Automatic Vacuum Sealer VS6680M


1.FULLY-AUTOMATIC: One-touch, hands-free. No need to press the lid WITH KITCHEN SCALE: Easy to weight food. The weight platform is LFGB approved, enable direct contact with food. SILICON SEALING GASKET: Extended packing machine’s life more than 10,000 times. (Normal foam gasket life test is about 3,000 times only) SAFETY: The packing machine is approved by [...]

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Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine One Button


Method Of Operation : 1. Operated 4 * AA 1.5V batteries or DC 6V 1000-1200MA adaptor. 2. Put the items into the vacuum zipper bag and then close the zipper tightly. 3. Aim the vacuum nozzle at the month of the bag and then press switch on. 4. It needs about 8-15s to complete a [...]

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Vacuum Packaging S273


1. KEEP FOOD FRESH AND LOCK FLAVOR: Reduce waste; preserves nutrients, flavor, and longevity of your food with easy use of vacuum system. By removing most of the Oxygen, reduce the speed of oxidation, growth of microorganisms, and mold which causing bacteria. 2.SAFETY Certificate: The packing machine is approved by CE, CB, GS, ETL, etc. [...]

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Roll Bags For Vacuum Packing


Sous Vide Roll Bags For Vacuum Packing Machine Visit our reusable bags section!

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