Sansaire SA15 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator 110v, Black

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Sansaire SA15 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator 110v, Black

Cook a better steak than expensive steakhouses, for a fraction of the cost with Sansaire SA15.

The sous vide method yields results that are nearly impossible to achieve by traditional means. In the photo above, both of the tenderloins started at the same weight. The steak on the left was cooked in a pan to a core temperature of 52 °C / 126 °F, but more than 40% of the meat was overcooked. The other steak was cooked sous vide to the same temperature and then seared with a blowtorch to yield a juicier steak that is done to perfection from edge to edge.

The Sansaire takes up as much space as a champagne bottle and uses pots or containers you already own

The same lifestyle benefits of slow cooker cooking, but without dried out, overcooked proteins
The Sansaire is used in some of the world’s best restaurants. Professional chefs rely on sous vide for precise, predictable results
Heat milk or formula to precisely 98.6 DegreeF for worry free feeding

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