Butane Torch Lighter for Creme Brulee

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Butane Torch Lighter for Creme Brulee


Move forward your culinary creations and be in trends. Make an excellent meal – a restaurant is at your home. Surprise the guests. Gladden your children. Enjoy yourself.

Our safe and reliable Butane Torches is excellent for:

  • Cooking tasty dishes from meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, melt cheese, make a wonderful dessert;
  • Creating cocktails: make a flame or a smoke-cocktail;
  • Use at home and outside: light a candle, cigar, dabs, fireplace or take it on a camping;
  • Try to apply it to a hobby or for work: crafts, soldering, welding, brazing, etc.

Flame temperature of hand torch up to 2370 °F / 1300 °C
Use time about 60 min

Butane Torch Lighter for Creme Brulee ADVANTAGES:

  • Our food torch made from professional high-grade materials;
  • Cooks torch includes a durable POM tank, it eliminates the possibility of butane leakage;
  • Hand Guard allows you to use our hand torch butane safely and comfortably;
  • Quickly start and fire adjustment allows to use torch for kitchen even with one hand;
  • Each cook torch is packed in a premium gift box, it able to present as perfect gift;
  • Free chef’s hat as bonus will help you feel like a real Master Chief. Hat has a velcro for adjusting the size;
  • 100% Guarantee of Quality and 90 days money back guarantee.

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PROFESSIONAL CULINARY TORCH easy to use as 1-2-3. Kitchen torch is excellent for desserts, meat, seafood, delicious and cocktails. Cook a creme brulee, marshmallow toasting, melt cheese, BBQ, roast vegetables. Caramelize sugar on top, sear a steak, glaze a baked ham with our kitchen blow torch

HANDHELD FLAME TORCH – You can use it with one hand. Smart design of creme brulee torch combines such convenience as Quick Fire Ignition for adjustable flame and Hand Guard for advanced protection of your hand. Gas Flow Regulator make using micro torch more simplify

SINGLE FLAME NOZZLE – butane gas lasts 2x longer than gas torch with two nozzles. No fuel window – durable POM tank, NO leakage of butane. Safety lock – protection for children. Gas Filling valve at the bottom of the torch for butane torch refill

POWERFUL butane soldering torch. Temperature up to 2370 F for welding, brazing, crafts. Perfect for campfires, ignition of cigars, hookahs, dabs, candles
100% GUARANTEE OF QUALITY: 90 days money back guarantee. EXCELLENT for gift – Mini torch kit includes Premium gift box with instruction and FREE chefs hat as BONUS

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