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Cajun and Creole Cooking Classes: Learning to Cook the Louisiana Way

One of the most signature cuisines across the United States is Cajun and Creole. It denotes a lifestyle, and emotion, and a zest for life. Of course for everyone in south Louisiana, it’s a luxury we can easily take for granted. But what if you didn’t have to venture out to the countless high-end, high-quality restaurants we have on every corner to enjoy an authentic Cajun dish? This is one reason why Louisiana Culinary Institute offers a variety of leisure cooking classes , including Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Sign up and spend a few hours learning the ins and outs of Cajun cooking. Hosted by professional Chef Colt Patin, this class is designed to introduce you to Cajun and Creole cuisine . Each class is loaded with tasting samples, topics for discussion, and hands on cooking. Additionally you’ll learn about kitchen safety and knife skills during this class. Over these four weeks you’ll learn the difference between Cajun and Creole.

This course begins on October 3rd with basic knife skills and an overview of classic Cajun ingredients. This course will include New Orleans BBQ shrimp, chicken and sausage jambalaya, and Chef Colt’s Grandmother’s Gateau de Sirop (syrup cake).

Week two takes a dive into boudin balls, boudin egg rolls, and fried catfish over jalapeño cornbread with crawfish etouffee. It will be capped off with a bread pudding.

Week trois will introduce the Cajun dark roux for chicken and sausage gumbo. Next will be a Paul Prudhomme classic, blackened pork chop and twice baked potatoes with smothered green beans. And week three wouldn’t be complete without bananas foster.

The fourth and final week features a creamy Creole style shrimp an grits, as well as an alligator sauce piquant. Joined with rice pilaf and corn macque choux, this dish will be one to be enjoyed. What’s a Cajun course without beignets and coffee for desert?

Bring the staples of your favorite restaurant to your home’s kitchen is a gift that keeps on giving. Join LCI and our professional staff to gain all of the skills and insight necessary for the authentic Cajun and Creole dishes we all know and love. - for all your sous vide needs

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