Gourmia GGL9910 Gas Lighter Professional Culinary Torch

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Gourmia GGL9910 Gas Lighter Professional Culinary Torch for Crème Brulee, Sous vide searing

Nail a culinary flourish that’ll glaze their eyes over!

Whether you love whipping up a delectable dessert or a mouthwatering dinner, the Gas Lighter by Gourmia is your go-to finishing tool. This butane torch helps you create classic dishes like crème brulee, potatoes au gratin, sous vide steak, and so much more. The comfortable gun-style lighter delivers a steady, powerful flame in your choice of soft or jet strength. Simply depress the trigger and safety lock at the same time when you’re ready to sear. This ergonomic device lets you melt, caramelize, and toast without risk or hassle.

Gourmet Food Burner

Add crispy crust and scrumptious scorch to any dish in your culinary cookbook. This non-electric device is a convenient tool to keep in your kitchen whether you’re making dinner or homemade smores.

Safe, Effortless Operation

This simple gadget requires just a few steps before you’re searing food to crunchy perfection. Turn on the gas knob, ignite by pressing the trigger and child lock, and turn the mode switch for jet or soft flame.

Gourmia GGL9910 Gas Lighter Professional Culinary Torch Adjustable Fire Strength

Use a screwdriver to turn the gas adjustable valve, resulting in a weaker or stronger flame to meet your cooking needs. When the butane is running low, replenish via the bottom’s mess-free gas filling valve.

Tank-Like Construction

Your gas lighter is built of heavy-duty aluminum, sturdy ABS plastic, and reinforced nylon elements for years of safe, resilient use. You’ll also enjoy its bright red buttons and comfy, ergonomic grip.

A New Degree of Cooking

This multiuse torch broadens your culinary horizons as you execute complex cooking methods found in your favorite restaurant. Sear or glaze crème brulee pastry, juicy steak, mac and cheese, and more.

MULTIPURPOSE KITCHEN TORCH – High Quality Butane Lighter Helps You Achieve a Perfect Sear or Glaze on Any Food; Great for Crème Brulee, Steak & More

OPTIMAL BURN CONTROL – Nozzle Delivers Powerful Blue Flame With Choice of Soft or Jet Mode; Switch Gas Knob, Then Press Trigger & Safety Lock to Operate

LOW MAINTENANCE DESIGN – Ergonomic Tool is Built of Strong Aluminum & Reinforced Nylon for Max Durability; Simply Refill Butane When Fuel is Low

DESIGNED FOR HIGH SAFETY – Home-Safe Gadget Features Helpful Child Lock to Protect Against Accident; Features Comfortable Handle for Precision Searing

CRISP, TOASTY PERFECTION – Versatile Dinner & Dessert Tool Caramelizes Sugar, Browns Merengue, Sears Steak, Roasts Peppers, Toasts Bread & More

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