Recommended Freezer Storage Times

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How Long Can I Freeze These Foods & Leftovers?

Have you ever looked in your freezer and found some meats or shrimp or leftovers that have been in there for a while and ask yourself, “I wonder how long I can freeze some of this stuff?”

I know I do and then I wished I dated it and wrote was was in the vacuum sealed freezer bag. I have stuff in my garage freezer chest that I have no idea if it’s chicken livers or sauteed mushrooms.

Even when I do write on the bag what it is, after a while the ink fades and I can’t read what I wrote. I guess that’s when it’s time to toss it.

What NOT to Freeze

Before we look at ingredients and food’s recommended storage times, let’s look at foods you should not freeze for various reasons. Here they are:

Apples Mayonnaise
Artichokes Mellon
Beer Pasta
Buttermilk Potatoes
Canned Fish Rice
Coffee Salad Greens
Cream Cheese Soda
Deli Meats Sour Cream
Eggplant Sprouts

Recommended Storage Times for Frozen Foods

These time period recommendations come from, www.foodsafety.gov

Dairy and Eggs Freezing Times

Butter 6-9 months
Eggs (Raw) 1 month
Cottage Cheese 1 month
Hard Cheeses 6 months
Ice Cream 2 months
Margarine 12 months
Soft Cheeses 6 months
Yogurt 2 months

Meat & Poultry Freezing Times

Bacon 1 month
Beef Chops 4-6 months
Beef Roasts 12 months
Chicken (parts) 9 months
Chicken (whole) 12 months
Chicken Nuggets 1-3 months
Ham (cooked) 2 months
Lamb 9 months
Pork Chops 4-6 months
Pork Roast 4-12 months
Turkey (ground) 3-4 months
Turkey (parts) 9 months
Turkey (whole) 12 months
Veal 9 months

Seafood Freezing Times

Clams (live) 2-3 months
Clams 3-6 months
Crab 10 months
Fish (cooked) 4-6 months
Fish (lean) 6 months
Fish (fatty) 2-3 months
Fish (smoked) 2 months
Lobster 12 months
Shellfish 3-12 months

Fruits & Vegetable Freezing Times

Fruit (citrus) 3 months
Fruit (non citrus) 9-12 months
Nuts 3 months
Vegetables 8-12 months

How to Freeze Foods to Reheat

I wrote a post about freezing food to reheat that you may be interested in and I’ll write more about this topic as I learn more.

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