Blow Torch Crème Brulee Torch

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Blow Torch Crème Brulee Torch

It is so simple to create a culinary masterpiece!

Culinary torch for sous vide is a multifunctional kitchen device for fast and easy cooking of the most delicious meals. With the help of this culinary torch lighter, you can cook a dessert, make a delicious crust, and melt cheese or chocolate. Use the butane torch and your meals will be like culinary masterpieces from a restaurant`s chef.


Not just for cooking

The blow torch lighter can be used not just in the kitchen. With this compact and functional kitchen torch, you can ignite a grill or fire, perform repairs in the house, or prepare poultry for cooking (burns small feathers).


A great idea for a present.

Looking for a present? Kitchen gifts are great for any holiday. The crème brulee torch is a professional tool that will impress your relatives because it is a stylish and high-quality cooking torch made for a true chef.


A high-quality elegant device

Our blow torch is made of aluminum. The food torch material is pleasant to the touch and easy to hold so you won`t feel tired after using it.

High quality materials and construction ensure safety. Enjoy using this chef torch while cooking

Blow Torch Crème Brulee Torch features

✅ BUTANE TORCH is a kitchen device that allows you to go beyond trivial cooking. Use this culinary torch lighter to cook crème brulee, meringue and caramel.
✅ BLOW TORCH has a flame adjusting regulator that will allow you to choose the intensity of the flame. Cooking with this refillable butane torch is fascinating and your guests will be impressed
✅ CULINARY TORCH is made of aluminum and is great for making creme brulee and cooking any food. Using the butane torch lighter, you will notice that it doesn`t get hot
✅ KITCHEN TORCH – CHEF TORCH is a convenient and safe blow torch lighter. This food torch is ideal for outdoor cooking roasting poultry firing coal in a hookah or lighting wood in the fire.
✅ CRÈME BRULEE TORCH works using butane. When there is no more gas, the creme brulee torch lighter needs to be charged again. Charging this professional blow torch is simple and takes only a few minutes. Culinary Torches are great Kitchen gifts. Our cooking torch DOES NOT INCLUDE BUTANE

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