AquaChef Water oven 2020

$499.00 $260.00

Description: The AquaChef Sous Vide Smart Cooker uses the sous-vide method of cooking; the same precise cooking method used by gourmet restaurants around the world. Food is vacuum-sealed and cooked in a water bath - preset to an exact finished temperature - making it virtually impossible to over- or under-cook. Get precisely cooked steaks, roasts, ribs, [...]

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1000 W Programmable Precision Cooker

$300.00 $170.00

Sous Vide to Sear - Sous vide and sear using the same device. No heavy pans or fiery torches to deal with. Dual Accutemp Technology - Top-mounted high precision temperature probe automatically drops down in sous vide mode to take the water temperature directly and accurately. The bottom wide band temperature probe controls cooking over [...]

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DASH Digital Water Oven

$299.00 $149.00

GOURMET QUALITY: Create restaurant-quality meals right at home with precise sous vide cooking and temperature control (within 0.2 degrees) to retain natural juices and flavor of your meat, fish, vegetables, soups, desserts, and more.   NO OVERCOOKING: Magnetic-driven water circulation system cooks ingredients evenly, eliminating dryness or overcooked food, and seals in flavor DASH Digital [...]

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