tray, you don’t have to worry anymore about the mess being spoiled in the kitchen.

Even if it places disorderliness for as quick as a blink of an eye, the splash of clean water will do the magic.

Accurately speaking, there is no need to exert a lot of effort cleaning the sealer in and out.

You can feel secure because this machine ensures leaving no messes in your cooking for you to attain a Healthy and Safe Cooking.

As it pulls out the air, it will make the sealing heat constant in good condition for an extended time.

NESCO VS-12, Deluxe Vacuum Sealer. Best for delicate foods!

Graded A+

No. of Bags – 0

No. of sealer Rolls – 2

Power – 230 V

Cord Length – NA

All you need is NESCO VS, DELUXE VACUUM. Yes! You heard it right.

Aside from its very accommodated and compacted size system, it can fit in the counter with no difficulties and conditions, and to add up, it has a “cancel button” to stop the appliance as you wish.

It keeps your dishes fresh over 5-time repetitions and permits you to choose what sealing option you want to engage with; Double, Dry, and Moist.

Yes, it has three choices of sealing dependent on your demand.

Pertains to the double heat system of the appliance, it allows you to move freely.

Likely, you can multi-task with the help of this machine.

It will do the job while your hands were freely doing some other stuff.

And as stated, it is best for delicate foods with its built-in bag cutter and a roll storage compartment with a transparent lid.

KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine. Best for dry and Moist Modes!

Graded A-

No. of bags – 10

No. of Sealer Rolls – 0

Power – 120V

Cord Length – NA

Parallel to the naturalization of food items that are not likely to stay fresh for a long time if not eaten or used, today’s appliances possess an adjusted and enhanced system demanded by today’s’ consumers.

It is noticeable that Vacuum sealers were now in high demand when it was evaluated and received a raise in food points and restaurants.

It was best for commercial use because it can seal bags over 40 consecutive times without any damage to the appliance.

Can resist high temperatures of about 300 degrees; in terms of cleaning, the cutter included in the set works together with a knife and provides the length of the bag.

Its features had ten unique bags, a cutter, a substitute sealing sponge, and 24-hour customer service.

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer. Increase food Lifespan!

Graded A

No. of sealer – 5

No. of Sealer Rolls – 1

Power – 120 V

Cord length – 3.3 ft

With this vacuum sealer, you can preserve your food five times as often as if it is newly made.

It was tested and evaluated in the laboratory that ensures an increase in your food’s lifespan.

As it helps you make your meal preparation easier, Nutrichef Vacuum offers you a practical and functional sealing for your needs in your daily life.

It has a gift kit for you and some essential pieces of stuff (cork of wine bottles, extra long roll of the vacuum bag, and medium-sized bags) that can make you experience the best cooking in this Vacuum sealer machine.

GERYON E2900-MS Vacuum Sealer. Offers 2 Sealing Modes!

Graded A

GERYON E2900-MS has two sealing modes, form moist food and for the dry food items.

Its sealer’s external attributions are also intentionally planned for easy cleaning and washing.

This smart technology offers an Air suction hose at 7.8″ by 78.7″ vacuum roll and five pre-cut 7.8″ by 11.8″ bags, which are all given free.

It does not weigh as much as other and predominantly composed or made for austere spaces.

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