300 Premium Sous Vide Cooking Water Ball Blanket


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300 Premium Sous Vide Cooking Water Ball Blanket, Reduces Heat Loss and Water Evaporation for Immersion Circulator Cookers (1 Bag)

PRESERVE YOUR HEAT: 20% More Sous Vide Water Balls that form a tight Water Ball Blanket above your food pouches to ensure minimal heat loss and evaporation; less electricity waste and no refilling water in the middle of the night
BETTER THAN A LID: Don’t be confined to just one Sous Vide Container. Easily add 1 to 2 layers to any shape or size pot; stainless steel cookware, food storage containers, anything that will hold a sous vide bath (12, 18, 22 quart)
FOOD GRADE BALLS: 20mm Diameter, Premium quality 100% BPA FREE polyethylene to ensure healthy and safe cooking for your family; compare the difference
DRY MESH BAG INCLUDED: Simply dry and store in our drawstring mesh bag after each use
LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Wise investments come with lifetime guarantees; Try Risk Free and Enjoy Sous Vide

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