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Q: What is Sous Vide?

A: Sous vide is a unique and gentle water bath cooking method. The precision low-temperature cooking is meant to achieve high-end, restaurant like quality & perfection.

Q: Which foods can be cooked Sous Vide?

A: The vast majority of foods that can be cooked sous vide include: meat, seafood and a wide range of vegetables.

Q. Why is Sous Vide better than other cooking methods?

A: Sous vide foods are thoroughly slow-cooked at a precise low temperature to achieve perfection. Chances of overcooking are slim to none.

Q. What are the basic steps to cooking Sous Vide?

A: You start with vacuum sealing the food, Place pouch in circulating water bath that has reached desired temperature, Let food cook for minimum time. Compared to other techniques, food can generally stay longer in a water bath without overcooking. Remove and serve!

Q. Does the product I have purchased come with a warranty?

A: Please review products terms and policies for warranty.

Q. Is cooking in plastic bags safe?

A: Food grade plastic bags, certified as suitable for cooking by their manufacturer, are safe to use.

Q. What should not be cooked Sous Vide?

A: Whole chicken, duck or game hen in one piece. Whole poultry cannot be vacuum sealed without remaining a cavity, resulting in uneven cooking.

Q. How long should my water oven take to heat up?

A: It should take under 15 minutes for the water bath to heat up to ideal cooking temperatures.

Q. How long can you keep Sous Vide cooked foods in the refrigerator?

A: Any fresh food that is cooked properly and quick chilled can be kept safely in its pouch for up to 48 hours.

Q. What equipment is necessary to cook Sous Vide?

A: Immersion circulator, tabletop food sealer or chamber vacuum sealer, Food-grade plastic vacuum pouches, rated to boiling temperatures, A vessel to serve as a water bath.

Q. Who should invest in Sous Vide cooking Products?

A: Anyone that enjoys cooking, tender textures cooked to perfection and mouth-watering dishes.

Q. When will i get my product from the moment I ordered it?

A: You can check out all the shipping information on the shipping page.

Q. How can I return a product?

A: You can check out all return information on the return policy page.

Additional Information:

Cooking temperatures of common foods

  • Meat – 120F/ 49C(rare); 134F/ 56C(medium rare); 140F/60C (medium); 150F/65C (medium well)
  • Poultry – white meat – 140F/60C to 146F/63C up to 160F/71C as desired
  • Poultry – dark meat – 176F/80C
  • Fish – 116F/47C (rare); 126F/52C (medium rare); 140F/60C (medium)
  • Shellfish – 135F/56C to 140F/60C
  • Vegetables – 185F/85C
  • Eggs – 147F/64C (soft boiled) to 167F/75C (hard boiled)
  • Cakes – 190F/88C
  • Custard – 170F/76.5C
  • (Time depends on thickness for proteins, but generally 30 minutes to an hour for 1-inch thick portions)


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