Meat Injector Kit Stainless Steel Marinade Flavor Injector Syringe with 2-oz Capacity Barrel and 3 Professional Marinade Injector Needles

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When you cook meat on the grill or make BBQ for your family or friends, you want it to be perfect. You don’t want to waste time, products, nor effort

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When you cook meat on the grill or make BBQ for your family or friends, you want it to be perfect. You don’t want to waste time, products, nor effort and end up with dry, bland meat and a spoiled mood. There’s always a way to get juicy, tasty, aromatic meat which will be the hit of the party.

The OSTRO meat injector set guarantees that you will always cook tasty juicy meat. Great for BBQs, grilling, roasting, baking and cooking. You can inject cajun or any other seasoning to: beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey – any meat.

Using the meat injection marinator, you won’t have to wait many hours for the marinade to soak the meat. Super-sharp needles of different diameters and constructions provide a deep and equal distribution of the marinade and spices.

The tool kit includes 3 needles:

  • specialized 3-inch steak needle for injecting thin cuts of meat or chicken breast,
  • specialized 6-inch 12-hole needle for liquid only marinades,
  • specialized 6-inch angle-cut needle for chunky injector marinade.

The stainless steel meat injector is the most reliable and durable of all marinating accessories. 100% high-quality stainless steel without alloys provides a sturdy and comfortable construction. All the parts are removable and of high-quality. You can easily take apart the food injector syringe kit and clean thoroughly after usage.

✓ The large-volume (2 ounces) meat injection syringe is convenient to use – you pour the marinade in the syringe once and you can marinate even a big piece of meat.

✓ The construction of sauce injector is comfortable to use with one hand.

✓ The packaging includes a foam tray with form-cut slots for all the pieces and a thick box for dry storage.

✓ The OSTRO marinade injector for turkey, pork, beef makes an awesome gift for family and friends.

304 STAINLESS STEEL – All the food-facing parts of the meat injector syringe including the barrel and meat injector needles are made from high-grade stainless steel to keep your family safe
3 NEEDLES FOR BETTER MARINATING – Meat injector kit includes 3 sharp needles of different size and diameter – one turkey injector needle for steaks and chicken fillets, another flavor injector needle for big pieces, and a meat injector needle for marinating meat with pieces of garlic and herbs
HIGH VOLUME – LESS REFILLS – The 2 oz barrel lets you marinate even big pieces of meat without refilling the bbq injector all the time
SAFE STORAGE – The marinade injector comes with an EVA foam reusable water proof case and four spare O-rings
OUR GUARANTEE – Since your satisfaction with meat marinade injector is a top priority for us, it is backed by our 12-month warranty; any quality problem, please contact with us by email promptly




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