Sous Vide Container 12 Quart For immersion circulator

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Sous Vide Container 12 Quart For immersion circulator

Cook sous vide like a professional chef in your own home with this sturdy and reliable sous vide water bath container.

Our polycarbonate water container measures 10.6 long x 8.2 wide (on bottom – wider at top) x 8.1 inches high, hold 3 gallons. Water balls & sous vide precision cooker NOT INCLUDE.

Our Sous Vide water container has sturdy sides for mounting your sous vide precision cooker. Compatible with all major brands including Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire, Polyscience, and more. Precision cookers for sous vide & water balls sold separately.


Cooking sous vide using our reliable & durable polycarbonate cooking container is a great way to cook a meal to perfection quickly and evenly with minimal clean-up.

The sous vide technique involves partially cooking a meal, sealing it in a vacuum bag, and then cooking it to a precise temperature by immersing it in water. Unlike other cooking techniques, sous vide prevents overcooking because the food in the vacuum sealed bag will never exceed the temperature of the water.

Sealing the meal in the bag also makes it so that chefs can infuse more flavor into the food in a shorter period of time than other more time-consuming methods like slow cooking or oven roasting. It also preserves more flavor than other quick cooking methods like pressure cooking.


Sous Vide Container 12 Quart For immersion circulator: What You Need To Start Sous Vide Cooking

To start cooking sous vide, you need:

Vacuum sealing kit from Sous Vide Ninja

Vacuum bags from Sous Vide Ninja

Splash prevention balls from Sous Vide Ninja

A sous vide precision cooker such as Anova or Polyscience

Cooking sous vide is fun, convenient, and easier than you think. Get started cooking sous vide or improve your sous vide cooking experience today.

Sous Vide Ninja has a new name: Sous Vide Naturals. Sous Vide Naturals (SVN) has no association or affiliation with SharkNinja Operating LLC, who owns the NINJA trademarks

CONTAINER ONLY – NO SOUS VIDE IMMERSION COOKER OR SOUS BALLS INCLUDED – Consider ordering our Sous Vide Balls 300 Count, Drying Bag & BONUS Flavor Injector to improve your sous vide cooking experience. With our Sous Balls and other Sous Vide Accessories cooking sous vide becomes simple enough to do several times a week.

OUR SOUS VIDE CONTAINER HOLDS 12 QUARTS (3 GALLONS ) OF WATER AND FOOD: Cook an entire chicken, pork roast, or beef roast sous vide style with this reliable and affordable plastic sous vide container.

RELIABLE SOUS VIDE WATER BATH CONTAINER: Tolerates temperatures from -40 degrees F to 210 degrees F. Made from clear plastic polycarbonate. Diswasher-safe.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SOUS VIDE IMMERSION CIRCULATOR BRANDS: This durable container has sturdy walls so that you can mount your circulator to the edge. Compatible with Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire, Polyscience, and other fine sous vide cooker brands.

SATISFACTION 100% GUARANTEED: We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy your Sous Vide cooking immersion circulator container that you can return it in the original packaging for a complete refund if you’re not happy with it.

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