AquaChef Water oven 2020

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The AquaChef Sous Vide Smart Cooker uses the sous-vide method of cooking; the
same precise cooking method used by gourmet restaurants around the
world. Food is vacuum-sealed and cooked in a water bath – preset to an
exact finished temperature – making it virtually impossible to over- or
under-cook. Get precisely cooked steaks, roasts, ribs, fish, seafood,
vegetables, and more. Foods remain perfectly cooked at the precise
finished temperature – staying moist, perfect, and tender – until you’re
ready to serve.

  • Technical Data:
  • Operating  Voltage–120V-60Hz
  • Power:  1200W
  • Shape: oval-shaped
  • Finish:  Clarity oven
  • Material: PC & Stainless Steel
  • Number of Handles: 4
    Minimum Temperature: 90 Fahrenheit
  • Maximum Temperature: 210 Fahrenheit
  • Voltage: 120 Volts (V)
  • Capacity: 7.5 Quarts

AquaChef Water oven 2020

All cooking methods have some bit of mystery associated with them.
Behind the closed doors of the microwave or wall oven, magic is
happening. The same could be said for something simple like frying
something on the stovetop. The transformative process that happens to
our food when we apply heat may be understood on a primal level, but
that doesn’t necessarily translate to an innate understanding about how
and why food cooks the way it does.

Peeking in on the process of a relatively new cooking method is the AquaChef Clarity.  The non-immersion circulator sous-vide cooker features a clear housing
that allows users to keep an eye on the cooking action. While it’s
possible to watch the process, chances are no insights will be gleaned
from watching the food cook. Eating it, however, is a different story.

Not much happens under the hood of a sous-vide cooker. Food gets placed
in an airtight bag, and that bag gets placed in a hot water bath. What
makes sous-vide cooking so interesting is that when food is blanketed in
water at a consistent temperature, something magical happens: food
cooks at that exact temperature and can never be overdone.

This Item contains:

  1. 1pc AquaChef  Electric Controller Assembly
  2. 1pc Clarity PC Base + 1pc Clarity PC Lid
    3. 1pc  Black Basket with TEFLON Coating
    4. 1pc Vacuum Sealer & manual and 3pcs Bags for Vacuum Sealer use
    5. 1pc AquaChef Color Cookbook
    6. 1pc Operation  Manual for AquaChef Clarity

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Clarity Sous Vide SLOW Cooker water oven


Stainless Steel and PC


Sous Vide Cooker


7 qt.


Digital Timer, Keep Warm Function




Does Not Apply








120 V