Michael Symon Dishes On BBQ, Cocktails, And Cooking At Home

You have a really great, very pragmatic, direct approach to barbecue. You also have this other side, the fine dining side. Were there any lessons [you took from your training] that translate into both styles of cooking?

In our first restaurant that we opened in 1997, was very high-end fine dining and I worked in fine dining my entire career, and still do. And I think that the approach, whether it be our fine dining restaurants or barbecue, the approach is exactly the same.

When I shop briskets for Mabel’s, I shop in the same way as I shop a dry-aged rib-eye for Lola. You know, it’s, it’s still Creekstone beef, it’s always prime. For us, a lot of what we do, again, this is why the Diplomático pairing was so simple for me, they put so much of their energy into sourcing and ingredients, and that’s… You have to have good technique to be a good cook, but it doesn’t matter how good of a cook you are if I give you crappy ingredients.

I know a bunch…

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