Keenstone 1200 W with Accurate Temperature

$315.00 $299.00

Features: Timer Adjustment Digital Touch Screen Control IPX7 Waterproof Ultra-Quiet  Stainless Steel   Adjustable Clamp 1200 W Sous Vide Recipe Book Included ✅ PERFECT DONENESS AND PRECISION TIMER: When using Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, products retain more vitamins and nutrients than other cooking methods. Digital control panel accurate the temperature to 0.1℃ and time to [...]

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Inkbird 1000W Immersion Circulator – LCD Digital Timer Display


Inkbird Sous Vide WI-FI Culinary Cooker 1000 W Precise Temperature&Timer, Stainless Steel Thermal Immersion Circulator for Kitchen Description: The Inkbird wifi Sous Vide precision cooker helps you cook like a pro. Simply pair with the Inkbird Smart app to manage your cook everywhere of your wifi range, then will free you and have more time [...]

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1800W Sous Vide Cooker


Specifications: Materials: Stainless steel tube, Food Grade PP (Circulation pump cap) Input Power: AC220-240V/AC110-120V Power: 1100W,50/60Hz Motor power:1100W Load power:1800W Large Power Temperature Range : 0℃ - 99.9℃(0°F - 212°F) Temperature Accurate: ±2°C Max Bath Size: 20L Set Time Range:00:01~99:99(H) Package Includes: 1 x Sous Vide Cooker 1 x User Manual How to use: 1. [...]

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Anova Culinary ANTC01 Cooker container

$69.00 $55.00

Description:  Cook all day and night in the Anova precision cooker container, designed to speed up heating time, maintain precise temperature, and prevent evaporation. This amazing container can hold up to 16L of water. Anova Culinary ANTC01 Cooker container Visit our "Containers" section! Or go back to Home Page

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