Louisiana Culinary Institute Named a Top 5 Culinary Arts Degree Program

Baton Rouge, LA – January 20, 2021 – BestValueSchools.org recently released its 2021 list of the top 15 culinary arts degree programs in country. This list is compiled using tuition, enrollment data, and student reviews. Recognizing culinary schools from across the nation based on their resources, merit, and reputation provides prospective students with the insight to make the best decision for their education and career.

This year, Louisiana Culinary Institute is ranked at #5. The premier culinary school of the south is the only program in Louisiana that is honored. With stellar reviews from its impressive alumni network, and unparalleled career preparation, LCI offers one of the finest culinary educational experiences in the United States.

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About Louisiana Culinary Institute

Family owned and operated since 2003, the Louisiana Culinary Institute (LCI) is a 2-year college located at 10550 Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Nationally accredited, it offers Associate Degrees with concentrations in Advanced Culinary Arts, Advanced Baking and Pastry and Hospitality Management

LCI is a 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. The modern features include spacious classrooms, including demonstration labs, general education classrooms, and baking labs. LCI’s campus also features a full-service restaurant kitchen, two project kitchens, a restaurant dining room, an amphitheater with a residential kitchen, and a media center.

The not for profit LCI Foundation hosts several events each year. The proceeds from each event help create need based scholarships while feeding the needy including local food banks and groups like Mighty Moms. 

LCI also offers facility rental for parties, receptions, commissary needs, and leisure classes that are all open to the public.   

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