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Holiday Party Venues in Baton Rouge: 4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Place

While it may seem early, the holidays will be here before you know it. They always tend to sneak up quickly, and then the mad scramble to organize your company’s annual party begins. Taking care of these duties and laying out your plans early can make for both, more festive festivities, and less stress. Arguably the most important aspect of any party is the venue. Just like the hotel can make all the difference on your vacation, the venue can make or break any event. So here are four tips that can help you find that perfect venue for your next event.

Prepare a Budget for Your Event

As with anything business related, the bottom line needs to be the top consideration. Your plans should revolve around your budget. If you spend most of it on entertainment, it will limit what you can spend on a venue, and vice versa. Make sure that your budget is lined up and itemized before you begin touring facilities.

Find a Venue with a Convenient Location

In real estate the motto is “location, location, location”. It should be top of mind when it comes to your venue selection too. The location of your venue should be influenced by who is attending. Is it employees only? You may want something closer to the office. If other guests are attending easy thoroughfare access, ample parking, and other adjacent amenities and attractions are also pluses.

Pay Attention to the Venue’s Amenities

Amenities go way beyond aesthetics. It’s important to analyze and inspect each aspect of the facility and how it will impact your guests. Parking, layout, kitchen access, and technology should all be major considerations. Ample parking is ideal, but also consider if the venue offers convenient and safe riding share options. The layout of the building in terms of restrooms, traffic flow, stages, bars, buffets, and seating will go a long way in how you plan the overall event. Kitchen access scalability will determine the kind of food you’ll be able to prepare and serve. Technology will be a key consideration for the types of entertainment and convenience your even can offer. Wi-Fi, media platforms, and more can sway your decision when finding a venue .

Plan Your Party’s Activities and Entertainment

Your guests are going to be expected to be fed and entertained. Deciding how you will do that will help you find a venue that can accommodate your festivities. Whether you opt for a band, a DJ, or a team building activity , some facilities will be better suited than others for a specific event.

So before the leaves begin to fall and your holiday party is in desperate need of a home, start looking now. The state-of-the-art facilities at Louisiana Culinary Institute offer demonstration labs, a full service restaurant kitchen, a dining room that can accommodate 130 guests, an amphitheater, a media center, and more. For team building activities, or custom party planning, LCI has the resources, expertise, and experience to make your next event a great one. - for all your sous vide needs

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