Freshman Admission to Culinary School: How Does Housing Work at LCI?

You’ve made the decision to pursue your passion for creativity and food. Whether you are opting for Advanced Culinary Arts , Advanced Baking and Pastry , or Hospitality and Culinary Management making the transition to higher education can come with a number of questions. One of the most common questions, and understandably so, revolves around housing. On-campus housing like dorms and apartments are common at major universities and colleges, however, at smaller, more concentrated institutions of higher learning that isn’t always the case. While on-campus housing is not available at Louisiana Culinary Institute, it is something that can be directly addressed by LCI’s Student Service staff.

Where you live while you’re in school is a very important consideration. This is why there are options in place that were thought of and created by LCI for their students. The school has partnered with some local apartment complexes to provide discounts and reduced fees. These apartments provide nice amenities and a convenient commute to school. The first is The Arts at Jefferson Heights. LCI students receive an 8% monthly discount. Studios start at $775/month going all the way up to 3 bedrooms at $1225/month. Cobblestone at Essen is another option. The application fee is waived, the security deposit and administration fee are also reduced by 50%.

One of the most valuable aspects of attending culinary school is the opportunity to network and meet new people. As new semesters begin and new students attend LCI, finding potential roommates can be a great option. Finding someone with similar interests and schedules can make the transition to culinary school student life even easier. This is why LCI’s Student Service staff works to connect students for housing purposes, making finding a roommate and affordable housing even easier.

For out-of-state students that are relocating to Baton Rouge, LCI has an agreement with Chase Hotel Suites for students as they transition into housing. Non-Louisiana resident scholarships are also available for out-of-state students to help defray the costs of moving.

Louisiana Culinary Institute offers state-of-the-art facilities and expert instructors for its students. In 16 short months you can earn your culinary degree and turn your knowledge and skills into a fulfilling career.

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