Idle Isle Café celebrates 100 years of comfort food cooking | Food

The Idle Isle Café has survived 100 years on Brigham City’s Main Street, simply by being its old-fashioned self.

The original marble-and-onyx soda fountain counter, grandfather clock and hand-crafted wooden booths are still there, along with the 1940s Coca-Cola dispensers.

Amid nostalgic ambiance, classic comfort food takes a starring role. Beef pot roast ($12) is the biggest seller on the menu.

Another favorite is the open-faced, gravy-smothered hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes ($11.50) — and the aroma of Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house.

Despite its popularity, the hot turkey sandwich is only offered on Monday. The small kitchen was initially built to service only seven booths, and over the years, the restaurant expanded its dining space and menu. So there’s not enough kitchen capacity to cook everything every day, said owner Travis Porter.

So regulars know that in addition to the basic menu, they can rely…

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