Sous Vide Water Balls Zippered Mesh Bag by A՛ La Carte

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Sous Vide Water Balls Zippered Mesh Bag by A՛ La Carte – Effortless, Saves you Time and Hassle Free

Store and Organize like a Pro
No more fumbling around in your kitchen chasing sous vide water balls all over the counter or the floor, now you can easily store them in your new A՛ La Carte water balls Zippered Mesh Water Ball Bag.

Easy and Convenient
Do you have 200, 250, 300 or 400 little sous vide water balls in your bundle? Not sure of the exact quantity? No problem. Your new mesh water bag is going to hold up to 400 sous vide water balls, and maybe a few more if needed. The Zipper makes it very convenient, no need to fumble with drawstrings that might open on you, with your zipper, you know your bag is closed.

Did you know?
Say you already have our A La Carte Sous Vide Water Balls and you decide to use them to cover and cook Stock or Soup?! You’re not going to hand wash all those little balls… Nope – you toss those right into your mesh water ball bag and pop the bag and balls into your dishwasher for a good sanitizing clean.

Important things to take note of:
• MORE BANG FOR BUCK – one mesh bag will hold 200 – 400 sous vide water balls
• MEASUREMENTS – 36 x 28cm / 14 x 11″
• SAFE FOR HIGH TEMPERATURES – both residential and commercial dishwashers – 82.2°C / 180°F
• SAVES YOU TIME – No chasing after sous vide balls rolling around your counter, sink, or kitchen floors

Do yourself a favor store and organize like a professional chef. Scroll Up and Click “ADD TO CART.”

Key Features:

NO MORE BALLS ROLLING ALL OVER THE COUNTER OR FALLING TO THE FLOOR – Easily and effortlessly store your sous vide water balls in your A La Carte zippered mesh bag. (NOTE: Sous Vide Water Balls Sold SEPARATELY.)

CONVENIENT ZIPPER TO EASILY CLOSE AND ENSURE THE SECURITY OF YOUR WATER BALLS – No need to worry about a drawstring opening in your drawer or during transportation, the zipper securely closes your A La Carte water ball bag.

DURABLE, SANITARY AND DISHWASHER SAFE – Use your mesh bag to wash your sous vide water balls in the dishwasher.

ALLOWS FOR QUICK DRYING – The sturdy mesh material allow your sous vide water balls to dry quickly in their bag, no need to spread the balls on a drying mat.

HOLDS 200-400 SOUS VIDE WATER BALLS – Whether you have many or a small quantity of sous vide water balls, your new mesh bag will do the job.

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