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Best Vacuum Sealers for Sous Vide Cooking 2017

Best Vacuum Sealers for Sous Vide Cooking 2017

Don’t you just love the juiciness and tenderness of sous vide cooking? now you can do it yourself with knowing of the best vacuum sealers.

If you love dining out because you just can’t seem to recreate the perfection of meat cooking at home, now you can.

Steaks and BBQ ribs can be made tender and flavorful like never before. Cook it sous vide style!

With the right vacuum sealer, meat can be cooked to perfection at 5-star restaurant quality.

Before we tell you our top picks, let’s answer you’re questions first.

Best Vacuum Sealers for Sous Vide Cooking 2017

What is Sous Vide?

In case you lived under a rock, Sous Vide is a method of cooking wherein chicken, pork, beef and other tough to cook meats are placed in a plastic bag.

The bag is filled with spices and flavorings and vacuum sealed. This helps the flavor of the meat itself and the spices to seep into the meat, as if marinated  for hours. The bag is then placed in a Sous Vide machine or in a water bath for even and perfect cooking.

The process keeps the meat from burning because you don’t cook it in direct fire or heat. The meat retains its natural juices and naturally tenderizes as it cooks.

The cooking process requires a quality sealer to evenly cook meat that is tasty and juicy. With a vacuum sealer, you can prepared meat dishes perfectly at home.

You won’t need to place it on the grill for too long for BBQ ribs or grilled preparations since the meat is already cooked.

What is a Vacuum Sealer?

A vacuum packing or sealing machine is used to seal in perishable and non perishable items in a film container or plastic bag.

It is mainly used  in storing food as it preserves it by removing oxygen from the sous vide container or bag. To extend the shelf life, it has to be tightly sealed so fungi and mold cannot grow inside it.

The vacuum sealed bag also allows us to reduce the size and volume of the packed  food.

However, in sous vide cooking, it is imperative to use a good vacuum sealer. The main idea is the same. A vacuum sealer sucks out the air in a plastic bag and seals it safely.

If you’re going to cook food in a  water bath, a tightly sealed bag containing meat and  spices will prevent water from entering. The way it in the flavor makes it easier for the meat to absorb it.

Best Vacuum Sealers of 2017

  1. FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing Systemthis vacuum sealer is designed for a whopping total of 80 Consecutive Seals. It is light and compact. Best used with FoodSaver bags and rolls, it tightly seals a plastic bag perfect for sous vide cooking. FoodSaver is the number one brand when it comes to vacuum sealing.
  2. FoodSaver FM5480 – this sealer has a removable drip tray and a marinating mode. It can be operated manually or automatically. The retractable handheld sealer allows users to vacuum seal zipper bags and jars.
  3. ONME Vacuum Sealer Machine with Starter Kit – this vacuum sealer is perfect for not only sous vide, but for food preservation as well. It comes with a free pack of 15 sealer bags. It can seal up to 11.6″ bags. The design is portable and easy to use.
  4. TedGem Vacuum Sealer – this food saving machine can also be used for sous vide preparation. It’s an automatic vacuum sealer system that comes with a starter kits of 15 pcs antibacterial food sealer bags. It has LED indicator lights and is fully certified and reliable.
  5. Gourmia GVS435 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer – this machine also has LED indicator lights and comes with bags and even a knife to cut. It has 8 options to preserve food namely: vacuum & seal, pulse, manual seal, canister, gentle, moist, normal & dry.

Final Thoughts When Buying Vacuum Sealer

The best vacuum sealers above are mere suggestions for your consideration. If you’re interested in getting yourself a sealer for sous vide, it is important to look for a tight sealer.

Sous vide requires the bag to be fully submerged to cook evenly. A tight sealer will remove all the air that will keep the food bag from floating. It must also be sealed tight so the flavors won’t seep out and water will not enter as well.

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