Huispark Sous Vide slow cooker 1000W

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Huispark Sous Vide slow cooker 1000W power with thermal immersion

-Power rate: 120 V,60Hz,1000W
-Temperature range: 32℉-203℉(0℃-95℃)
-Circulation pump: 6.0LMP Max
-The longest time setting: 99hrs59mins

Professional Huispark sous vide cooker keep Food cooks in its juices so the flavor can’t escape, ensuring that the food is moist, juicy and tender.
Traditionally steak loses up to 40% of its volume due to drying out cooked. A steak cooked using precise temperature control flavor won’t lose any.
Heats and circulates water in the pot, evenly cooking food to a precise temperature to guarantee perfect results every time. Cook everything from meats, fish and vegetables to soups, and desserts.

HOW TO USE Huispark:

1. Plug the power cord into dedicated outlet. When you hear the beep for half a second then appliance is standby.
2. Press the power button on the screen, hold it for three seconds. The screen will be unlocked. The appliance will enter the setting mode. The current temperature starts blinking. (second line)
3. SET TEMP: Show the set temperature
4. SET TIME: Show preset the time
5. WORK TIME: Show cooking time

NOTE: Press the power button and set button at the same time to change the temperature degree by Celsius or Fahrenheit as you like
Temperature setting. Slide the scroll wheel to set the temperature;Time setting. Press the “Set up”icon to set the time. You can find the timer blinks.First slide the scroll wheel to set hour, then press “Set up” again to set the minute. The timer will countdown when it meets the setting temperature;
Press the “Power Button”icon to confirm the setting and the unit will work. If you want to change the setting, press and hold the”Set up” icon for 3 seconds, and then repeat the setting as above;

1*Huispark sous vide

DIFFERENT SLOW COOKER: Change a new slow cooker method to cook more natural taste food

BEST COOKER TO KEEP ALL VITAMIN IN FOOD:Professional experienced HUISPARK Sous vide cooker,PTC heating tube,heating in circulates water in the pot,Cook meats,fish,vegetables and keep the flavor,ensuring the food is moist,juicy and tender

PRECISE TEMPERATURE AND TIME CONTROL:Set a precise temperature from 0 ℃ to 95℃ / 32℉to 203℉,and set time from 0 to 99hours accordingly professional sous vide cookbook ,food will never overcooked,no worry about boil dry water,it will stop working when setting time finished.

EASY TO USE:Just put your food into the vacuum bag, put this sous vide cooker into your pot, keep the water between the min and max level on sous vide heating rod and then set the temperature and time you want, press the ON/OFF button. No fancy equipment required!

SAFE AND DURABLE QUALITY: ETL & FDA certified,BPA free materials,1 year quality warranty,if you have any questions about this precision cooker, please feel free to contact us, we will help you timely and patiently.

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