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CookTech Sous Vide Machine

Evenly Food Cooking

CookTech sous vide Machine is a unique and powerful pump that will keep liquid temperature precisely as needed throughout the bath cooking process. Food will be cooked evenly to perfection. Will help you prepare the most delicious and healthy food with only perfect results.

LCD Display

CookTech Sous Vide is equiped with the largest LCD display in the market and it enables you to control time and temperature from across the room. The display can be in Celsius or Fahrenheit and setting is super easy.

Accurate and Precise

State of the art technology allows our active control thermostat to integrate precise temperature settings within +/- 1c range. Our advanced water circulation pump keeps water moving constantly. By creating constant temperature and circulation a perfect cooking results are achieved each and every time.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning this Sous Vide is very easy! all wet parts are stainless steel and when used they are placed in water only. After use just clean the motel part by using a wet soft cloth and dry with a clean hand towel. Store the device in a dust-free dry place inside the box you received it.

LifeTime Guarantee!

We believe in our product and its technical qualities so we decided to give you, our dear customer, a lifetime guarantee!! Our support team is available for you 24/7 and we will do everything we can so that you will be 100% happy with us and our Sous Vide.

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