LCI Student Spotlight: Meet Neil Bond

Before attending culinary school, Neil led a traveling theatre group around the world. When he finished his travels, he settled in Texas, met his wife, and started a family. After his second son was born, Neil was ready for a change, and that change was going to be enrolling in culinary school. The people and relationships with both his classmates and instructors have been the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of this educational journey. “There are so many people with different personalities and different views in class.

Connecting with the
chefs has also been a great source of invaluable conversation and support.  “Neil has always been a pleasure to work with in the kitchen. He is very motivated, driven, and will be one of the promising LCI alumni. I will be sure to keep my eye on him, as I’m excited to see his future endeavors,” says Chef Colt Patin.

Throughout this experience, it has been confirmed that culinary people are Neil’s type of people. “It’s all about seeing empty plates, satisfied stomachs, and smiles on faces,” says Bond. “When I can enjoy something that I’ve crafted, it brings me right back to being five years old, cooking with my Mom.”

Neil is only weeks from earning his culinary arts degree and is expecting his third son. He is currently a chef at Chris’ Specialty Foods. After graduation, he plans to eventually have his own restaurant specializing in Cajun foods, crawfish, and more. He wants to provide affordable, passionate Cajun and Creole cuisine where it doesn’t exist and share the experience of eating and preparing this type of food.


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